Counterfeit – to imitate something authentic, with the intent to replace the original or otherwise to deceive individuals into believing that the fake is of equal or greater value than the real thing.

The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy. When you encounter the counterfeit, you, something in you or something in your life will either be stolen, be destroyed or be killed. Our relationships can either be orchestrated by a familiar spirit or by the Holy Spirit and which spirit connected two people in a relationship can be discerned by the fruits that are eventually produced in that relationship. Familiar spirits are demonic spirits, whose function in the kingdom of darkness is to monitor bloodlines and make sure that whatever “history” or negative patterns which occur in a family keeps reoccurring with each generation. They can do this either by :

> projecting a demonic dream to you showing you a counterfeit, so that you think they are your spouse

> use a false prophet or a prophet whose heart is not right to give you a false confirmation prophecy that a counterfeit is the “one”

> or by using mind manipulation and control and orchestrating the counterfeit and you to just “bump” into each other, so that a demonically arranged relationship can be formed.

God ordained marriages are very potent in enabling us to fulfil our purpose and impact the destinies of others at large. Knowing this, the devil will always make sure he sends a counterfeit that will intercept and upstage our God ordained spouse. The counterfeit will be used by demons to put up an excellent front that will be so credible, that so many people ended up marrying the counterfeit believing they were the “one”.

Counterfeits will always come to distract you from something. The initial presence of the counterfeit will be a threshold for a lack of fruitfulness in your life and there will be regression in areas that were thriving. Counterfeits will strengthen generational curses with you, instead of breaking them. They will assist you in re-enacting all the predominant sins that run in your family. Counterfeits will NEVER commit to you and if they marry you it is pseudo commitment, where they are married , but in their actions remain treacherous philanderers. Counterfeits come to cause delay in our lives, especially marital delay. The things of God follow a systematic course, to get something from God you must first make room for it. Consequently, the devil knows if a counterfeit is purposelessly filling the vacancy of your future spouse, the real God sent spouse will never come. I have seen some men and women being used by demons and stringing people along sometimes for 5 years plus knowing very well they did not love them and neither were they ever going to marry them. If the people would try to leave the relationship, they would even try to convince them to stay. However sometimes God will cause demons to receive confusion. If a person who has been putting a front drops the ball and brazenly tell you, they don’t care about you either in speech or in action. You better thank God for his mercy and move on with your life. We have heard the saying “rejection is sometimes God’s protection” too many times, that it now sounds platitude, but I have seen enough to fully understand how unerring it is. I have seen people being deceived by insidious men and women all the way into marriage, then the Jezebel demon only reared its head only after the first child or when all of them had been born. Listen, rejection is indeed God’s protection.

“It’s a good thing that certain people don’t always accept you. It’s a good thing that you don’t always fit in with certain people. Sometimes we desire people, because we don’t know what God knows about them”.


Rollercoaster !!! That’s the word I can best describe relationships with counterfeits. I was minding my business at 20 years old, when I had a dream. In this dream, I was dating a guy I had previously gone to the same high school with for only 2 years. During the two years, even though this guy was in the same school year and class as me, I had never spoken to him and had never been compelled by him romantically. At the time I was only at the school during ages 13-15, before moving to another school. The dream was very vague and that is the thing about dreams that are projected from the devil as “confirmation”. I have heard people saying they had a dream of their spouse but they did not see the person’s face and then they held on to that dream. God is not the author of confusion, please just cancel the dream, if it is God there will be clearer confirmation. I woke up and just could not shake the dream. Eventually in the evening I went on Facebook and searched the guy’s name and surprisingly he was one of my friends, he just barely posted. My intention was just to have small talk, ask him how he was doing and leave it at that. I never even told him the dream, but curiosity killed the cat, this was the beginning of a few years grotesque rollercoaster.

Soul ties can also be formed through poignant, deep conversations. People with Jezebel spirits normally have a victim complex, so they love to tell people about their misfortunes and struggles especially just after meeting them. Discretion is out of the window with them, because they are desperate for a leeway to later use, so that nobody can hold them accountable. If you are a person with the gift of mercy, you will be reeled in and fastened in, because your heart will open to them and you will feel like you have a deep connection and you have known them for a long time, because normally you share deep things with people you trust and have connected with on a deeper level. You don’t know that your soul has just been tied to their soul, so now no matter how toxic they are you feel obligated to stay with them and burdened to help them. That was me back then, when you have a gift that is not submitted to God, the devil can misuse it.

