“Your descendants will possess the gates of their enemies” – Genesis 22:17

The Jezebel spirit is very mischievous and crafty. It is a camouflaging spirit that hides itself too well, so unless you have discernment and understand demonology, it will always take time before you finally figure out what you are really dealing with and that someone is a “narcissist”, especially a covert narcissist. The Jezebel spirit normally access a person’s body when they are young, however it can stay dormant and inactive for a long time, until something happens that triggers the old unresolved wound. The Jezebel traits often come to the surface if you break up with a person first, if you say no to them when they really want something or if they experience pain as intense as they did in the past. The Jezebel or Ahab spirit loves to attach itself to people who have a form of godliness but deny its power thereof of transformation. Many people with this spirit, go to church and are convinced they are a good people, even though they are not doers of the word of God. This hypocritical, talk the talk good front will always have people in conflict and in denial that someone might be a narcissist. Some narcissists can preach sound doctrine, accurately prophesy etc, because the gifts of God are without repentance and the Jezebel spirit can also imitate the gifts of God too, to cause much more damage. People with the Jezebel spirit normally love to go into fields, where they offer a lot of help to people, such as: charity work, ministry work, care work, therapy etc. Desiring to help other people who have been hurt whilst they themselves are hurting deeply and are hurting others. A year ago I spotted a narcissist on “Christian twitter” (a community of Christian believers on twitter), he had very damaging views, his cruelty oozed in his speech and he was a misogynist, but he was also a cognitive behavioural therapist and he would occasionally share the word of God too.

Another narcissist friend I used to have, served at church really close to the “prophet” of his church, he had religious rituals of praying at midnight etc, you could mistake all this for a burning passion and a zeal for God, but he was also sadistic. This shows that it can be hard to spot a narcissist using our physical eyes, however when it is God’s time to expose darkness, he will eventually do it all by himself and open our eyes to the truth, no matter how well the Jezebel spirit might try to remain concealed. When you are at that point, where you are finally fully certain that someone is a narcissist ; pause, take a deep breath and know that you are dealing with demons, so you cannot use a carnal approach or carnal weapons when dealing with this person. One simple test for narcissistic personality disorder is how someone treats you when you are not “at your best”. Anytime Jezebel sees people down, she will always make sure she makes them feel worse. Jezebel will cheat on you whilst you are pregnant and carrying that man’s seed, Jezebel will cheat on you whilst you are on your death bed, Jezebel will start drama with you after you have just lost a really close loved one. Jezebel is a nasty demon. Satan is nasty. You really see his full nature unfold through the different phases of the narcissist. You see how much he hates humanity and wants to break God’s heart by breaking his people through his satanic vindictive spirit : so cunning, so deceitful, so cruel. This blogpost is for people who live with narcissistic parents and are not able to move out yet, because they are young or they don’t have money to live alone or for people who co-parent with a narcissist.

There are demons* not people

One biggest sign that someone is under the influence of demonic spirits is an inability to self-reflect and grow. When a person has many apparent negative traits and their life is spiralling out of control and many people try to help them realise this to no avail, and they just can’t perceive it or accept accountability, demons are certainly involved. When a person is unteachable, it means that, a delusional spirit and a spirit of insanity are involved, and they are blocking the person from examining their heart posture and being honest with themselves. These people are under deception from the enemy.

Demons have an appetite for demons. Unclean spirits are attracted to EVERYTHING clean. Demons causes people to see evil as good. When someone is possessed you will see them dating a prostitute and also clearly see the path of destruction this will lead them to. Whilst they themselves are besotted and see that person as the “love of their life”. When people have demons, they have no standards. Demons take away their ability to choose. Demons want to lead them to an early grave. That’s why intercessors are so important in these end times. Many more prophetic intercessors need to arise. They are not in the forefront of ministry, but they are so important to God. Intercessors have been used by God to save many people who were far gone in their possession. Some people would have die ages ago, if not for some people and Jesus who was interceding for them (Romans 8:34).

More signs that shows that someone is demonized include:

. Inability to rest, they normally have insomnia and irregular patterns of sleep. They must drink sleeping pills to sleep or they sleep a really few hours only every day. They feel like they are being tormented. Those who are free in Christ have rest (Matthew 11:28-29).

. They run away from people that love them and can help them. The demons don’t want them to be free, even though sometimes the person knows they need help and can distinguish the negative patterns and cycles in their own life (Mark 5:2-4)

. They feel suicidal and hopeless. Depression is a spirit of heaviness, that never goes away and is present even if there is nothing necessarily wrong in your life.

. They have multiple personalities, this person’s character and way of life is not consistent. You fail to recognise who they really are, because they take on every person’s trait they admire as their own. It’s like those people with “alter egos”, that can easily switch their personalities, those are demons.

They struggle with body dysmorphia. Since demons control people’s minds, these people often make remarks that are unsettling about their own bodies and pictures. “I look scary”, “I’m ugly” etc

. They isolate themselves. When the enemy wants to destroy us, he will isolate us first, then just like he tempted Jesus in the wilderness when he was alone. He will tempt us too with negative thoughts. Most people who ended up committing suicide, started slowly isolating themselves, during the time leading to their death. If you see your loved one isolating themselves, it is a sign of demonic oppression. The Jezebel sprout also fish out victims easily from isolation, because alienated people are often troubled and lonely.

. They have uncontrollable lust and chronically masturbate. Sex takes over their mind majority of the day. They start sleeping around impulsively, sometimes with no protection without thinking of the consequences. They become slaves to their bodies. They can battle thoughts of incest behaviour too.

. They start feeling comfortable around lifeless things, like the man in Mark who lived in the tomb. People who are under demonic oppression are comfortable with living in extremelt dirty conditions etc.

. They have uncontrollable and untameable rage and are very violent. In Mark 5:3-4, the man with the demon of insanity, could not be tamed, he could even break chains with his hands. Demonized people normally have the power of multiple men when they are angry, even if they are a woman. “Mental breakdown” is a form of being demonized.

. Unforgiving concerning even the small things and excessive pride. Anytime you see pride, demons are also present. Pride grieves they Holy Spirit, those things cannot cofunction. True intimacy with God brings humility.

. The person begins to self-harm. You cannot get rid of pain, by causing yourself more pain. Just like the man in Mark, who used to cut himself with stones, this is a sign of demonic oppression. Demons often use the blood that people lose when they self-harm to bind them and form deeper covenants.

. Many people talk about how you can see the demons in narcissists in their eyes. If you are under demonic influence your eyes will be dead. When people who do not have multiple demons smile, their eyes also smile, and they have a sparkle. A lot of deliverance ministers look people in their eyes, when casting out demons, because they will change. The bible says, “the eyes are the window to the soul” (Matthew 6: 22-23) and “the lamp of the body is the eye. Therefore, when your eye is good, your whole body is also full of light. But when your eye is bad, your body also is full of darkness” (Luke 11:34).

. The people become lethargic concerning the things of God. If they used to be on fire for God, they lose every desire to read their bible, pray, go to church or serve God.

