“Your descendants will possess the gates of their enemies” – Genesis 22:17

The Jezebel spirit is very mischievous and crafty. It is a camouflaging spirit that hides itself too well, so unless you have the Holy Spirit, spiritual discernment and understand demonology, it will always take time before you finally figure out what you are really dealing with and that someone is a “narcissist”, especially a covert narcissist (vulnerable narcissist that subtly abuse). The Jezebel spirit normally access a person’s body when they are young, however it can stay dormant and inactive for a long time, until something happens that triggers the old unresolved wound. The Jezebel or Ahab spirit loves to attach itself to people who have a form of godliness but deny its power thereof of transformation. Many people with this spirit, go to church and are convinced they are good people, even though they are not doers of the word of God. This hypocritical, talk the talk good front will always have people in conflict and in denial that someone might be a narcissist. Some narcissists can preach sound doctrine, accurately prophesy etc, because the gifts of God are without repentance and the Jezebel spirit can also imitate the gifts of God too, to cause much more damage. People with the Jezebel spirit normally love to go into fields, where they offer a lot of help to people, such as: charity work, ministry work, care work, therapy etc. Desiring to help other people who have been hurt whilst they themselves are hurting deeply and are hurting others. A year ago I spotted a narcissist on “Christian twitter” (a community of Christian believers on twitter), he had very damaging views, his cruelty oozed in his speech and he was a misogynist, but he was also a cognitive behavioural therapist and he would occasionally share the word of God too.

Another narcissist friend I used to have, served at church really close to the “prophet” of his church, he had religious rituals of praying at midnight etc, you could mistake all this for a burning passion and a zeal for God, but he was also sadistic. This shows that it can be hard to spot a narcissist using our physical eyes, however when it is God’s time to expose darkness, he will eventually do it all by himself and open our eyes to the truth, no matter how well the Jezebel spirit might try to remain concealed. When you are at that point, where you are finally fully certain that someone is a narcissist ; pause, take a deep breath and know that you are dealing with demons in the form of a mental illness, so you cannot use a carnal approach or carnal weapons when dealing with this person. One simple test for narcissistic personality disorder is how someone treats you when you are not “at your best”. Anytime Jezebel sees people down, she will always make sure she makes them feel worse. Another two easy signs of narcissism is that a narcissist is always a victim regarding past relationships. Everything was the exes fault. They also have no genuinely close or long term friends, especially a best friend. The “best friend” has been around for 2 years or less, because their dysfunction means they cannot keep friends. Jezebel is a nasty demon. Satan is nasty. You really see his full nature unfold through the different phases of the narcissist. You see how much he hates humanity and wants to break God’s heart by breaking his people through his satanic vindictive spirit : so cunning, so deceitful, so cruel. Narcissistic abuse will leave you broken, sick and with PTSD or other mental illnesses over the long run. You will get chronic illness from the stress of hypervigilance along with betrayal trauma. Narcissistic abuse is seriously damaging. If you live with a narcissist please temporarily find somewhere else to stay until the person gets help, however if you can’t. This blogpost is for you, for people who live with narcissistic parents and are not able to move out yet, because they are young or they don’t have money to live alone or for people who co-parent with a narcissist.

There are demons* not people

One biggest sign that someone is under the influence of demonic spirits is an inability to self-reflect and grow. When a person has many apparent negative traits and their life is spiralling out of control and many people try to help them realise this to no avail, and they just can’t perceive it or accept accountability, demons are certainly involved. When a person is unteachable, it means that, a delusional spirit and a demonic veil and scales are covering their eyes, and they are blocking the person from examining their heart posture and being honest with themselves. These people are under deception from the enemy. Demons have an appetite for demons. Unclean spirits are attracted to everything unclean. When people have demons, they have no standards, demons take away their ability to choose.

More signs that shows that someone is demonized include:

. Inability to rest, they normally have insomnia and irregular patterns of sleep. They must drink sleeping pills to sleep or they sleep a really few hours only every day. They feel like they are being tormented. Those who are free in Christ have rest (Matthew 11:28-29).

. They run away from people that love them and can help them. The demons don’t want them to be free, even though sometimes the person knows they need help and can distinguish the negative patterns and cycles in their own life (Mark 5:2-4)

. They feel suicidal and hopeless. Depression is a spirit of heaviness, that never goes away and is present even if there is nothing necessarily wrong in your life.

. They have multiple personalities, this person’s character and way of life is not consistent. You fail to recognise who they really are, because they take on every person’s trait they admire as their own. It’s like those people with “alter egos”, that can easily switch their personalities, those are demons.

They struggle with body dysmorphia. Since demons control people’s minds, these people often make remarks that are unsettling about their own bodies and pictures. “I look scary”, “I’m ugly” etc

. They isolate themselves. When the enemy wants to destroy us, he will isolate us first, then just like he tempted Jesus in the wilderness when he was alone. He will tempt us too with negative thoughts. Most people who ended up committing suicide, started slowly isolating themselves, during the time leading to their death. If you see your loved one isolating themselves, it is a sign of demonic oppression. The Jezebel spirit also fish out victims easily from isolation, because alienated people are often troubled and lonely.

