“For she has cast down many wounded & all who were slain by her were strong men. Her house is the way to hell. Descending to the chambers of death” (Proverbs 7:26)

The strange woman is a demonic spirit that is fabricated in hell and given set personality traits, then transferred to women who are bitter, have wicked hearts and do not mind being used by the devil to advance his kingdom. The woman that accommodates this spirit is what the bible calls a “strange woman”. This woman is then assigned to different men with an agenda to realign their destinies and then ultimately to kill them before their time. Anytime you discern a strange woman in a region or a territory, the man you see by his side is undoubtedly an evil man. No one else can permanently tolerate these two evil personalities, except for each other. The strange woman has illicit sex with both single men (unmarried) and married men. With the single men, she causes them to fornicate with them and with married men, she seeks to develop an adulterous relationship with them. If the strange woman is not contended against, she is able to completely destroy a marriage. The strange woman doesn’t love anybody, but herself. Anyone who trusts her will later have a rude awakening after she merely uses them for sex, money, attention, publicity, to hurt the “other” woman, etc. When the strange woman is done with her assignment in your life, your life is filled with great pain and sorrow. When she comes into your life she pretends to like you, but is actually scheming your demise. The strange woman and the evil man’s relationship is extremely impure and influenced by self ambition. Both parties are greedy and individually thinking what can I get out of this relationship for myself. The strange woman is well positioned by the pits of hell, you just don’t “bump” into her or just “get along with her”.

The bible addresses the strange woman in so many ways. She is called a “foolish woman”, the “harlot”, “loose woman” “seductress,” “adulteress,” “wayward wife,” “adventuress,” or “foreigner”. A woman is strange to a man’s bed if he is not married to him. A strange woman is polar opposite to God’s ideal standard of how a woman should be. We call a person a stranger if we do not know or recognise them. The bible calls this woman strange, because God doesn’t recognise this woman, because she does not live by the standards of the word of God that God established for women and wives. The bible says men who lack understanding and are naive will be victims of the strange woman (Proverbs 7:7). People who do not seek wisdom and understanding in the word are outwitted by Satan. If you are full of the word, you will turn down the strange woman, but if you are full of yourself she will prey on you. “A soul that is full loathes honey, but even bitter food tastes sweet to a hungry soul” (Proverbs 27:7).

The strange woman seeks to latch on to men with influence, power, wealth or an anointing. The strange woman loves to keep a community upscale good image, whilst secretly she is an evil whorish woman. Men who do not have God’s word hidden in their hearts follow the strange woman to her bed of sexual perversion with a smile, like cows that are going to be slaughtered (Proverbs 7:22). Whilst men truly after God’s heart, flee away with all their might anytime the strange woman tries to engage with them. When a man sleeps with a strange woman he is performing idolatrous promiscuity and it never fails, that the forefathers and father of this man also used to commit fornication and adultery with strange women. It is a generational curse, because nothing good ever comes out of a relationship or marriage with a strange woman, but pain, chaos, diseases and death. We see this generational pattern with David and then also Solomon his son. David loved strange women and committed adultery and his son Solomon also did the same (I Kings 11:1–8). The strange woman and the evil man will always appear very alluring to people that are dead in sin.

