Co-dependency mean that you have not been letting God to be your source of life and joy. You need to surrender and stop the madness of jumping from one person to the other trying to find fulfilment. When Jezebel and Ahab or when Ahab and a non-pathological, co-dependent person break up, Ahab or the co-dependent person will feel so broken and empty, sometimes even suicidal, because it’s equivalent to being divorced in the spiritual realm, it is ripping two souls apart, because of the ungodly soul tie. If you are reading this blogpost and you are at this place, don’t try to numb the pain using worldly means or through rebounding, it’s time to feel it all and then heal. The relationships that come to destroy you will always seem like the best thing you never knew you needed in the beginning and shortly after its demise, you always regret losing them, when you have not had a full spiritual awakening yet and understood what you were really dealing with. One of my favourite saying to use to advise people after their relationships with narcissists or borderlines is that, LOVE MAKES SENSE. If they are telling you they love you after 2 weeks, of course that doesn’t make sense, because you can’t love someone you don’t know, that’s baseless infatuation. Dysfunctional, toxic, unhealthy relationships will bind you, they will cage you literally, because Satan is involved in that union too. One of the schemes of the devil is to bind people. Love doesn’t keep you in bondage constantly afraid, ruminating on the thought of losing that person. 1 John 14:8 states that, there is no fear in love. If you are loved the way you are supposed to be loved according to God’s will and word, then you will not have any ounce of fear or insecurities in a relationship. A relationship with Jezebel / Ahab will always cause you to have fear. Its a rollercoaster of stress, anxiety and uneasiness. Most people who get out of a relationship with Jezebel / Ahab always have the same negative synonyms to describe the relationship.

Stop looking for love from people who do not have the capacity to love you.

Love is not consuming, love is not obsessive, love doesn’t demand to become your idol, love captivates you, but you are also free. If you find yourself stalking someone all day, desiring to know their whereabouts all the time and desiring to talk to them all the time, there is something wrong with that relationship, you are not in a healthy relationship. The other person is controlling you and you do not trust them. Either step aside so that you can start seeing more clearly or get out of that relationship. After dealing with a person under the Jezebel spirit and any other spirits you need deliverance to come out of its submission. The reason you were easily manipulated by Jezebel is, because you have spirits of a kind too and this is normally the spirit of rejection and the spirit of lust and perversion and it also means God is not at his right place in your life, so there is room for idols to easily replace him. Jezebel was also able to discern amongst a plethora of people and chose you as the best target, because Jezebel is not a person, but a spirit with spiritual insight. I have seen people dying due to their inability to detach from dysfunctional, toxic relationships. They just could not leave, this is certainly being caged in a demonic way, it is spiritual warfare. If you have a loved one, in an abusive, toxic relationship and they just can’t leave, please war on behalf of them, so that they can be free. Remember Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy and he accomplishes this through people, disguised as God’s people for us. When you try to detach from a toxic person it is a very difficult thing to do, the world calls them “withdrawal symptoms”. We as Christians call it breaking the curse and covenant of witchcraft.


When someone is controlling and manipulative they are not operating in a human power. People who are manipulative and controlling have familial witchcraft backgrounds. The more controlling, manipulative and cruel the person is the harder it is to break away from them. An ungodly soul tie means you are caged in the spiritual realm and you will not manage to break free from the person (the demon that controls you) no matter how toxic they are. Some people have deceived people by telling them you break soul ties, by praying one cute little prayer and then that’s it. NO you can confess and renounce the sin of idolatry and ungodly soul ties, but you have to pray against the witchcraft until there is a breakthrough and you feel it in your spirit and soul that, that person no longer has a hold of you and you no longer feel a “pull” to go back even when you don’t want to or they treat you bad. It’s merely witchcraft control. If you keep on thinking of them and can’t get over them nomatter how sick they make you feel. Trust me they are not all that. Go into warfare mode and break that demonic soul tie, that wants you to continuously be punished by demons.

Relationships with witches are a scam. They have seducing spirits, so from the get go the whole relationship is not even your will. They choose you and pull you using seducing spirits, then cause you to submit to them through controlling spirits and then cause you to be stuck with them through manipulative spirits. It’s only when you finally wake up that you realise the relationship was nothing, but a clever game. When our soul is tied to someone we basically see them as our idol and we “love” this person with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. However this type of love should only be reserved for God (Mark 12:30).

How do you know you have a soul tie? If you can’t stop thinking about a person even if the relationship has been over for a long time. If you keep on stalking them after a relationship is over and you just can’t stop, basically obsession. If you also can’t break free from the relationship or when you break free you keep going back to them even though it’s a toxic relationship and they treat you bad. Then there is an ungodly soul tie. If we compromise our mental health, well being or relationship with God, just to be with someone, there is an ungodly soul tie. Before we get married we are supposed to break all ungodly soul ties during a deliverance process. If we are married and come to the knowledge that we had an ungodly soul tie, before we got married. We are supposed to break it and then form a Godly soul tie instead in the marriage.

God approves of Godly soul ties that are formed from Godly things and this is through correcting each other, prayer, washing each other with the word etc. When there is a godly soul tie, you can be able to say “sweetheart I’m not going to talk to you after 3 days, because I want to spend time with God in intimacy and really hear him I will talk to you later”. However if you see yourself not being able to talk to a person you are dating for even just a day or you feel sick. Or you feel suicidal or like the world has ended if a person breaks up with you, the devil turned that relationship into a demonic tormenting bond. It is not normal behaviour. The first way of breaking demonic soul ties is by giving back or destroying things that the person you have a soul tie with gave you. You need to delete their numbers. You need to stop stalking them on social media. You need to stop communicating with them or asking people about them. Then lastly you need to engage in spiritual warfare and pray and renounce the soul tie until you no longer obsessively think about them or feel “pulled”. Pray against the soul tie until your spirit and soul feels free.


Father in the name of Jesus I pray for emotional and psychological healing from abusive, controlling relationships. My soul was entwined with other people, causing me to idolize them and to lose sight of who you are to me and who I am. I come before your throne of grace with a broken heart for I need mercy. Lord, I sinned against you by ignoring your word that says, do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers, by joining forces with people that you deem as the ungodly. Doing this led me to live a life of sin and it opened up doors for demonic covenants to be formed. Lord, forgive me for putting people above you. In the name of Jesus I disengage, dismantle and sever each and every ungodly soul tie that was formed between me and (name them). I break free with faith from any covenants and agreements I made with those people knowingly or unknowingly in the mighty name of Jesus. I render those agreements null and void from today onwards in Jesus’ name. Lord destroy every idol in my life and take your rightful place in my heart. Fill any empty space and voids that I have, that I tried to fill with the things of this world. I want to love the people you place in my life with healthy agape love. I want to love only you with all my mind, all my heart, all my soul and all my strength in Jesus name. Amen

God Bless You