Premarital sex forms ungodly soul ties, because premarital sex is a sin. Sex is a three-dimensional experience where our bodies, souls and spirits are all involved during a sexual experience with someone. The topic of soul ties is controversial in the Christianity community, with those who have not yet delved deeper into God’s revelation and are ignorant of Satan’s schemes saying soul ties are not real. Although in the bible the word soul tie is not explicitly mentioned. The first concept of soul ties mentioned is between David and Jonathan. The bible talks about the “knitting of their two souls”, due to their friendship (1 Samuel 18:1). Depending on the nature of the bond and whether it is healthy or unhealthy, Godly or ungodly, the soul tie can either be a demonic covenant or a Godly covenant established in the spiritual realm. A covenant is an agreement or a contract that is NEVER meant to be broken. When you form a covenant through premarital sex that means you are saying I want to be an extension of this other person all my life. Demons will take that from your sin and run with it. The second concept of soul ties is mentioned in (1 Corinthians 6:16), where it says, “whoever sleeps with a prostitute, becomes one with them. The two shall become one flesh”. This is obviously a metaphor, because our bodies can never be merged with another person to become one flesh, so this again is talking about two souls being knitted together. Premarital sex is something that is used by people with the Jezebel spirit and seducing spirit as a weapon of control and ruination. The person is aware that sex forms deep bonds, so they have “good sex” too early on in the relationship or they have sex as the actual basis of the relationship, so that it can start, and ultimately they can easily execute the rest of their destructive plans in a much more expeditious way. Men with the Ahab spirit are normally what the culture calls “love avoidants”, so Jezebel is the one who always pursue them. Initially they don’t want Jezebel, but they are also empty, hate being alone, timid and lustful, eventually Jezebel’s charm, seduction and aggression will reel them in after a while.


Even though Jezebel doesn’t nurture your husband, but only gives him confusion, hide and seek sex, makes him compete for her love with other men and only give him conditional love based on his money, gifts and him being a “good boy”, the seductress will still be the new apple of his eye. Jezebel has false beauty. Her beauty is not natural, it is laced with smooth seduction, lies, poison and a lot of artificial adorning. It is intoxicating, until the aftermath of the destruction when your eyes are finally opened and then you will finally see her black heart. I have seen wives talking to their husbands about his side chick or “the other woman” and asking them, “what does she have, that I don’t have”. Good question! Jezebel is a powerful high-ranking entity in the kingdom of darkness that is backed up by many other spirits. You can be everything and more in the physical realm more than that other woman, but if she is a strange woman what she has that you don’t have, is the full backing of the marine kingdom which rules this fallen world and is infamous for a lot of immorality in this world. Jezebel has full backing, because she follows all of Satan’s commands, she does the will of her father. If you want to win against Jezebel, you need to also have full backing from the kingdom of light. When Jezebel decides to be a special guest in your home, crying, exchanging words with her, beating her up and snatching her wig is fighting the wrong battle and you will never win. Jezebel needs you to speak in tongues, to fast, to kneel and aggressively wage war with hell.

Some of us don’t really understand what is at stake when we have premarital sex, especially when we don’t even know the familial backgrounds of our sexual partners. Some people are blind witches, warlocks and wizards, because they inherited it from their grandmothers and parents, whilst some intentionally surrendered themselves to the devil. Sleeping with a narcissist is like sleeping with a pig. There is transference of demons when we have sex with people with demons. Some people are well “put together” and look clean, but their souls are so filthy. People with the gift of the discerning of spirits are able to smell demons and know that demons have a strong foul, repugnant smell. Yes they are beautiful or handsome and this and that, but whats their heart and soul looking like though? I don’t know about you, but I refuse to be in partnership, with people who comfortably accommodate spirits that oppose the God I serve. Avoid immoral women and men like a plague, because the real truth is that they have absolutely nothing of importance or value to offer you, except to turn away your heart from God and then also leave you bitter.