. They have a lot of negative, vain imagination of fear, the future etc, they become extremely paranoid and start to feel unsafe alone.

. They will refuse to get married. The bible talks about seducing spirits encouraging people to not get married (1 Timothy 4: 1-3)

. They have personality disorders – OCD, bipolar, schizophrenia, schizoid, narcissistic personality, borderline personality disorder, Tourette syndrome etc. Personality disorders are personalities that were created in hell, to take away the uniqueness God individually created us with. People who have a similar personality disorders, all behave the same, which was not God’s will when he created humans.

. They will feel pressure or tightness, because demons will be moving inside their head, stomach or eyes.

. They will have a strong inner desire and compulsions to do evil, immoral things that are not in other people’s normal behavior patterns like committing murder, suicide, molestation, to curse, they doubt their own salvation.

. They lose care for close people that are supposed to matter to them

. They have tormenting intrusive thoughts, that they don’t want.

. Engaging in self-harm acts such as self-mutilation or cutting.

. Seizures

. Hate others races

. Feel watched and paranoid all the times

. Alien Hand Syndrome (a person’s hand involuntary tries to harm the person)

. Gluttony

. Procrastination and non-chalant behaviour about important things.


Jezebel cannot come into your life, if you do not engage with her when she is still outside. Jezebel will always tease you to see if there is room for her in your life, if you engage and welcome her, she will come in. When Jezebel teases you, do not give her your attention, look away immediately. Many people ended up entangled in Jezebel’s web of drama, because instead of looking away, they were curious and trying to figure things out or played along. When your eyes are fixated on God, you will have tunnel vision. Anything that tries to take your focus off him, will be recognised as a distraction. When Jehu went to kill Jezebel, Jezebel projected the spirit of seduction to him so that he would stray away from his mission, but Jehu didn’t engage. Instead of looking at Jezebel, he looked at the window. In other words, social media thirst traps, nudes, sexting are all Jezebel’s schemes, so do not engage. Resist Jezebel. Flee from Jezebel. Imagine if Joseph had engaged with Potiphar’s wife and fornicated with her. The story of Joseph would have ended right there with the fornication and we would have never gotten to the part of God’s promises for his life being fulfilled and his glory would not have been revealed. God’s full picture and purpose, relies on your obedience. We need to hide God’s word into our hearts and make a covenant with our eyes so that we do not sin against God. It’s important to pray fervently against Jezebel’s seduction in these times. Proverbs 6:25 says, “lust not after her beauty in thine heart; neither let her take thee with her eyelids.”


The only reason pornography and fornication have such a stronghold on this generation is, because it is done in secret. If many people had trusted accountability partners and exposed their lust in its infant stage or every time when they are tempted, they would never end up bound by it. Another reason why Jezebel has destroyed many relationships and marriages is, because when Jezebel tries to come between a union, one party keeps it a secret. If Jezebel direct message or inbox you when they know you are in a relationship or marriage, please tell your partner, block Jezebel and pray for the person being used by this spirit. I have been to churches where under no circumstance, the male pastor works with a few women when it comes to giving advice, counselling and deliverance sessions, because most people with Jezebel spirit come in the guise of pretence. Jezebel positions herself to prey with an end goal in mind. She doesn’t love you, she just has selfish ambition. Unless it’s a pastoral issue, women should be helped and counselled by women and vice versa for men, in the church. Jezebel will test you in the beginning stages to see how strong your boundaries are by teasing you, calling you pet names, flirting, play fighting, saying inappropriate things and wanting you to purposelessly entertain her all the time. If you do not pass the first test, Jezebel will gain a full time role in your life. Before we got saved, we all had negative bloodline patterns and weaknesses that God delivered us from. The enemy will always be on the prowl, day and night if you are a man or woman of God and if you ever become lethargic and relax concerning the things of God and spiritual warfare, he will always try and use those past weaknesses again to come back into your life and bind you.


Jezebel hates peoples who confronts and challenges her, especially people who do this aggressively in the spirit. She will be offended if you refuse to allow her to handle you disrespectfully, she will think “how dare you know your identity”, because she is a diva who thinks everything revolves around her. When you know your identity, Jezebel’s tricks will never work on you. The Jezebel spirit loves to project counterfeit love, seduction, depression, low self-esteem etc. When you know who you are, when Jezebel says you are worthless, because the word of God is final in your life, you will say to Jezebel, get thee behind me Satan and Jezebel will not be able to win in your life. Narcissists love to project illnesses to people, please do not ever accept that you have these illnesses, because it is witchcraft projection. Renounce the illnesses and reject the diagnosis. People who accept Jezebel’s fake diagnoses end up with these illnesses, because death and life are in the power of the tongue.


To subdue the Jezebel spirit, you need to starve it and not give it the reactions it seeks to try and milk out of you. Every time I have realised someone is a narcissist and then the Jezebel spirit rages at me and I didn’t engage and just ignored it or laughed, I would see the spirit being embarrassed and throwing even a bigger tantrum, just to get a reaction. If you do not have the fruits of the Holy Spirit, which is self-control and you also do not realise that narcissistic personality disorder are demons not a “mental disorder”, you will argue and scold these demons to infinity and beyond, whilst you are entertaining them. If you are a mature Christian, please understand that it is Jezebel’s tactic to corner you into arguments with her and to get you to act out of character so that she can say, you are the problem and discredit your ministry. She basically wants to set you up for failure, so switch off your flesh when it comes to Jezebel and walk in the spirit. Do not get disrespectful, condescending or go back and forth with her, because this will be used as ammunition later on against you. Be slow to speak.


Satan loves to capitalize on our impatience for love and lack of maturity concerning the things of God. If you have been in a relationship with a person with the Jezebel spirit it’s time to grow and sharpen your discernment and it’s time to be patient, because so many narcissists have gone out in the world seeking whom to devour. When you meet people focus on their character, see if their lifestyle matches their words, use discernment. Let God choose your spouse, never choose a spouse according to lust or physical appearance only. Pray to God and thoroughly ask him to search those people’s hearts and reveal them to you their true condition. You cannot afford to be loose when Jezebel is on the prowl. Do not ever marry someone without both of you healing your childhood wounds and going for deliverance, I cannot stress this enough. Many people are marrying people with deep wounds and a legion of demonic spirits and ending up in distasteful marriages. Beware of dreams manipulated by the devil, as well showing you your husband or wife. Dreams are not final and they often have multiple sources. The bible says, when you are waiting on God, he will always renew your strength. Just ask him for strength when it gets hard to wait on your spouse and rest in his love instead so that you don’t end up settling for Jezebel and her counterfeits.