. They have uncontrollable lust and chronically masturbate. Sex takes over their mind majority of the day. They start sleeping around impulsively, sometimes with no protection without thinking of the consequences. They become slaves to their lusts. They can battle thoughts of incest behaviour too.

. They start feeling comfortable around lifeless things, like the man in Mark who lived in the tomb. People who are under demonic oppression are comfortable with living in extremely dirty conditions etc.

. They have uncontrollable and untameable rage and are very violent. In Mark 5:3-4, the man with the demon of insanity, could not be tamed, he could even break chains with his hands. Demonized people normally have the power of multiple men when they are angry, even if they are a woman. “Mental breakdown” is a form of being demonized.

. Unforgiving concerning even the smallest things and excessive pride. Anytime you see pride, demons are also present. Pride grieves the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit and pride cannot cofunction. True intimacy with God brings humility.

. The person begins to self-harm. Engaging in self-harm acts such as self-mutilation or cutting. You cannot get rid of pain, by causing yourself more pain. Just like the man in Mark, who used to cut himself with stones, this is a sign of demonic oppression. Demons often use the blood that people lose when they self-harm to bind them and form deeper covenants.

. Many people talk about how you can see the demons in narcissists in their eyes. If you are under demonic influence your eyes will be dead. When people who do not have multiple demons smile, their eyes also smile, and they have a sparkle. A lot of deliverance ministers look people in their eyes, when casting out demons, because they will change. The bible says, “the eyes are the window to the soul” (Matthew 6: 22-23) and “the lamp of the body is the eye. Therefore, when your eye is good, your whole body is also full of light. But when your eye is bad, your body also is full of darkness” (Luke 11:34). People with demons have an evil eye, you can tell they are evil by how they look at others.

. The people become lethargic concerning the things of God. If they used to be on fire for God, they lose every desire to read their bible, pray, go to church or serve God.

. They have a lot of negative, vain imagination of fear, the future etc, they become extremely paranoid and start to feel unsafe alone.

. They will refuse to get married. The bible talks about seducing spirits encouraging people to not get married (1 Timothy 4: 1-3)

. They have personality disorders such as – antisocial personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder and histrionic personality disorder. Personality disorders are personalities that were created in hell, to take away the uniqueness God individually created people with. People who have specific personality disorders, all behave the same, which was not God’s will when he created humans.

. They will feel pressure or tightness, because demons will be moving inside their head, stomach, eyes or body.

. They will have a strong inner desire and compulsions to do evil, immoral things that are not in other people’s normal behavior patterns like committing murder, suicide, molestation, to curse, they doubt their own salvation.

. They lose care for their close family and friends and cling to distant people instead.

. They have tormenting intrusive thoughts, that they don’t want.

. Hate other races (racism)

. Feeling watched and paranoid all the time

. Alien Hand Syndrome (a person’s hand involuntary tries to harm the person)

. Gluttony, excessive eating can be linked to other spirits such as the spirit of heaviness (depression)

. Procrastination and non-chalant behaviour about important things.


Jezebel cannot come into your life, if you do not engage with her when she is still outside. Jezebel will always tease you to see if there is room for her in your life, if you engage and welcome her, she will come in. When Jezebel teases you, do not give her your attention, look away immediately. Many people ended up entangled in Jezebel’s web of drama, because instead of looking away, they were curious and trying to figure things out or played along. When your eyes are fixated on God, you will have tunnel vision. Anything that tries to take your focus off him, will be recognised as a distraction. When Jehu went to kill Jezebel, Jezebel projected the spirit of seduction to him so that he would stray away from his mission, but Jehu didn’t engage. Instead of looking at Jezebel, he looked at the window. In other words, social media thirst traps, nudes, sexting are all of Jezebel’s schemes, so do not engage. Resist Jezebel. Flee from Jezebel. Imagine if Joseph had engaged with Potiphar’s wife and fornicated with her. The story of Joseph would have ended right there with the fornication and we would have never gotten to the part of God’s promises for his life being fulfilled and his glory would not have been revealed. God’s full picture and purpose, relies on your obedience. We need to hide God’s word into our hearts and make a covenant with our eyes so that we do not sin against God. It’s important to pray fervently against Jezebel’s seduction in these times. Proverbs 6:25 says, “lust not after her beauty in thine heart; neither let her take thee with her eyelids.”


The only reason pornography and fornication have such a stronghold on this generation is, because it is done in secret. If many people had trusted accountability partners and exposed their lust in its infancy stage or every time when they are tempted, they would never end up strongly bound by it. Another reason why Jezebel has destroyed many relationships and marriages is, because when Jezebel tries to come between a union, one party keeps it a secret. If Jezebel direct message or inbox you when they know you are in a relationship or marriage, please tell your partner, block Jezebel and pray for the person being used by this spirit. I have been to churches where under no circumstance, the male pastor works with a few women when it comes to giving advice, counselling and deliverance sessions, because most people with Jezebel spirit come in the guise of pretence. Jezebel positions herself to prey with an end goal in mind. She doesn’t love you, she just has selfish ambition. Unless it’s a pastoral issue, women should be helped and counselled by women and vice versa for men, in the church. Jezebel will test you in the beginning stages to see how strong your boundaries are by teasing you, calling you pet names, flirting, play fighting, saying inappropriate things and wanting you to purposelessly entertain her all the time. If you do not pass the first test, Jezebel will gain a full time role in your life. Before we got saved, we all had negative bloodline patterns and weaknesses that God delivered us from. The enemy will always be on the prowl, day and night if you are a man or woman of God and if you ever become lethargic concerning the things of God and spiritual warfare, he will always try and use those past weaknesses again to come back into your life and bind you.