Red flags were substantial in the relationship, so much machiavellianism, so much misogyny, the list is innumerable. But amid all this, God is a good, good father, he sent me a very crystal clear dream to warn me about this man one day. I still remember it very well even today and we can see the contrast of demonic versus godly “confirmation” dreams from this. One is normally equivocally unclear, the other one direct and conspicuously in 3D. However, at the time I did not ascribe dreams to anything special, I treated them airily. I would not wake up and try to assimilate my dreams, I would just wake up and go about my day. Eventually the devil sent me another false confirmation dream, with a man whose face I didn’t see, but with the same physique as that guy to counteract the one from God. Another ruse to deepen the roots of deception and to bind me even further. When you see a person with no face in a dream, there are so many people in this world that can fit that physique. I reiterate and adjure you to just cancel dreams of this nature and not use them to calibrate the possibility of anyone being the “one”.

Two dreams opposing one though. I never saw this as a conundrum or did I start being cynical. I kept my ardour 100% believing that this demonic soul tie was instead a soul mate. Not a smidge of quandary, nothing would dissuade me from holding on. The devil was probably chuckling in a corner. The counterfeit deep down has the anatomy of a wolf but maintains the semblance of an upright man so well, you will be utterly sold. The fraudulent imitation is almost flawless if you are spiritually blind.

The narcissist will always end up doing the “unforeseen”, because if you give someone an inch, they will take a mile. The Jezebel spirit will test your boundaries and if you do not quell its unruly madness, it will one day unleash its wickedness on you full force. Exactly what panned out in the end.

The counterfeit comes to try and strip you of your anointing”.



There will ALWAYS be red flags, but a lot of us will not be able to see them, because we will not be in right standing with God. The spirit of a man enables him to have intuition, communion with God and a conscience. When your spirit is not connected to God, your intuition will be seared, because you must have a relationship with God to know God’s voice and have the right spirit leading your life to discern that it is God that is warning you. A lot of people always remember after the final demise of a toxic relationship that God did warm them, but they did not have an intimate relationship with him, which would enable them to know the channels God can use to speak to us and neither did they have godly wisdom to interpret the dreams. A lot of people are hoaxed by the counterfeit, because they do not know who they are or what they are even looking for. The antidote to circumventing counterfeits is writing a list of what you are looking for. I am an advocate of writing a list of what you are looking for, so that when any person comes into your life you measure them up to that list with TIME. The counterfeit will talk the talk but will lack the character and substance to back up their pretence in the long run.

“The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty” – (Proverbs 27:13)


You will always know a counterfeit by the condition of their heart. The bible says in Jeremiah 17:9, the heart of man is desperately wicked. There is nowhere in that verse where demons are also mentioned, it talks about the inherent nature of man’s heart. Man on his own doing can be very evil, especially if he does not submit his heart to God or prioritises his will and desires above all. Nobody gets a spirit that they already do not have the capacity to carry, for example, you cannot get a spirit of lust, if you already do not have it in your heart. Demons only increase the propensity of man’s evil, but it all starts with the condition of man’s heart. Counterfeits are always very selfish and way too self-seeking. They will be entitled that you feed their egos, needs and demands whilst expecting you to deny and neglect yourself and only find satisfaction in the breadcrumbs they effortlessly drop at you.

Once you understand the power of choice that we all have as individuals, you will stop making excuses for people. Some people might not understand how much they are being used by the devil and think their actions will not have consequences, but people treat you a certain way, because they CHOOSE to. When people are possessed their eyes are spiritually blind, but their human perception works. There is no love in abuse and if a man is abusing you it’s not “spiritual warfare”. The counterfeit is always desperately wicked. Please do not get into a relationship or marriage with anyone who is delusional and in denial about the condition of their heart and has not yet decided to submit it to God’s perusal. After experiencing the narcissist, you gain a fresh unplumbed understanding. Looks, accolades, eloquence, you name it, absolutely NOTHING can make up for an ugly heart, you will never forget the lesson again.


God is a God of order. He works with times and seasons, but the devil is the master of doing things haphazardly, he just throws things in the mix chaotically. Before God does anything great in our lives like bringing our spouse, there will always be a sign. Those who are led by the spirit and can discern will not miss God’s signs. Slightly before your spouse comes in your life, you can meet a destiny helper in the form of an older mother in the Lord who will teach you essentials about biblical womanhood and what it means to be a Godly wife. The Holy Spirit will give you impressions to adjust certain things in your life. You will be pruned and aligned. When you are dealing with a counterfeit they will come out of season, out of the woodworks, so random. The counterfeit will always show up in the wrong season, when you have no business whatsoever being in a relationship.