Jezebel is a ruthless spirit that comes with no prisoners. It will never give you peace, so do not give Jezebel peace. God is raising up an army that will repent, worship God in spirit and in truth and rise and confront Jezebel aggressively in the spirit and crush her. The spirit of Jehu should be stirred up in you. You need to be vicious and angry at Jezebel, because of how she has turned this generation into and sometimes your life and family too. Jezebel is anti-love, she views it as a weakness, and we all know that weaknesses are used by the devil to destroy us. So, you cannot love Jezebel, you cannot have a close relationship with Jezebel, you need to keep her at a distant and destroy her before she destroys you instead. Do not tolerate Jezebel. Do not allow Jezebel to wreak havoc in your life. Do not bow down to Jezebel. The time we are living in now is not the time for convenient Christianity anymore. It’s not the time for Christians who “struggle” with sin. Christianity isn’t a struggle, but people who love their sin push the wrong agenda and make it seem like it is. If you feed your flesh with prayer, with the word of God and fast, your flesh will have no option, but to be suppressed whilst your spirit is elevated. However we flirt with sin constantly and feed our flesh instead and then claim to struggle. Let us grow. We can’t be years into our walk with Christ and we are still struggling. We are living in the end times, Jezebel is running rampant, wreaking havoc and she needs people who completely turn away from their sin and rise up the spirit of Elijah and Jehu to throw her down and defeat her. Not Ahab weaklings who are bound to fleeting orgasms. Many people tolerate Jezebel, because they don’t really understand what is at stake when dealing with her. You can tolerate Jezebel if you want, but as for me and my house. Jezebel will not survive. She will not reign, in my family, in the lives of my loved ones and in my territory.


“And it came to pass, when Joram saw Jehu, that he said, Is it peace, Jehu? And he answered, What peace, so long as the WHOREDOMS of thy mother Jezebel and her WITCHCRAFT are so many” – 2 Kings 9:22


· Be a saved and sanctified Christian who is strong in the spirit instead of the flesh. Be holy, because only the prayers of the righteous avail much. When you are dealing with the highest-ranking demon in Satan’s kingdom, demons must also know your name, or you will pray in vain.

· Fast and pray fervently and without ceasing for the person. “Surely the arm of the Lord is not too short to save, nor his ear too dull to hear” – Isaiah 59:1. One day this person will hear the voice of God and be led to truth. The spirit of Jezebel will have to bow down to the authority of God.

· When you pray do not give up, until you see complete change and restoration. Keep on praying and waring even if those people hurt you, even if things get worse when you do ( they will get worse, before they get better) or even if the devil fights back aggressively, these are all tactics from him to discourage you, so that you stop praying.

God bless you



Jezebel is not just a fictitious character that lived a long time ago, the Jezebel spirit is still alive and running rampant today. The book of Revelations talks about how Jezebel will have children in the last days. The Ahab and Jezebel spirits are the two spirits responsible for all the unstable relationships and unstable minds of this generation. They are also responsible for rebellion, untimely deaths, depression, anxiety, lust, whoredom, homosexuality, perversion, idolatry, witchcraft and insecurities. The Jezebel spirit is the master mind of radical feminism, racism, lingerie models, the non-discretion, sexual liberal movement, the big butt obsession movement, seductive clothing, narcotics, psychedelics, gossip tabs like the “Shade room”, pro-abomination legislative governments, the ghosting culture, the movement of replacing God with the “universe”, the obsessive mountain climbers who worship nature and constantly fall to their death and other strange phenomenon out there now. Jezebel and Ahab are in full control of this world. The Jezebel spirit finds its access through any uncrucified flesh, certain sins especially sexual sin and history of that person’s bloodline can give it legal right to influence the person. Just like God appoints vessels to use, Satan appoints vessels to use too. Whoever a person makes themselves available to, will determine who they will be used by. Jezebel is a principality, it has a network of demons that it controls. A person will never have one demon, because demons do not travel alone. This is why narcissists are not only lustful, they are also liars, then they are also angry, then they are also cruel and it goes on and on. Jezebel and Ahab are two familiar spirits that work in harmony to achieve a similar goal, but with Ahab subservient to Jezebel. Familiar spirits are the manifestation in the physical realm of those two people you see with absolutely nothing in common, but their negative characteristics like gossiping, jealousy, cruelty, lust etc, which makes them the best of friends. However, unlike God’s kingdom with order and peace, demons have no order, they are chaotic, so sometimes you will see Jezebel and Ahab using each other ruthlessly, because Satan is a prankster, who only cares about his end goal and nobody else.

The Jezebel and Ahab spirits are the two spirits delegated to square up with this generation by Lucifer. In a company setting, they would be the top “managing directors”, because in the kingdom of darkness they have a lot of authority. The Jezebel spirit is the highest-ranking demon right after Lucifer. Back in the days of Elijah we see this spirit through Jezebel dominating and controlling over 450 false prophets, which shows the power that this spirit carries. The Jezebel spirit is a much more intelligent and cunning spirit than a lot of other spirits. If you fail to resist the temptation of Jezebel and not contend earnestly with the faith once it’s delivered to you, it will lead to the great falling away that Paul writes about in 2 Thessalonians 2:3 and you will perish before your time.


• Covert narcissist

• Co-dependent

• Introvert

• Passive aggressive

• Avoids conflict at all cost

• Occasionally feel frustrated and leaves the home when married

• Double mindedness between God and Jezebel’s heathen ways

• Competitive macho spirit

• Gives conditional love in relationships

• Loves nudity & sensual women

• Ineffective communication and mood swings

• Loves initiating arguments

• Attracted to loud & stubborn women

• Worships women & think they are goddesses. He adores women more than God

• Likes to be lead & taught by women

• Effeminate

• Views parenting as playing with the children, but avoids the unpleasant duties of providing & correcting

• Place friends above family duties

• Physically abuses women and beats them

• Doubts his own abilities concerning everything

• Low self esteem

• People pleaser

• Obsessed with wanting to be accepted

• Channel rage & frustration internally

• Never defend himself

• Appear like good a Christian, but have poor boundaries every time Jezebel shows up

• Often play the victim role

• Expects a woman to be the primary provider in the home, whilst wasting all his money on alcohol or other women

• Self-delusional, often tell themselves things are fine when they are chaotic

• Sulks

• Lazy, careless, irresponsible

• Self-centred

• Workaholic, alcoholic, drug addiction

• Greedy

• Emotionally unstable

• As a result of the spirit of lust, Ahab often has multiple children that he doesn’t take care of

• Impulsive

Ahab fits the diagnosis of borderline personality disorder. Ahab is the guy society calls “jerk”, “f-boy”, the guy that you ask, “so what are we”, the guy always caught up in a situation ship. At the core of Ahab is lust, tantrums and rage. Worser cases of the Ahab spirit is responsible for rape and murder in this generation. Ahab always has many female close friends; he often talks to these women frequently and sometimes he flirts with these women too, but he doesn’t like any of them like that though, most of them are just there for his narcissistic supply. These women either have the Jezebel spirit too or the co-dependent slash Ahab spirit. They also serve the purpose of answering Ahab’s questions about his intimate life, because Ahab cannot think for himself, because his manhood was castrated by Jezebel in the spirit. The Jezebel spirit seeks to reduce manhood to nothing. Ahab is a weak, permissive man who does anything Jezebel wants him to do. Majority of the time Ahab doesn’t actually know Jezebel is always controlling him.