The strange woman and the evil man can never have a pleasant union, but also cannot break away from each other. The relationship between Ahab (the evil man) and Jezebel (the strange woman) is a punishment from God for unrepentant people, that’s why they are stuck together. They don’t love each other, they always argue and are cruel to each other, they always physically fight, until it’s time for sex or to use each other for any other selfish gain and then the disingenuous love is activated. The strange woman and the evil man that this world refers to as narcissists are people who have a strong spirit of delusion, which is also called a spirit of insanity. The spirit of insanity has been upgraded by Satan that nowadays your boss at work, pastor, spouse etc can be “mad” without you being aware, until you wake up and you are severely damaged by their manipulation and cruelty. The spirit of insanity operates in this manner : it calls evil – good, it calls abnormal things – normal and it calls destructive behaviours – good and pleasurable. The spirit of delusion and insanity, causes the strange woman and the evil man to see good characters, attributes and things in each other that are not even there, even though they are only in each other’s lives to destroy each other. The demon in the evil man manipulates his eyes and mind to idealize the whorish woman. We have physical eyes and then we also have spiritual eyes. Most people’s physical eyes can see, but not everyone’s spiritual eyes can see. Our spiritual eyes can be blinded by sin or witchcraft. In Acts 9:18 we see scales falling from Saul’s spiritual eyes and then he starts seeing again and repented. The bible also talks about how God would give unrepentant sinners over to reprobate minds, unprincipled minds, depraved minds or delusional thinking. For being workers of darkness, the strange woman and the evil man are enemies of God according to John 4:4, they carry out assignments for the kingdom of darkness.

“Furthermore, just as they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, so God gave them over to a depraved mind, so that they do what ought not to be done” (Romans 1:28)

Anytime you see a person consistently complaining about attracting or being attracted to the “wrong” people, they also have a huge part to play in why things are going that way. We are spiritual beings and our spirits are like magnets drawing everything that agrees with the state of our soul and spirit and for people with clean spirits and souls repelling bad people and things. Jezebel and Ahab often seek pity concerning the injustices in their relationship, but truth is they deserve each other. “The merciful man does good for his own soul. But he who is cruel troubles his own flesh” (Psalms 11:17). The evil man is attracted to what his heart is full of. Until the evil man and the strange woman repent they will always push away good, dignified people and embrace each other’s filth and call it love, this is the curse of the Lord for people that engage in idol worship of sin and refuse to repent. Anytime you try to love people the perfect, Godly way and they reject it, but want love that is unstable and hurts them instead, don’t take it personally, you are dealing with the strange woman or the evil man. God is just using their delusional minds he gave them over to, against themselves. “Whoever repays evil for good, evil will not depart from his house” (Proverbs 17:13)


And, behold, there met him a woman with the attire of a harlot & a crafty heart. She was loud & rebellious. Her feet would not stay at home. At times she was outside, at times in the open square. Lurking at every corner” (Proverbs 7:10-12)


The strange woman dresses as if she is a sales person selling something that is on her body. She wears form fitting, revealing clothes that send a code message to men, “look at me”. Her clothes have to expose her figure. Her clothing is so tight so that you can see the size, the corners, crevices and bumps. She wears nose rings, crop tops with exposed waist beads, lacy see through tops, lingerie as outdoor clothes, low cut jeans and tops that expose the cleavage area with the intention to seduce. She wears stiletto heels to alter the shape of her calves and the movement of her hips whilst walking. The attire of the strange woman is worn to easily entice, woo and dominate the evil man, because the evil man prioritises the physicality of a woman more than anything else. Men are stimulated by their eyes, so the strange woman always knows what she is doing when she puts on an attire of a harlot. She knows it’s a great temptation. Lukewarm and hypocritical Christians defend their immoral dressing using “God looks at the heart”. However, truth is when God truly purges your heart, mind, soul and spirit. You will never be comfortable wearing an attire of a harlot. Whether you agree with this or not, a woman’s dressing exposes her true heart content and character. Clothes were created to conceal and cover, so when you decide to go against the grain and parade yourself naked, you are rebellious. Adam and Eve hid their nakedness with fig leaves and the bible says when they realised they were naked they were ashamed. Anytime you see shamelessness, demons are also present. When you meet an immoral woman the first thing that will capture your eyes is her body, because she emphasizes this, but when you meet a virtuous woman her soul and spirit will capture your heart first. A virtuous woman adorns herself with honour. The strange woman’s outer false beauty covers inner darkness.

