God placed it on my heart to start this blog, to help others to heal their broken homes, hearts and minds through God’s word. To warn and to also give hope.


My childhood involved living in the wilderness. An extremely dry wilderness with lions, tigers and bears that I had to always fight to stay alive. In the wilderness Jesus was my crutch and lifeline. After going through the wilderness I was tired and utterly ravaged, because I had constantly experienced pain and fought never ending battles. But one day my brokenness encountered the love of God and everything changed. The transformative and redemptive power of God’s love changes everything; nothing ever remains the same. Jesus is a healer, I don’t care how broken you are, he can heal anything that breaks us in this life. Jesus is bigger than our deepest pain. Through the dark journey of my early life, I was anointed, equipped, qualified and approved to be a revelatory teacher of the word of God and to introduce Jesus to the broken parts of his people.

“The wound is the place where the light enters you”

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