Ahab is addicted to everything Jezebel stands for, pornography, masturbation, fornication, alcohol, drugs etc, so he came into agreement with her in the spiritual realm and married her. When this marriage was established, this meant that Ahab would never have a peaceful successful relationship ever again in the physical realm. When you are a woman without the Jezebel spirit, if you date Ahab the relationship will frustrate you. Ahab will be constantly hot and cold, sometimes you will feel like he is disgusted by you, sometimes you will feel like he hates you and that is, because Jezebel will be behind the scenes, jealous and constantly manipulating Ahab’s emotions causing you two to argue and distorting Ahab’s perception of you.

I have met women who were so devastated, because they had been there for a man for years and they had helped him to get where he needed to in life. However this man didn’t reciprocate any of that and treated them poorly and chose another woman instead. With the other woman, this man all of a sudden was willing to do it all and the idea of marriage that he had said no to with them, was all of a sudden a little bit more flattering to him and he married her. These women are left in conflict with themselves questioning, “why did he treat her good, but treated me bad”. Good question! The answer is, he has an Ahab spirit and the woman he married has a Jezebel spirit. Nobody can be successful in marrying Ahab and have a long term relationship with him, except for Jezebel and vice versa. What fellowship does light have with darkness? Ahab and Jezebel get along so well, because they both represent darkness. Ahab can date any other woman, but it will be short-lived, because Ahab is a great betrayer. Every time Jezebel shows up, he doesn’t know how to act, because of lust. As we said before Ahab is married in the spirit to Jezebel, which means through the course of Ahab’s life, Jezebel will send him women with the Jezebel spirit only to date and fornicate with or commit adultery with and when he sleeps with them. He will be sleeping with the spirit of Jezebel not a person and he will be solidifying their marriage and making their covenant stronger. Ahab is not fan of marriage, because demons have to constantly be on the prowl and stay busy destroying the person and everyone linked to them. Only Jezebel will be successful in making Ahab budge to the idea of marriage through sexual perversion and control.

The spirit of lust has a lot of people looking foolish. It is an unquenchable spirit that will make you stoop extremely low and have you sleeping with absolutely anybody to try and quench it. If we don’t seek deliverance, this spirit will severely ruin our lives.

Ahab and Jezebel are a match made in hell. They can’t stand each other, but also will never let each other go. They cheat on each other frequently and Ahab abuses Jezebel. Ahab has a Jezebel spirit too, which plays itself in different situations. When Ahab meets a woman with a codependent Ahab spirit like him or a Christian woman he is controlling and Jezebel is at the forefront. But when he is dating a woman with a high ranking Jezebel spirit, he is Ahab and is easily controlled, because the Jezebel spirit uses men, but can never be dominated by a man. The last time I spoke to a man with an Ahab spirit, as a woman of God, the Ahab spirit would come alive during our conversations and he would rage and pass on passive aggressive comments out of the blues. I sternly told him, that behaviour would not be tolerated by me. He started projecting and did the silent treatment for a few days and I stopped talking to him. When you have spiritual insight and a deep understanding of how these spirits operate. It’s very fascinating watching them at play, it’s an Oscar worthy movie. You witness grown men having mood swings, throwing tantrums and behaving like little girls. The Ahab spirit is a childish, mocking spirit. There is a misconception that only women seduce, but men are even worser seducers. Ahab is a subtle full time seducer. He is attracted to whorish women, because he is a whorish man at heart. That’s why the bible says, “whoever sleeps with a prostitute is one with her” (1 Corinthians 6:16). When you have certain prophetic gifts, you are able to easily discern spirits from pictures. Demons show themselves in pictures too.

One of Jezebel’s false gods was called Ashtoreth, which was a marine spirit that was “the god of fertility, sex and war”. When people with the Ahab and Jezebel spirit indulge in premarital sex, masturbation, alcohol, etc they are offering the goddess Ashtoreth idol worship. Demons draw strength and power from idol worship. If you are a woman who is devastated, because you were dating Ahab and he left you for Jezebel. Stop crying and actually rejoice, because you dodged a bullet, trust me you don’t want Ahab’s problems all your life. He has too many issues for you to ever be happy or have peace in that relationship. The Jezebel slash Ahab spirits are very busy, restless spirits to stick to one person for a long period of time. When you meet a person, who is showing you interest or is dating you, but also says they don’t want to get married. Please understand that you are highly likely dealing with these two spirits. Do not try to convince the people you are worthy of marriage, you can never be able to convince spirits, they simply need to be evicted. You can be an all-round amazing person, but people with these two spirits will never be able to see it. Spirits do not get married, because this will slow down and tame their agenda to destroy the person and those around them, with the exception of Jezebel and Ahab together. If you try to get a person with the Jezebel or Ahab spirit to marry you, the spirits will start fighting and punishing you, because these people are under an oath to never have fruitful relationships, even though they are not aware of this. The journey to the marriage will be very arduous and extremely stressful, it might not even happen and if it happens it will be short lived, because the spirits will feel caged. The bible says it is not good for a man to live alone. When a man is not under the oppression of the Ahab spirit, he will get to a point in his life where being alone will be uncomfortable and unnatural, the tasks in his home will overwhelm him and he will think if I had a wife she would be filling these shoes, instead of me doing everything especially roles that are only specifically designed for a woman. When it comes to Ahab lusting and fornicating with multiple women satisfies him more than God’s original order and design of a help meet.

Men with the Ahab spirit often drink alcohol and alcohol goes well together with whorish women and fornication. When people are drunk it gives the devil the opportunity to use them easier. Jezebel always makes sure, she plants her female followers and workers, with her spirit in places where Ahab drinks so that they can fornicate or commit adultery together. So, I beseech you young women of this generation, please stay away from men who intoxicates themselves with “spirits” aka the devil’s juice and are drunkards, you will save yourself a lot of heartache in the long run. To think being half awake is better than having a fully conscious mind, when we are instructed to consistently watch and pray as the devil is always roaming around seeking whom to devour is foolishness of this world. The person you marry ultimately determines how you will fulfil your destiny. Men who do not want to turn away from their wicked lifestyles and be delivered should be left alone to waste their lives away by themselves.