Jezebel hates people who confronts and challenges her spirit. She will be offended if you refuse to allow her to handle you disrespectfully, she will think “how dare you know your identity”, because she is a diva who thinks everything revolves around her. When you know your identity, Jezebel’s tricks will never work on you. The Jezebel spirit loves to project counterfeit love, seduction, depression, low self-esteem etc. When you know who you are, when Jezebel says you are worthless, because the word of God is final in your life, you will say to Jezebel, get thee behind me Satan and Jezebel will not be able to win in your life. Narcissists love to project illnesses to people, please do not ever accept that you have these illnesses, because it is witchcraft projection. Renounce the illnesses and reject the diagnosis. People who accept Jezebel’s fake diagnoses can end up with these illnesses, because death and life are in the power of the tongue.


To subdue the Jezebel spirit, you need to starve it and not give it the reactions it seeks to try and milk out of you. Every time I have realised someone is a narcissist and then the Jezebel spirit rages at me and I didn’t engage and just ignored it or laughed, I would see the spirit being embarrassed and throwing even a bigger tantrum, just to get a reaction. If you do not have the fruits of the Holy Spirit, which is self-control and you also do not realise that narcissistic personality disorder are demons not a “mental disorder”, you will argue and scold these demons to infinity and beyond, whilst you are entertaining them. If you are a mature Christian, please understand that it is Jezebel’s tactic to corner you into arguments with her and to get you to act out of character so that she can say, you are the problem and discredit your ministry. She basically wants to set you up for failure, so switch off your flesh when it comes to Jezebel and walk in the spirit. Do not get disrespectful, condescending or go back and forth with her, because this will be used as ammunition later on against you. Be slow to speak.


Satan loves to capitalize on our impatience for love and lack of maturity concerning the things of God. If you have been in a relationship with a person with the Jezebel spirit it’s time to grow and sharpen your discernment and it’s time to be patient, because so many narcissists have gone out in the world seeking whom to devour. When you meet people focus on their character, see if their lifestyle matches their words, use discernment. Let God choose your spouse, never choose a spouse according to lust or physical appearance only. Pray to God and thoroughly ask him to search those people’s hearts and reveal them to you their true condition. You cannot afford to be loose when Jezebel is on the prowl. Do not ever marry someone without both of you healing your childhood wounds and going for deliverance, I cannot stress this enough. Many people are marrying people with deep wounds and a legion of demonic spirits and ending up in distasteful marriages. Beware of dreams manipulated by the devil, as well showing you your husband or wife. Dreams are not final and they often have multiple sources. The bible says, when you are waiting on God, he will always renew your strength. Just ask him for strength when it gets hard to wait on your spouse and rest in his love instead so that you don’t end up settling for Jezebel and her counterfeits.


Jezebel is a ruthless spirit that comes with no prisoners. It will never give you peace, so do not give Jezebel peace. God is raising up an army that will repent, worship God in spirit and in truth and rise and confront Jezebel aggressively in the spirit and crush her. The spirit of Jehu should be stirred up in you. You need to be vicious and angry at Jezebel, because of how she has turned this generation into and sometimes your life and family too. You cannot love Jezebel, you cannot have a close relationship with Jezebel, you need to keep her at a distant and destroy her before she destroys you instead. Do not tolerate her. Do not allow Jezebel to wreak havoc in your life. Do not bow down to Jezebel. The time we are living in now is not the time for convenient Christianity anymore. It’s not the time for Christians who “struggle” with sin. Christianity isn’t a struggle, but people who love their sin push the wrong agenda and make it seem like it is. If you feed your flesh with prayer, with the word of God and fast, your flesh will have no option, but to be suppressed whilst your spirit is elevated. However we flirt with sin constantly and feed our flesh instead and then claim to “struggle”. Let us grow. We can’t be years into our walk with Christ and we are still struggling. We are living in the end times, Jezebel is running rampant, wreaking havoc and she needs people who completely turn away from their sin and walk in the spirit of Elijah and Jehu to throw her down and defeat her. Not Ahab weaklings who are bound to Jezebel’s seduction and fleeting orgasms. Many people tolerate Jezebel, because they don’t really understand what is at stake when dealing with her.


“And it came to pass, when Joram saw Jehu, that he said, Is it peace, Jehu? And he answered, What peace, so long as the WHOREDOMS of thy mother Jezebel and her WITCHCRAFT are so many” – 2 Kings 9:22

God bless you

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