*NB : Christian women are supposed to dress elegantly for their age. Modest dressing doesn’t mean dressing plain. I am not a legalistic Christian, so I don’t condemn makeup, heels etc. With everything God examines the intent and heart motive. Why are you putting on that or decided to wear that? The devil has perverted everything good, makeup is not evil per say, because the woman was beautified in the bible for the king, Queen Easter was. The devil just managed to pervert almost everything. I have my own personal convictions, I will not wear or put on certain things on my body that I will not mention. This is based on my personal relationship with God and I don’t enforce it on others, because they are not necessarily a commandment or precept of the word.


The strange woman will boldly nag you, until you give in to her selfish requests just like Delilah nagged Samson, “with such nagging, she prodded him day after day until he was sick to death of it” (Judges 16:16). Strange women pursue men boldly for a relationship or sex. She is overbearing and her approach is bold. Potiphars wife didn’t mince her words when pursuing Joseph, “come to bed with me”. The strange woman has a loud and stubborn heart, even if she might pretend to be soft. Everything that the strange woman does is to ultimately draw attention to her. At a gathering in a room full of a plethora of people, the strange woman is the loudest woman in the room that you keep on looking at, because her speech and laugh is loud. She exaggerates everything and is dramatic in speech, she loves to talk and makes a lot of noise even though she is ignorant. She openly say vulgar utterance and has no discretion about her intimate life especially her sexual life, to draw attention from men. There is no femininity, warmth, graciousness or kindness, with the strange woman. The strange woman is a woman, but carries a male spirit. Real femininity is not wearing lipstick, a short dress, a wig or having false nails, it is a gentle, quiet spirit (1 Peter 4:3). A woman can be feminine even in her most natural state.


The strange woman has no shame whatsoever, especially when it comes to pursuing men. I’m pretty sure we have all seen the seductress at play in movies. Usually the scene comprises of a man who is a drunkard drinking alcohol alone (this is why you should never drink alcohol, you are supposed to be sober at all times and watch and pray) and then a seductress also alone at another table. The seductress then starts giving the man an “inviting look”. A simple, foolish man will show that he is interested by engaging with her, focusing his eyes on her and then smile. The strange woman will then leave her table and go to the evil man to approach him. People in the world call eyes that lure and draw men “bedroom eyes”. When a strange woman is seducing a man that is the only time she pretends to be feminine. Every other time she is aggressive and has a potty mouth, threatening people, arguing and engaging in physical fights over debt and fighting for boyfriends. The more rude, unpleasant and manly mindset a woman has the more the evil man is inclined to date her, because well he is cursed and is effeminate, so he dates “strong women” that make up for his weakness. The strange woman seduces by consistent deep eye contact, she deflates her eyes to give a “sexy” look, she plays with her hair, bites her lips, smizes, rotationally lowers her gaze and flatters her false eye lashes up and down, by doing this she is showing the man that she is interested in being his sexual conquest. Many people call seduction art. The non-verbal use of the body with a goal to seduce is the most powerful tool of Jezebel. The strange woman uses eye contact to communicate and build rapport, trust, sexual connection and tension, intrigue and increased desire and compliance. Seduction is “smooth”. Unless you have discernment and you have a relationship with God, you will never even know you are being seduced, because a seducing spirit will cast a spell on your senses and eyes and cause you to believe this demonic behaviour is normal behaviour. Women that seduce men intentionally or blindly have a seducing demonic spirit.