Ahab is a very wicked fella, who has a cold heart of stone just like his best friend Jezebel. Ahab is wicked, but the wickedness is done discreetly. Jezebel is the snake and Ahab is the chameleon. In 1 Kings 21, Ahab started coveting Nabaoth’s vineyard and then he asked Nabaoth for the land in exchange of money. Nabaoth refused, because it was his ancestral heritage. Ahab then went to report to Jezebel and she falsely charged him with treason and blasphemy and Nabaoth was stoned to death. It was customary that anyone who commits such heinous acts would automatically lose their land. Jezebel then gave the land to Ahab. From this we see that Ahab and Jezebel have a relationship of using each other, but Jezebel gains much more in the relationship than Ahab, because she not only dominates Ahab, but rules the land and it’s constitutions and the little that Jezebel does for Ahab is done, so that she can keep on gaining much more without Ahab questioning anything. Jezebel and Ahab will always constantly hurt each other. They will hate each other for a while, but always feel a strong desire to go back to each other, no matter how bad it was, because Ahab doesn’t realise Jezebel bewitched him, through an ungodly soul tie. There is no real love between Jezebel and Ahab, but them being stuck to each other is another way of the demonic realm to torment them. Ahab always gets bored in a relationship if he dates a Godly woman or a good woman, but will exalt Jezebel regardless of her whoredom and filthy character, because he doesn’t realise he has scales of Satan’s deception covering his eyes. Ahab needs to receive knowledge of the truth and get delivered or else he will be bound by Jezebel all his life. “You shall know the truth and the truth, shall set you free”.


When a woman is insecure, she pursues a man. The man will always turn her down, because men are hunters and will always go after what they want no matter how “shy” they are. If a man doesn’t pursue a woman, he actually doesn’t want her ENOUGH, he necessarily need her. When an insecure woman with the Jezebel spirit sees that a man is hard to reel in and conquer she will take it up a notch and start using her body to make him love her. She will aggressively show him “signs”, seducing him and sleeps with him. Using any power that is not the Holy Spirit to get what you want is using a demonic power of witchcraft. You will be casting a love spell and a curse to a person. So the person will be bewitched and feel like they love you when they don’t. However love spells have an expiry date.

Ahab has a beast like lust that cannot be contained, whilst Jezebel is insecure and uses her body to get attention and love and is also lustful, so the two demons use each other and feed each other. Demons live in the soul of a person and the soul comprises of character, feelings, consciousness, memory, will, perception and the ability to think. You can have feelings towards someone and be in love, based on mere demonic control. The demons will create a destructive attachment and control your emotions, mind and will. You will think about a person all the time, feel in love and feel like you are choosing that person, when it really has nothing to do with you. That is why when people go through deliverance when there was any demonic control the feelings they had for toxic exes, seducers etc they dated in the past completely fizzle. The witchcraft comes crushing down eventually in the deliverance process. Seduction is a demonic arrow which is released by a whoredom spirit. The spirit pulls people’s souls, that’s why after deliverance some people often testify about how they felt an extremely strong pull towards the person that they couldn’t understand and had never experienced.


Sadly, many people are not able to discern the Jezebel spirit when it’s working in other people until it has left them to pick up the pieces. If Jezebel was obvious, nobody would be deceived. Many believers don’t know how to discern their battles these days, so they end up flirting with their disguised assignments instead.

This spirit plays more than one type of game with people, that’s why it has so many characteristics and some of them are:

• Overt narcissist 

• Co-dependent 

• Extrovert

• Prostitutes self

• Lies compulsively and believes their own lies

• Lack of remorse, justifies hurting people

• Aggressive and short tempered 

• Non-conformist 

• Claims to be religious, but has superficial devotion to God

• Enabler of Ahab’s weak manhood

• Will not forgive 

• Throws tantrums when they don’t get their way 

• Inability to change unless it benefits them 

• Attack ministers and those anointed as to strip the anointing. Hates true prophets. It attacks and falsely accuses them, trying to kill the prophetic voice in the process.

• Tries to ruin harmony and unions. It gets people fighting and causes major dissension, strife and chaos. It causes a lot of in-fighting, back-biting and malicious type gossiping even amongst the best of relationships. Triangulate others to fight their battles. It is a major peace disturber. 

• Ignores people. A classic ploy of a controller is to ignore you when you disagree. It also refuses to admit wrong or guilt.

• Talks incessantly and is insubordinate.

• Never content.

• Is vengeful. Since a Jezebel spirit is never wrong, if you contradict or confront one, get ready to become its worst enemy. Jezebel will stop at nothing to destroy your reputation.

• Attempts to make you look like you are the Jezebel instead.

• Only do their own will, never God’s.

• Give the appearance of repentance, then attack.

• Very judgemental, critical, condescending, demeaning and undermine everyone. Over demanding and manipulating.

• Need to be constantly praised. 

• Have a possessive love

• Have illegitimate authority. 

• Are convincing liars. 

• The Jezebel spirit gives its host false prophecies, false words, false dreams, and false visions – all in an attempt to make its host look more spiritual than they really are, and to also lure as many people into its web, so that it can build up its own base and following.

• Use others to carry out their evil plans.

• Work alone, they only use others. 

• Seek positions of authority in order to control, discredit and reach their goal.

• Bring fear (caused prophet Elijah to run).

• Charismatic type energy on the host, easy to get along with, strong drawing power. 

• Will go after anyone in a leadership position, because it cannot dominate without climbing to the top. This is pastors of churches, youth ministers, worship leaders, leaders of prayer groups and bible study, husbands as the head of households, the popular guy or girl, supervisors, and upper level management of different companies and corporations.

• Runs in tandem with a mocking spirit. makes fun of and makes light of evil things or evil jokes.

• Will occasionally expose itself in pictures (sexual poses and taking pictures half naked and posting them on social media)

• Maximum pride and jealousy

• Highly lustful and seductive, highly self-centred and narcissistic. 

• Will always seek to be the centre of attention.

• Cold, ruthless, cunning, calculating, very combative, confrontational and craves conflict.

• Cheater

• Never wrong

Jezebel is very superficial. She is adorned with everything artificial, fake nails, fake eyelashes, fake hair, fake body parts, fake everything to advertise her false beauty for the wrong intentions. She is very flashy, and she is also only attracted to people who are superficial and flashy too. Jezebel doesn’t care about character or inner beauty, she only cares about people’s looks, money, influence and social status. The bible says it’s all about modesty and moderation, but Jezebel is vain, moderation will never be in her vocabulary. She loves to wear tight clothing or being half naked and taking pictures that focus on specific body parts. Jezebel loves to recruit disciples and followers for herself, because she believes she is God. When you meet Jezebel, she will probe you for information about your life and your intimate secrets, so that she can later use them against you. She will pretend to relate to your pain and as if she understands you more than anybody else in this world, so that you can keep her close, but this is all done to destroy you and assassinate your character later on. Jezebel uses your weaknesses and vulnerabilities against you. Jezebel loves to make people co-dependent on her strength. She loves when people idolize her and feel like they can’t live without her. Normally when you go to other people with your burdens and pain, they will direct those things to God, because they know God is the ultimate problem solver. However, Jezebel will not do this, she will make you feel like everything is in her hands instead and she is the solution to your problems. Jezebel is a great teacher concerning every topic, she likes being on the forefront teaching something even in the church to usurp leadership. The Jezebel spirit loves masquerading itself as a prophet of God. Jezebel will make you believe that you need her approval before you can do anything in your life, even between you and God. The Jezebel spirit waits for people at church by the door, to distract them. It will project a spirit of distraction. Anytime you see someone sitting on the sidelines, constantly nit-picking and arguing scriptures on social media and creating discord, but never consistently preaches the word themselves, you are dealing with Jezebel. If you become friends with someone or start dating someone and then all of a sudden you start losing your desire for the things of God that you used to have. You are dealing with a human satanic agent. The bible says Jezebel managed to turn the heart of Ahab away from God.