God blesses and adds no sorrow with the blessing, but when the devil, gives you a “blessing”, you can lose your sanity trying to maintain it. God is not the author of confusion – 1 Corinthians 14:33, but when Satan is the author of a relationship, confusion is bountiful in that union. Things will feel too good to be true. You may believe that person is the one, but at the same time there will be a discrepancy and so many things will just not add up, even though you might not be able to denote exactly what it is. The counterfeit will break down a lot of scriptures well, but…You will have prophecies that he is your husband, but…If you believe someone is your spouse, but everything about them does not line up with the word of God and God’s nature, you are dealing with a counterfeit. The day I permanently decided to sever a situationship with a counterfeit for good, was the day I regained my peace. The connection had been devoid of peace from the genesis.


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· CONTROLLING & MANIPULATIVE – jealous and possessive, even when you have not given them any reasons to be.

·       ABUSE – makes you feel inferior, call you names, humiliate you in front of others, not moved by your pain. 

· LYING – exaggerates, hides things, tells half-truths, pretends to be who they are not.

· EASILY ANGERED & ANGER OUTBURSTS – lash out with hurtful words, throws things, trembles with anger, beats you.

· OVER DEPENDENCY ON FAMILY – consults family on every tiny issue, if they are a man, they will not make decisions without consulting their mother or sisters, talks to them too much, will not support you if the family attacks you.

· IRRESPONSIBLE – unable to look after oneself, keep a job, manage relationships, money or time.

· DISRESPECTFUL – disrespect their parents, ignores your ideas and views, does things that affect you without consulting you.

· LUSTFUL – always wants to touch you and have sex, stares lustfully and flirts with the opposite sex, still in contact with their ex and have inappropriate conversations with them, weirdly attracts sexual interests like flies, those are demons.

· AVOIDANCE – avoid discussing their past, introducing you to their family, they hide you, reluctant to talk about their family background. They are very secretive about crucial matters.

·       UNTEACHABLE – sensitive to criticism and do not receive correction even if it is constructive and can help them grow. 

· UNFORGIVING – they hold grudges and punish you for offending them.

(This list is comprised of notes taken from a teaching by my Pastor)


The Jezebel spirit loves to destroy people’s lives through humiliation, because it results in “toxic shame” and shame is very crippling. It’s a powerful attack on our identity. Anyone who has ever been in a relationship with a narcissistic counterfeit, eventually saw how the demon that had been assigned against their life would vehemently, relentlessly try to humiliate them. A counterfeit will do something strikingly out of the ordinary against you, something you never anticipated from someone in your inner circle, that will cause shame. But the devil is a liar, weapons will be formed, but they will not prosper.

In counterfeit relationships you customarily have one person who idealizes and puts the other person on a pedestal, because of generational low self-esteem issues, whilst the other person looks down on the other person. “The cure to unrequited love is self-love” – unknown. Cycles of unrequited love are telling of a deeper issue, it is a ramification of childhood trauma. When you have not dealt with your trauma issues, you will keep “loving” narcissists and people who do not have the emotional intelligence to reject you gracefully. Our interaction is spiritual. Narcissists are always insecure, meaning you will both have familiar spirits of low self-esteem, that connected you together. When you address the repressed trauma, you will finally break the cord that keeps you entangled in cycles with narcissists.

After the demise of a relation with a counterfeit, you must sit down and ask yourself the right questions. What is it IN me that attracted a person of this calibre to my life? Do I have the right perception of God to believe he would send me a person who treats me callously? Do I trust God enough to believe he will give me his best or do I try to control my life? Be frank with yourself. Through counselling a couple of women, I have seen the adverse effects of marrying someone whose initial purpose was never actually marriage. Rejection can be felt too deeply in marriage. The fruits of a relationship with a counterfeit are invariably a sordid betrayal, a heart wrenching heartache and post trauma – there is a lot of destruction. A while ago, I talked to a woman who was going through serious marital mayhem in what was supposed to still be the honeymoon phase. Even their whole dating foundation substantiated that this man was a counterfeit, there were all forms of abuse, cheating and humiliation in the area they lived and with the police. I expressed to her, that unfortunately she had married a counterfeit. She probably could have throttled me if I was within reach, so in denial. It is crazy, that sometimes we are willing to make God seem like a wicked God, just so that we can uphold the idols in our hearts.