“For by means of a whorish woman a man is brought to a piece of bread & the adulteress will hunt for the precious life.” (Proverbs 6:24-26)

When a man has immoral sensual indulgence with a woman, the vigour of his mind and body, is impaired by inordinate lust, his manhood is emasculated by demonic spirits. When you have sex with a person under the Jezebel spirit, you are not sleeping with a person, you are sleeping with a spirit. The Jezebel spirit overwhelms and backs people in a tight corner so that they don’t have time to think and figure anything out ; it makes them robots and this is how Jezebel dominates men. Once a man sleeps with a strange woman. He opens up a door to so many problems in his life. Strange women are linked to poverty. Every man who sleeps with strange women their wealth will dwindle, they will lose jobs, they will experience stagnancy etc. Proverbs 31:3, is about King Lemuel being sternly instructed by his mother with words of wisdom. She says my son, “do not give your strength to women, nor your ways to that which destroys kings”. Some bible versions say, “do not spend all your energy on sex and all your money on women; they have destroyed kings” – Proverbs 31:3. When a man has illicit sex or a sexual experience that is not pleasing in God’s sight he gives strength to that woman, because his semen is his life source and vitality. His ability to think objectively, to lead as a man will get subjected under the Jezebel and seductive power and this is shown through Samson and Delilah. Even though Samson was a very sturdy man physically and spiritually he was stripped off all his power by Delilah through flattery. Many have used the expression that some women ‘know how to get a man wrapped around their little fingers’, Jezebel is the influencer of this. The Jezebel spirit creates false and counterfeit love like the case of Samson and Delilah. Solomon and David were men who had colossal affinity for foreign women and multiple wives which is an attribute of the Jezebel spirit. The bible says Jezebel loved to put makeup and eyeshadows (2 Kings 9:30) to seduce and have controlling power over men. Be wary of some makeup, some of it is solely used to seduce and ensnare you in hidden traps. Sexual soul ties are the biggest door to demonic torment. It can also delay our destiny and rob us of so many years, don’t take it lightly. I have seen people wasting years mulling their minds over toxic users who were part of the devil’s plan for their lives, because they had formed ungodly soul ties through sex with these people, which was mistaken for love. Premarital sex is never worth it. Please stop fornicating and making permanent covenants with temporary people . The emotional trauma that comes from relationships that were not ordained by God is a strenuous process to heal.

Jezebel is an imprudent, morally unrestrained and shameless woman. When a person is not under the control of demonic spirits, just like Adam and Eve after they had realised, they had sinned against a holy God and hid, the person will always be repentant and experience conviction. Demons however are bold and shameless. That is why people who are highly demonised are cruel and shameless.


When our identity is not rooted in God and we don’t know our worth in Christ, we will find ourselves seeking things in our external environment to validate us. The devil will sell us the lie that we need to live our entire lives tirelessly seeking after things to make us whole, but unfortunately everything else in this life except God is unstable and we all know the repercussions of sowing on unstable ground from the parable of the sower. One area people try to validate themselves a lot is the area of relationships, they try to use them as coping mechanisms for their emptiness. When we are broken, we go around putting unrealistic expectations on other people to make us whole, majority of times broken people too. We meet people who we think can validate us and we cling to them and make them our idols. Idols are gods, idols are hero’s, idols are greatly admired, loved and respected, but people are too imperfect and fickle, to be our idols. When a relationship is over and you were dating an idol, you can’t just “move on”, because you are glued to your idol in the spiritual realm, you must break the demonic, ungodly soul tie. It doesn’t matter how much security, assurance or happiness our idols seemingly give us in the beginning. In the end our idols will fail us and cannot save us. Idols are dangerous, they always steal our life to maintain theirs. They try to force God to fight for our attention and obedience. Our idols are distractions and will never satisfy us and make us whole, so find your identity in God. God is a jealous God and any relationship that takes his place will not receive his approval and blessings. Let us heal and get whole, so that we don’t seek idols to soothe our brokenness.



Contrary to what many people think, gossip affects both the person being gossiped about and the gossiper. The bible says, “a fool’s mouth is his ruin and his lips are the snare of his soul”. From this verse we see that, gossip affects a person as deep as their soul. There are some people whose bonds are only cemented and glued by gossip. The bible unfortunately calls these ungodly associations and ungodly associations pollute us. When we allow people to come with gossip to us, we allow them to have ungodly influence and control over us. Gossip normally involves unfair judgement of others and negatively cursing others, due to offence or jealousy which opens demonic portals. Gossip can also be used as a form of ungodly control. The people who share or listen to the gossip are under control in the sense that they must be careful what they say or do to each other, because if they get on bad terms with this person they might also be gossiped about. People with the Jezebel spirit will only be nice to you, if you entertain their gossip and slander.

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