Jezebel is a huge fan of unprotected sex, even if she barely knows you, because she wants to kill and destroy through this avenue. If she has STD’s or HIV she will easily pass them on to you and ofcourse Ahab is timid and easily manipulated, so he will always agree to having unprotected sex with Jezebel. Ahab will mistake this for them having a “deep” bond. This is also how Jezebel creates broken homes, because Jezebel will often get pregnant and Ahab will deny responsibility or Ahab and Jezebel will just stick to each other, because of the baby. The demonic duo will be stuck together and work together against God, gossiping as a couple, being cruel to relatives as a couple, turning against their own children etc. If you see people gossiping and betraying people who they are meant to be close with ; Jezebel is at work. Jezebel is a fan of gossip, slander and all forms of all ungodly chatter and she is a fan of making sure people feel her ruthless betrayal. Jezebel is a fan of sexual perversion. The demon has an unquenchable desire for sex and will request and force her sexual partners to do absurd sexual acts so as to embarrass and torment the person. Sex with Jezebel is empty. People with the Jezebel spirit also always have aspirations of getting to leadership roles they have no passion for, but out of insecurity and a desire for ungodly control.

Jezebel loves to embarrass people, especially in public. She strategically waits to blast you openly with her condescending “advice”. When it comes to rejecting you, she always makes sure it’s everyone’s business too. If you are both at a university, church, company etc she will make sure everyone knows she rejected you. Then when she rejects you she expects you to die. Jezebel has a strong seducing spirit that draws men who have not subjected their desires to God. So when Jezebel woos your boyfriend or husband, Jezebel will ruthlessly inform you that your man “can’t get enough of her” to try and embarrass and hurt you.

Tomboys” are a work of Jezebel, a woman should be a woman and a man should be a man.

When you are dealing with Jezebel, you feel so intimidated and shrink, you are not entirely yourself. You are intimidated to do something simple as sending the person a text message, because you know they have mood swings and they are impulsive. Sometimes they reply you with aggression, sometimes they will give you complete silent treatment, sometimes they will not reply for a few days. You are afraid to correct this person, because you know they retaliate with insults or the friendship will be automatically over. Ahab does this as well. Jezebel is the spirit behind the women who are only attracted to men either double or triple their age and also an unquenchable desire for people’s husbands. Jezebel is responsible for all the multiple false prophets of this generation, that’s why earlier on we stated that she led 450 false prophets. Jezebel only gives prophecies that incites fear in people. God reveals to redeem, Jezebel reveals to cause fear and hopelessness. Jezebel gives terrifying prophecies without a solution. This is Jezebel’s way of projecting witchcraft if you come into agreement with that prophecy of death, sickness etc it will happen and then people will say it was a real prophecy when it was just witchcraft. The divination spirit can foretell the future, but cannot give long lasting solutions and if they claim to, they dabble into sorcery which is a type of witchcraft that deals with object idolatry and ensnare you even more. Jezebel does not reciprocate in a friendship or relationship, because she is selfish and everything is about her and her needs and desires. Jezebel is a user. If you have specific people around you, that you do things for, but they don’t reciprocate in any way they have the Jezebel spirit. Jezebel won’t even express heartfelt appreciation neither if you do things for that person, because Jezebel is a very entitled demon.


I have dealt with a lot of narcissists, in my training for ministry, but I will only give you just two detailed explanations in this instance. A narcissist that I encountered online and another one at a church. Last year I encountered a young man on Christian twitter (a community of Christian believers on twitter). He was very popular on there and greatly loved by other Christians; he preached the gospel of repentance daily and helped people through his twitter. We followed each other there on twitter, however one day I corrected him on his bizarre views on colourism that he had openly tweeted. He didn’t respond to the message and I was unfollowed immediately and he tweeted a meme which said, “if you are mad at people’s preferences, get help” and then also tweeted, “when you are rude and bothersome, dropping your phone is the quickest way to humble you”. The weeks to follow after those tweets were shambles. He spoke to a girl privately with a Jezebel spirit as well who tweeted the word of God too. He had seen this girl publicly bashing me before, about my tweets concerning modest dressing and she didn’t dress modestly. So he made up some lies like all narcissist do and then the girl started raging at me and insulting me every other day, but also preaching on twitter too (the foolery lol). This girl then started gossiping and spreading the rumours of his lies for him. The narcissist decided to increase more heat. There was a girl that God had put on my heart to help with a profusion of disorders, who was also battling the sin of homosexuality. She thought she had bipolar, but she is an undiagnosed narcissist, because she has dramatic, erratic, cold behaviour. I had embraced this girl as a sister in Christ and was slowly helping her, however the narcissist managed to turn her against me as well. He sent her a message privately. She started insulting me openly too and “exposing me”. So now I had two narcissists on World War 2 smear campaign against me, whilst the narcissist who had orchestrated all of this kept his page spotless, pretending like he didn’t know what was going on, retweeting my tweets (ain’t the devil trifling). It’s not a coincidence that Jezebel always goes to another person with the same spirit to complain her false injustices. She knows how to pick them really well even from afar. Jezebel was notorious for wanting to stop the work of the Holy Spirit in churches and in the lives of people and would target God’s prophets and servants. Back then I used to share the word of God on twitter and had an impact, that’s why I was targeted by Jezebel. Jezebel wants you to idolise her so that you can’t serve God. I got off twitter for a little bit after this scandal, then I made a new twitter and on the new twitter, God quadrupled my influence and impact more than it used to be on my old twitter, regardless of the devil trying to discredit me. Jezebel can never be able to shut God’s prophetic voice.

My second experience of someone with the Jezebel spirit wasn’t within proximity per say. I used to go to this sound doctrine church a few years ago that was led by a powerful Zimbabwean man of God. He had branches all over the world, running for decades, he was a powerful, anointed man of God, until he was attacked by a Jezebel spirit that was operating under a woman youth leader in that church who was from Botswana and they started committing adultery. Eventually this came out, the church split into two and now this man is living an unrepentant life, watering the word of God with that woman by her side, traveling and running ministry together. He betrayed the woman he had been married to for decades and had founded that church with. Which shows you how once the Jezebel spirit controls you it makes you it’s puppet and it makes you give it allegiance and loyalty, even when it is not worthy of that. God gave us minds to think for ourselves and to make our own judgements, but once you are controlled by a Jezebel spirit you no longer think for yourself; it pretty much makes your mind redundant and it makes every decision for you. The Jezebel spirit plays people like fiddles, like puppets on a string, with the puppet master being the Jezebel spirit. The host of the spirit can pretend to be your friend, lover etc, but they are a rival that knows you better than you know them. They will study your strengths, weaknesses and keep vulnerable information in a little safe so that they can use them against you. The only true friends’ people with the Jezebel spirit will have are the people who will get duped into falling into their web of deceit and lies, where they will now become their mindless followers. These people will have all their true friends leave them, because no one wants to be around this kind of evil spirit and around these kinds of negative, evil, and destructive personality traits.