“For the lips of a forbidden woman drips honey & her speech is smoother than oil, but in the end she is bitter like wormwood. Her feet go down to death, her steps take hold of the place of the dead. So that she does not think seriously about the path of life. Her ways are aimless & unstable, you cannot know where her paths lead” (Proverbs 5:3-6)

Most dignified women will keep a reasonable distance between them and men they don’t know. These days some men are heavily demonized and closet monsters, so you cannot just afford to approach a man and start impulsively dating him and sleeping with him. However, the strange woman is fearless, she doesn’t have time to waste searching the character of a man she is drawn to or consulting God about him. As long as the man has something the strange woman wants, she boldly approaches him at night clubs, etc and takes his number or takes him home. Flattery is used as a weapon by the strange woman to create familiarity and to cause her victims to relax and make them feel like they know each other more than they actually do. So that the evil men can release money, feel comfortable to have sex or feel comfortable to release negative information about their girlfriends or wives that the strange woman can ultimately use to pretend to be a better ideal woman. The strange woman is very forward in her speech and conduct. Even if the strange woman is a vampire whose agenda is to suck your blood, she wants to create trust and wants you to relax. If you entertain the strange woman’s early flattery she will come back with more and will be slowly seeping into your mind, life, pants and marriage. A whore’s praise is excessive and insincere. She will give you compliments, use pet names “babe” , address you with false honour “sir” and tease you even if you have only known each other for just a few minutes. The evil man is always very insecure and being insecure comes with being unsuspecting and embracing anything, so the strange woman will feed his depreciated self love and instead of being alarmed by the getting too close, too quickly dynamic he will happily eat it up. The evil man is a people pleaser, so he will be proud of himself for being able to impress the strange woman so quickly. As part of flattery and tearing down the barrier of unfamiliarity too quickly, the strange woman will also never have physical boundaries from the get go, she will play fight with a stranger, sit on his laps, play with his beard, etc. For sure, she is very strange.


“Deliver me, O Lord, from the evil man, preserve me from the violent man. Who imagine mischiefs in his heart continually” (Psalm 140:1)


Principality demons that have more power and give orders to earth bound demons live in the second heaven or second dimension. Earth bound demons live on earth so that they are always oppressing people. As humans, we can understand each other’s characters and mannerisms regardless of our differences. However, when a person is highly demonized those demons are the ones in full control of the person. Mental disorders are personality spirits, so the person takes on the personality of demons. Nobody has ever gone to the second dimension and lived there for years and studied demons and their behaviours and then wrote a book about them for us to fully understand them. Nobody knows how earth bound demons behave outside of a human body. So when a “normal” person dates a highly demonized person they fail to fully understand the person (the demons). There is a lingering never ending mystery about a highly demonized person. Humans are raw, direct and can be vulnerable, however demons can’t. When you meet the evil man, you are drawn in by his mystery. You keep on trying to find out more about them, but with each time you never get them to a real, raw state where you can fully understand them. I have noticed a pattern of the evil man speaking like a robot, in ambiguity and having an obsession with statistics. You can sometimes have thoughts that this man is a “weirdo” and very different, but at the same time his weirdness is very interesting and appealing to you. Any time you see yourself being strongly drawn or pulled by a person, in an abnormal way. When you barely know anything about them. You are dealing with a seducing demonic entity that possesses that person. They are NOT that interesting more than your husband or wife, they just have demons.


When you meet the evil man, you are mesmerized by how much of a good man he is. Everything about the evil man is up to standard. He seems like he has very high standards concerning all his choices. The evil man is just so perfect from the head to the toe. The evil man can tell you stories about how one time he rescued his neighbours’ dog or challenged someone for being disrespectful to a woman. The “good” evil man says things like, “I will never do that”, “that’s them”, “women are not my weakness”. You say hallelujah, you feel so “lucky”, the initial stages of meeting and knowing the evil man. The bible says, “do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers”, but in this instance, you might even start thinking God can certainly make an exception with this man, because he is just too good, even more than a lot of Godly men. But ummmmmm sis, you are speaking too soon, news flash : the evil man has no standards whatsoever. He is actually a closet abuser, is very violent, normally has a strong spirit of anger and cheats. The evil man is normally quite pompous and prideful, but he lays with whorish women and prostitutes, this reflects a lack of standards. We can see through the false pride of the evil man. He is insecure, he needs to heal and he needs deliverance, because real pride is in being selective. Kings don’t just lay with any woman, they choose one quality woman and lay with just her in covenant all their lives and that one woman fully satisfy them, because they are not running around trying to find fulfilment in everything temporary and fleeting, but the only one that truly satisfies God. The evil man has an orphan spirit he is always trying to find a “home” in every woman’s vagina and life. Narcissists need therapy not a relationship. The bible says in Proverbs 6:26, that a man who sleeps with a strange woman reduces himself to the value of a piece of bread. A delusional spirit is eating healthy food and going to the gym everyday to stay “healthy”, but also smoking, drinking alcohol and having unprotected sex with whorish women.