“Just because trauma ended up making me take steps to become a better person doesn’t mean it couldn’t have made my life turn out for the worst. Anyone whose life isn’t more beautiful post-trauma, isn’t necessarily ‘doing it wrong’. Trauma didn’t exist to make you better. It existed to kill you”.

Healing is not linear, it is a process. You have to consciously be intentional, make effort and take practical steps to heal, otherwise you will walk around with suppressed wounds or live in denial lying to yourself that you are healed, when you never healed. Time doesn’t heal wounds, it is how you nurse the wound. There is a misconception that many people have, they believe that when people say Christians are ought to forgive, it means that they have to suppress their wounds, however it doesn’t mean that. You can feel wounded, give it to God and nurse the wound, whilst not holding ill feelings towards the person or seeking to revenge. If you have gone through abuse please intentionally wake up everyday with the goal to heal. Complete healing is possible and you deserve healing. Do not rush your healing process, it’s okay to take your time.

There is being hurt and then there is trauma. Trauma is a different ball game all together, it’s experiencing hurt in an extremely deeply distressing and disturbing way. When people have been traumatised it is seriously damaging to everything about them especially their psyche (minds). From the psyche stems how people view themselves, their thinking patterns, their lifetime beliefs, the natural flow of thoughts etc. As humans we were never designed to go through the intense levels of pain trauma incites, but because of sin people experience trauma and then the way they are designed to function by God is distorted. After abuse the trauma needs healing, your broken mind needs healing, your broken heart needs healing and your broken self esteem needs healing. Your perception of God also needs healing, because not having a good relationship with your earthly father sets the precedence of how people view their spiritual father God.

Abusive people groom you to gradually destroy you. After narcissistic abuse, you are left in a place you have to fight to get up from for a long time. This is because it wasn’t a friendship or a relationship, but actually a spiritual attack from the devil on your identity and destiny. A human being was used to accommodate a demonic spirit and help it to carry out an assignment against you. If you have gone through narcissistic abuse, please fight back the projected low self esteem, shame, depression, trauma etc. I have seen beautiful women and handsome men with so much potential, being robbed permanently of who they were and becoming who they never were, because they had been stripped and then paralysed so much through abuse.

“We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed. We always carry around in our body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be revealed in our body” (2 Corinthians 4:8-10)


The area of relationships is a serious war zone, especially when you have a specific calling, because the devil knows that once he yokes you with the wrong people there is either serious delay concerning fulfilling your purpose or you are completely detoured from completing it your entire life. Please be very careful of counterfeits. A lot of us have a something is better than nothing mentality, so we get booed up with just anybody, because we don’t want to wait on God. However, when you have a specific purpose your life is tied to other people’s lives and destinies, you can’t afford to just date anybody. Your future children are also depending on you making the right choices in your single season, they deserve to not be birthed into dysfunction and chaos. When we are wounded, we don’t necessarily make the right choices that are favourable to us, because of our trauma driven beliefs. A lot of people end up with serious regrets over this, later on, which is a breeding ground for depression and hopelessness. However, please forgive yourself and give it all to God so that he can use it.

A lot of people think they are above abuse. They don’t understand you are groomed – abusive people always start as the most pleasant people there is. Abuse always start as subtle emotional abuse, which is the hardest type of abuse to pick up, because manipulation is very complex and your mind is in denial for a while and just can’t register and accept that the person who I trust and is meant to be intimately loving me, is also abusing me. A lot of abuse survivors are also ashamed to admit they were abused, because they think people will view them as weak etc. But you just have a big pure heart. If you had dated a mentally stable person, it would never have been taken advantage of. Some people also don’t talk about their experiences, because it would require them to also be transparent about who abused them. Offwhich the abusive person is always nice to everybody and someone everyone doesn’t expect, so there is a possibility of people denying your experience which can re-traumatise a person. But God sees all and he is a fair judge. The bible promised us that we would have trouble such as this. “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33)

“We rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance & endurance produces character & character produces hope & hope does not put us to shame” (Romans 5:3-4)


“I have loved you with an everlasting love” (Jeremiah 31:3)

When you have been wounded, please pause and take time to process the pain and heal. Don’t repress the wounds and carry on like nothing happened, because repressed wounds will cause bitterness to fester. I have seen people living their lives still trying to prove a point to people that hurt them all the way in 5th grade or a lover that rejected them years and years ago. Some people post certain things on social media “flexing”, want to achieve certain things or move on too quickly and get married too quickly after a failed relationship, just because they are trying to prove to the people that hurt them in the past they made a mistake or they are “enough”. It’s unnecessary bondage. God is a healer and he wants to thoroughly heal us, so that we can move on, you don’t have to be stuck in the past.