Narcissists are NOT Christians. Christianity is founded on love and Christians do the will of their father, they live by God’s commands. So technically you can separate from narcissists under (2 Corinthians 6:14), because you are actually unequally yoked with an unbeliever. The Jezebel spirit seeks to project low self-esteem and depression on people so much that they end up killing themselves or it will end up killing you by itself, through its uncontrollable rage. If you are in a relationship with a person with a Jezebel spirit, you will never be able to fulfil God’s purpose for your life neither, because this spirit will try and hinder this. So, you need to confront your spouse and tell them that they have a Jezebel spirit and should repent. If they refuse, then you should separate, to not continue enduring the abuse and whilst you are separated seek God’s face concerning what to do next. Sometimes God will tell you to divorce them, because he sees that they have decided to die in their sins, sometimes he will tell you to pray for them and wait. If you are just a boyfriend and girlfriend and you are dating a narcissist though, break up with them immediately and move on. God will bring you someone after his heart. Narcissists are not part of God’s plan for your life.


Narcissists are used by the devil intentionally and inadvertently. They are fully aware of their wicked behaviours and intentionally inflict pain on other people, but they are inadvertently unaware of the extent of the damage they cause and how much the devil is using them to destroy their own lives. Everyone has been through something in this life, but not everyone turned into a narcissist, because they rejected that spirit. You cannot still be a victim at 30 or 50 years etc, because of something that happened when you were an infant or a teenager. Healing begins with taking responsibility aswell. God is very furious with narcissists, because they decided to make Jezebel and themselves their own God. What an abomination to choose to rebel against a holy, loving, patient and kind God. “Cursed is the man that put his trust in the flesh” (Jeremiah 17:5). When people pray the fiery prayers declaring war using Psalms against evil spirits that you comfortably accommodate in your flesh, do not be surprised when destruction comes knocking at your door. If you do not repent do not be surprised when Jesus tells you depart from me I never knew you, because you used to practise witchcraft. The Jezebel’s that don’t repent get thrown down the wall and they get humbled. Return to your first love and leave your fake romance with Jezebel. Jezebel only gives people bread crumbs, when there is a full banquet waiting for you at the table of the Lord.

“The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel that displays the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.” – 2 Corinthians 4:4


At the borderline personality disorder stage there is an influx of demons. There is part possession, demons are in full control of the person, but only when they desire. They lie dormant in some situations and choose to become active in some situations, especially when a good thing is about to happen in that person’s life and to cause chaos. It’s like a half a day shift for the demons. The demons get the person to do whatever shameful, dangerous or cruel thing they desire. However, the demons will occasionally step aside every time after they use the person blindly, so that the person can come back to their senses and experience condemning shame and guilt aka “impulsive behaviour you later regret”. The devil will make them reflect on their behaviours and then say to them, why did you do such a stupid thing, even though he knows he is the one who made them do it. This is part of the demonic torment. If the person during this time doesn’t crawl to God immediately and repent, but continue sinning, they get to a more dangerous place. If you feed spirits, they will grow. The person will get more demons and move from borderline personality disorder to narcissistic personality disorder, if again they don’t repent they get to anti-social personality disorder, where now there is total possession and Lucifer is tirelessly fulfilling his will aggressively through the person, because he knows we are living in the end times.

There are many narcissists who go to church, even though God would never regard them as Christians. This shows us that, the devil doesn’t mind you going to church, you can even go to mid-week bible study too if you want, as long as you don’t meet Jesus there. There are so many ichabod churches now (the glory of God is not found there), where the pastors and their wives, the prophets, the praise and worship team, the ushers etc are all under the influence of the Jezebel and Ahab spirit. When the narcissist goes to churches like these of course they won’t find freedom, because you can’t deliver others in an area that you are still bound yourself. Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom especially, in the form of truth that transforms and sets free.


Obeying the spirit of Jezebel will come with temporary, carnal rewards, whilst choosing to not obey Jezebel will come with eternal, everlasting rewards. There are many people in this world under the influence of the Jezebel spirit and its job is to destroy you. Destroy your soul, your relationships, your sanity, your finances, your health, and your desire for the things of God and when you are empty leave you for the next target. I have seen this spirit literally play some people right over the edge of a cliff where they ended up losing everything and this was all, because they were too blind and ignorant to see what was really going on behind the scenes in the spiritual realm. Beloveds and brethren, STAY WOKE.

God bless you


Codependency is an excessive emotional or psychological reliance on a partner, typically one who is affected with a pathological addiction condition. The people rely too much on each other emotionally, with one person caring for the other.

Codependency is formed as a result of four things : a controlling relationship, premarital sex, broken identity and gossip. A soul tie is an invisible spiritual link between two people in which demons are transferred between them. A soul tie is a spiritual phenomena that happens when your soul (your mind, will and emotions – heart) become linked to another person.


In co-dependent relationships you commonly have an imbalanced relationship, where one partner is usually dominant, controlling and abusive, whilst the other partner is passive, submissive and willing to jump any hurdles to please the other person. Controlling behaviour or emotional, guilt tripping, blackmail behaviour includes mixed signals, gaslighting, passive aggression, silent treatment, threatening suicide, hot and cold behaviour, emotional invalidation etc. In the bible we see a demonic, evil duo Jezebel (narcissistic personality disorder) and Ahab (borderline personality disorder), who both had the capacity to be controlling. Jezebel was more controlling than Ahab, but if Ahab got into situations where he could constitute ungodly control, he would control, just as he controlled Israel whilst doing Jezebel’s evil bidding. Jezebel was a Phoenician princess (Lebanon princess) who was betrothed to marry Ahab, who was the king of Israel. Where Jezebel came from, they worshipped many false pagan gods like Baal “the god of nature”, but Israel only worshipped the one and true God, Yahweh. Jezebel gets to Israel and brings her religious, polytheist ideologies and basically starts calling the shots in Ahab’s kingdom. Most people when they are monotheists, they would totally remonstrate against worshipping other Gods, but Ahab doesn’t object and not only starts worshipping Baal, but also builds and set up an altar for Baal in Samaria. Ahab also makes an asherah pole which is a carving to honour Jezebel’s, semitic goddess, “the queen of heaven”. Idol worship of Ashtoreth was held outside in the groves of trees, where huge carvings of male and female sexual organs were displayed and worshipped. Jezebel hated God, so she introduced apostasy in Israel. From this story comes the Jezebel spirit and the Ahab spirit; the two spirits notorious for all the controlling, toxic relationships of this generation. The name “Jezebel spirit” comes from the fact that Jezebel was the name of the queen who the demon controlled. It is a spirit that can influence both men and women. Ungodly soul ties are based off of fear, anger and selfish ambition, whilst Godly soul ties are based on love, respect and mutuality. When there is an ungodly soul tie, the person can be mistreated, but feel guilty for thinking about ending the relationship. They will be addicted to the pain they experience and constantly stalk their abuser, because controlling people can open doors to demonic torment through ungodly soul ties.