The evil man is good to everyone else, but his close loved ones. I don’t know about you, but I don’t care how good you preach, speak in tongues, prophesy or worship at church, if you treat a woman that was regarded as a weaker vessel for you to protect. Your whole religion is WORTHLESS, yours not God’s. Charity begins at home. If you see people being kind to everyone else out there in the community, without first being kind to the close people around them. They are hypocrites and the truth is not in them. One easy tip to spot the evil man is examining how a man treats the woman he claims to love. That will show you and tell you all you need to know about his true relationship with God. The bible describes a virtuous woman as a crown to a man’s husband. When a man loves a woman with the true love that has been perfected by God, it is impeccable. It becomes the closest physical experience to experiencing the love of God. The man is proud to be yours and show you off. Narcissists aka the evil man loves lowkey, private relationships so much and if they show you off there is an insincerity to it. They only show off a woman if they measure her as a “trophy” and think she can make them look good to the society. If you have to depend on other people for confidence and self esteem that’s a dangerous sunken place to be. People are inconsistent and fickle to lean on them as if your whole life depends on it. There is no love in dependant relationships, get whole and stop using people as a crutch for your pathological inner misery.


During Christmas the evil man might give the neighbours gifts too. At his work place he is very helpful to everyone beyond his own role, he might even suggest to stay at work out of hours to help others. The older church women with no discernment praise this young man so much, they even wish one of their daughters would marry him. The evil man is just so “humble”, he has very false humility.


The evil man has a Jekyll and Hide personality, he has two different faces to put on depending on where he is or who he is with. He has intense mood swings at home, but when he is at work, church etc he is very out-going and sociable. If you see the evil man outside of his home, he will be very happy, he is the funny guy that makes everyone laugh This makes him very charming, however you know what the bible says, “charm is deceitful” .


70% or so of relationships and marriages in this generation is a dynamic of the strange woman and the evil man. The strange woman can ruin your reputation permanently. The bible talks in Revelations about how God would cast the strange woman into a death bed. The strange woman‘s constant search for thrill and escapades always open the door to a storehouse of diseases.

“There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death” (Proverbs 14:12)

No matter how appealing a strange woman looks, stay away from her path. Wise men learn to identify and avoid the strange woman. Discretion will keep you from the strange woman. Any time the strange woman is assigned by hell to a man that is literally the knock of death. Those who answer the knock suffer the severe consequences. The consequences of sex with a strange woman are dreadful. She is a grave threat to every foolish man who lacks understanding and engages with her. Solomon knew by experiencing strange women and considered them worse than death. The Bible says in Proverbs only a few ever recover from the strange woman’s wiles. Disobedience has a lasting effect. Sin gives you temporary pleasure, but can cause lasting pain and changes. SIN IS SO UGLY. There is a high price to pay for low living. If you want peace, honour and to live a long fulfilling life and obtain everything that God predestined for you, stay on the path of righteousness and stay away from the strange woman and the evil man. The temporary fun is never worth it. My spirit strongly grieves when I see the strange woman and the evil man gallivanting day and night scheming and partaking in all forms of evil against God’s people with unrepentant hearts. They don’t know what awaits them if they die in those lifestyles.



  1. Amazing read. So much to learn here. I’ll have to read it time and again in order to fully immerse myself in the facts herein.

    God bless!


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