There are so many practical steps that you can take to heal, however ultimately the truth is when you look at the wounds that trauma causes, especially if you experienced deep trauma, from my perspective it is impossible to heal using the wisdom of this world only. It is only God that can heal you. It is only divine, supernatural healing that can completely restore you. I had deep father and mother wounds and trauma that God healed me of. Patched up wounds cannot suffice. A lot of people have patched up wounds, but they haven’t healed completely. Just, because you put a bandaid on a wound and neglected it doesn’t mean it healed. Wounds need to constantly be nurtured in so many different ways until they have fully healed. When you have childhood wounds you need to seriously deal with the spirit of rejection as well. You need to renounce any agreement you made with this spirit and get delivered. You will know you have healed, when you no longer have triggers or constantly ruminate on the past. The story of Joseph is one of my favourites concerning how to handle people who wounded us and our past hurts.

Joseph called the name of his firstborn Manasseh which means “for God, has made me forget all my trouble and hardship, and all the sorrow of the loss of my father’s household.” All the ugly words, mean actions and pain others caused him were forgotten. God’s healing power is so potent, he will cause you to forget.


The Holy Spirit is the greatest comforter and counsellor. When I was going through my healing process, I would go to my secret place and welcome the Holy Spirit and be still, removing all distractions. I would speak to the Holy Spirit and tell him what I had been through that hurt me. I would ask him to bind up my wounds, fill my voids until I’m whole and loose me from the memories of the trauma. When I finished I would close my eyes and wait for him to speak back. A lot of times I would feel his presence so thick. Sometimes he would speak back to me and I would see a vision or a symbol that would comfort me. Sometimes the Holy Spirit would drop a song in my heart and I would sing it and cry. Sometimes I would fall asleep in my secret place, but one thing for certain is that, with each session I had with the Holy Spirit. I would get up from that place feeling better than I was before. The Holy Spirit cares for you and he wants to heal you.


Receive God’s love. Receiving God’s love is key. A lot of people sing songs about God’s love and tell other people God loves them, but how many of us actually know what it means and believe it? God’s love is described as an ocean, it’s in excess. God actually desires to heal our wounds and take our pain and hurt from us. We should have gone to the cross, but Jesus went for us. Do you know how much love somebody has to have for you, to wish they could take your pain or suffering from you and then actually do it? It doesn’t matter if those people didn’t care enough. This is the best love to experience. Soak in it. God loves us just like his son. There is nothing that you can do that can make him love you less. Please mediate on these verses on God’s love for you day and night. Until you are fully convinced of God’s love for you – Psalm 36:7, 1 John 3:1, 1 John 4:16, Jeremiah 31:3, Jeremiah 29:11, 1 Corinthians 13:4-8, John 3:16, John 15: 9-17, Psalms 86:5, Psalms 86:15, Psalms 136:26, Romans 5:8, Deuteronomy 7:9, Zephaniah 3:17, Ephesians 2: 4-5, 1 Peter 5:6-7, Romans 8: 37-39.


Wounds need to be exposed to heal. Any wound that is hidden the devil will always have a hold on it and use it for his own purposes. Talk about what you went through to your trusted close family and loved ones, because it is a very effective and a therapeutic way of release.


Personally I think this is extremely important, especially Christian therapy and counselling. If you can afford it and have the time, please seek professional help. Talking to your family and friends is very helpful. However therapists and counsellors are trained to specifically deal with trauma in an efficacious way.


God put so much weight in words to the extent where he said life and death was found in the power of words. There are people who released careless words to other people and those people’s spirits were crushed. Sometimes these words were said, many years ago. That is why the bible constantly tells us to bridle our tongues and season our words with salt. When we speak to people we just don’t speak to their physical bodies, we also speak to their soul, the mind can forget, but the soul never forgets, impressions of hurt are made on our souls. The hurtful words abusers release to people keep on replaying in the people’s subconscious, as a mocking spirit and it persecutes them wherever they go. However, what people said about you or how they treated you has nothing to do with you. Please counteract the words of demons with God’s word. Read affirming words of what God thinks about you and believe the truth in it. Don’t just read it, mediate on it. Meditating on God’s word is important, because it hides the word on your heart. Verses that talk about your self worth in Christ are found in – Isaiah 43:4, Psalms 139:13-15, Luke 12:6-7, Genesis 1:27, Ephesians 1:4-6, Song of Solomon 4:7, Psalm 100:3, Romans 5:8, Psalm 27:10, Proverbs 31:25, 1 Peter 2:9.