Witchcraft control is a concoction of manipulation plus intimidation plus seduction to ultimately dominate. When people use ungodly control, because they want you to selfishly do whatever they want, you will often end up with guilt and shame which will force you to do what you don’t necessarily want to do. However, when the Holy Spirit is present it uses conviction instead; conviction is good, guilt and shame is not. Witchcraft means the works of the flesh, that’s why the bible calls Jezebel “the mother of witchcraft”, even though we never see her casting spells or curses on people. The goal of witchcraft is to mess up the cycle of God’s divine order. Humans were given dominion over demons, but when witchcraft becomes part of the equation too, demons have dominion over humans instead. God has dominion over humans, but when witchcraft becomes part of the question, in the form of rebellion and pride, humans try to have dominion over God instead. He who finds a wife, finds a good thing, not she. God brought Eve within close proximity in Adam’s surroundings, he woke him up, then he found Eve and pursued her. However, when a woman is demonized, the woman starts pursuing the man instead. Ahab rarely directly pursues women, because of his lackadaisical nature and insecurities, so every time he meets a woman who doesn’t have a gentle and quiet spirit (1 Peter 3:4), but other spirits like the Jezebel spirit, she will start pursuing Ahab and they will end up in a mutually controlling relationship. Some Christian women have been indoctrinated by the customs of this world through “shooting your shot” and giving a man “signs”. However “signs” are what the bible calls seducing spirits. There is no woman in the bible who pursued a man. If you are a Christian woman who wants the will of God to be done in her life. Do not pursue a man or else you will end up with Ahab. Anytime you see control in a relationship, it means the perfect love of God is not present in those people’s hearts. Humans were never designed to control each other, because they were given equal authority over everything on earth. Which means that when humans start controlling each other, the devil is present in that interaction. It’s not them, there are demons. When people desperately go to any lengths and use every means possible to get what they want from other people, especially through lying, flattery, seduction etc. There are now operating under witchcraft, because any power over other people outside of being enabled by God and the Holy Spirit is witchcraft.

Ahab was an enabler of all of Jezebel’s wickedness, he didn’t just categorically endorse her wickedness, he gave her a full pass and also joined in. Men with the Ahab spirit are men who are driven by insecurities, lust and timidity, so they are easily dominated and controlled by women, especially women with the Jezebel spirit. Men who are controlled by Jezebel, are men who are not guided by biblical manhood. Apostle Paul or Joseph would have never been controlled by Jezebel. In Psychology they have their own terms for narcissistic control such as impression management, trauma bonding due to hormonal dysregulation and cognitive dissonance, which all make sense. However, as Christians we attribute control and manipulation to witchcraft. Witchcraft is normally used to cause people to see things that are not there as though there are and in contrast to also see things that are there as though there are not and ultimately to cause others to do things that they would not do according to their will if there was no control. Witchcraft is Satan placing a veil on our eyes, so that our perceptions are completely distorted. Jezebel has three agendas in our lives; to cause us to idolize her, so that she can take God’s place in our lives, to antagonise us with our family and friends and lastly to destroy us. When it comes to the Jezebel spirit and division, if you have good friends and family, Jezebel will come along and start picking them apart unnecessarily, finding fault and trying to separate you from these people. Simply put those people will be irritating Jezebel’s demons. The Jezebel spirit loves to alienate its targets from people it senses loves those people truly or have spiritual insight, because it knows they might stand in the way of the spirit accomplishing its catastrophic plans. Charm is deceitful to the charmed, but the close people to the charmed can often fully see.

There is a very common pairing of people with borderline personality disorder (Ahab spirit) highly likely dating people with narcissistic personality disorder (Jezebel spirit). People with narcissistic personality disorder often control and abuse people with borderline personality disorder. However, if you are familiar with borderline personality disorder you will know that just like narcissistic personality disorder, it is characterised by abusive behaviour. 2 Timothy 3:13 says, “but evil men and impostors will proceed from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived”. Deceitful people are not only deceived by other people, they are also deceived by Satan, because he makes them the orchestrator of their own demise in life (Proverbs 5:22). People with the Ahab spirit can only tolerate people with unclean spirits like them, especially the Jezebel spirit. If you don’t operate under the Jezebel spirit, they will abuse you and control you. The Jezebel spirit comes to destroy both the people it closely encounters and the person it inhabits, it is not loyal to anyone: nobody is exempt. This Jezebel, Ahab dynamic with Jezebel being the narcissist and Ahab being a narcissistic co-dependent, is a dynamic of two impure people drawing to each other strongly, that is why they are very irresistible to each other. The narcissistic prideful spirits familiarize with each other, which means if you are a person with a clean spirit and discernment, Jezebel or Ahab cannot be able to control you, the spirits will be at odds and will not be able to “vibe”. Unclean spirits are only attracted to unclean spirits. Be it in friendships or relationships. If you look at your friends or the people that you “vibe” with, it’s not a coincidence and you just don’t get along. You vibe, because you are both healed or unhealed, you have the same Holy Spirit or the same unclean spirits. Anytime I try to interact with people with opposing spirits to me, we repel each other. When you haven’t gone through deliverance. You will fulfil the will of demons, instead of your own will or God’s will. Demons cause you to not have an option, they put people in chains.

The narcissist, co-dependent dance is not about chemistry or attraction, but merely demonic spirits connecting in the spiritual realm. Just as the Holy Spirit brings people together for divine purposes, evil spirits can also connect people to fulfil their own agendas. When the devil knows we have baggage, he will also bring us people with baggage so that he can sit down and enjoy the show. The Jezebel spirit is only successful in executing it’s plans, when it is linked with a spirit of Ahab which it can abuse and use to destroy through that person’s callousness, unassertiveness, weakness and lack of boundaries and responsibility. Jezebel and Ahab are complimentary spirits that work in tandem. Jezebel’s seduction, feeds Ahab’s lust. Jezebel’s false pride, feeds Ahab’s insecurities and lastly Jezebel’s control feeds Ahab’s timidity. Without the spirit of Ahab, Jezebel cannot prosper or reign over a region. The Jezebel spirit not only controls you whilst it is in contact with you, it will also try to control you from afar even after the relationship is long over. The Jezebel spirit seeks to make followers and eunuchs. Until you wake up and starve the Jezebel spirit, the spirit will always have control over you, disabling you from moving on and creating toxic love addiction and co-dependency. Sons of narcissistic mothers cleave to their mothers all their lives, because the Jezebel spirit always forms ungodly soul ties with whoever is or gets close to it. Narcissistic mothers teach their sons to be controlling bullies, that’s why they always end up with borderline personality disorder. There are so many different types of witchcraft, however control that is passed down in families is called inherited witchcraft.