As the book of Revelation states Jezebel is often unrepentant, even during a crisis and we also see this with the actual biblical character Jezebel. Jezebel had ample time to repent, she could have repented, before her death, but even in her last moment, she decided to apply makeup to try and seduce Jehu, who was an anointed man who had been sent by God to kill Jezebel and end her wicked reign. Even when Jezebel knew her time was up; she still chose her wickedness one more time.

The Jezebel / Ahab spirit is a perfection-based spirit. It will frustrate you with expecting perfection from you and is fully convinced it is perfect, even though it’s not. That is why everyone who has been in a relationship with narcissists will tell you, things started going downhill when they called out these people’s behaviours. The Jezebel / Ahab spirit is a fault-finding spirit, it’s a very judgmental spirit and has double standards. The foundation of the relationship between Jezebel/Ahab is always mere lust, however lust is not a solid, stable foundation, so eventually it starts fizzling out. When this happens, these spirits will start finding fault in the other person and exaggerating them. If you also don’t give the Jezebel / Ahab spirit an immense amount of attention, it will again start finding faults and resent you and this is how people with this spirit often cheat, with absolutely anybody, it is because this spirit is an attention seeking spirit, it always wants the attention it got in the “honeymoon period” all the time. It doesn’t allow people to be busy or have a life, it sees people as its property, with a sole purpose of adoring it and validating it.

The agenda of the Jezebel / Ahab spirit is for the person who comes in contact with it to end up with a broken identity too, so that there is potential room for it to turn them into the next Jezebel / Ahab. When you are dating Jezebel / Ahab they will try to destroy your self-esteem, through abuse and inciting jealousy. Jezebel / Ahab will never respect boundaries in a relationship. They will be in everyone and their grandmother and their cats DMs, you will find their likes on every “sexy” picture and they will cheat. Jezebel loves pity parties; she will make sure she is a victim in the beginning of the relationship by lying or exaggerating past events in her life. Many people that experienced Jezebel / Ahab’s hurricane will tell you that in the end, they could fully see these spirit’s wicked nature and their hearts, finances or health had been wrecked. However somehow, they felt like the narcissist was the victim instead and still wanted to take care of them. If you grew up in a dysfunctional home, your care giver side will start working against you when you meet Jezebel / Ahab. After the relationship with a person under the influence of a Jezebel / Ahab spirit is over, people are often left bamboozled thinking, “don’t you remember the love we shared, we had a beautiful, strong connection”. However these people’s emotions are manipulated by the devil, through out the relationship and after it ends as well. Sometimes the devil causes them to even forget certain things about the relationship, blinding them, because it’s about feeding the demons as opposed to actually connecting with the person. When a person has a Jezebel spirit, out of sight is out of mind.