The enemy loves to threaten our identity through abusive people. In abusive relationships there is silent treatment, belittling, invalidation of feelings or you are completely ignored, gaslighting, domestic violence etc. People who internalize the cruel treatment are taught subconsciously to also not be kind to themselves. When you have lived most of your life being mishandled, your mind will start working against you and accept this as the norm. However, you are precious, please take care of yourself and do things that make you happy. Do not self hate or self reject, by choosing narcissists as friends and lovers.


Trauma survivors tend to live in isolation and this is a pitfall, because when they are alone their minds go into overdrive replaying the traumatic experiences which gives room to the devil. There is a reason why God created family, neighbours, a church community etc. Otherwise if he wanted us to live in isolation, we would have been created on an island of our own. Stay engaged and interact with other people. Do some outdoorsy activities and avoid obsessively reliving the traumatic scenarios alone.


The bible instructs us in Luke 6:38 that we should “bless those who curse us and pray for those who mistreat us”. Please ask God to shine his light on the lost people’s paths, so that one day they will experience his love that softens hearts and they will stop the cycle of damaging others. Praying for people that hurt you will help you to release them completely and also help you to grow in Christ. Who doesn’t want a heart just like his?


During my healing process, I read a couple of books which were :

Healing Your Past – Dr Faith Wokoma

Healing From Hidden Abuse – Shannon Thomas

Complex PTSD – Pete Walk

Why Does He Do That? Inside the Minds Of Angry & Controlling Men – Lundy Bancroft

Adult Children Of Emotionally Immature Parents – Lindsay Gibson

Psychopath Free – Jackson Mackenzie

Will I Ever Be Good Enough – Healing Daughters Of Narcissistic Mothers – Karyl Mcbride

You Are Not Crazy It’s Your Mother – Danu Morrigan

Covert Narcissism – Louisa Cox

Healing The Scars Of Emotional Abuse – Gregory lantz

The Covert Passive Aggressive Narcissist – Debbie Mizra

Mothers Who Can’t Love: A Healing Guide For Daughters – Susan Forward

I also listened to a lot of comforting gospel music. I have a long playlist on healing that I compiled however the songs I listened to the most were Eddie James – Breathe, Jonathan McReynolds – Loving Me and Benjamin Dube – Through It All.

You intended to harm me, but God intended it all for good. He brought me to this position so I could save the lives of many people” (Genesis 50:20).

God Bless You


“For she has cast down many wounded & all who were slain by her were strong men. Her house is the way to hell. Descending to the chambers of death” (Proverbs 7:26)

The bible addresses the strange woman in so many ways. She is called a “foolish woman”, the “harlot”, “loose woman” “seductress,” “adulteress,” “wayward wife,” “adventuress,” or “foreigner”. A strange woman is polar opposite to God’s ideal standard of how a woman should be. We call a person a stranger if we do not know or recognise them. The bible calls this woman strange, because God doesn’t recognise this woman, because she does not live by the standards of the word of God that God established for women and wives. The bible says men who lack understanding and are naive will be victims of the strange woman (Proverbs 7:7). If you are full of the word, you will turn down the strange woman, but if you are full of yourself she will prey on you – (Proverbs 27:7). The strange woman seeks to latch on to men with influence, power, wealth or an anointing. Evil men either go for strange women or try to destroy Godly women. Evil men who do not have God’s word hidden in their hearts follow the strange woman to her bed of sexual perversion with a smile – (Proverbs 7:22). The strange woman and the evil man will always appear very alluring to people that are dead in sin.


And, behold, there met him a woman with the attire of a harlot & a crafty heart. She was loud & rebellious. Her feet would not stay at home. At times she was outside, at times in the open square. Lurking at every corner” (Proverbs 7:10-12)


The strange woman dresses as if she is a sales person selling something that is on her body. She wears form fitting, revealing clothes that send a code message to men, “look at me”. Her clothes have to expose her figure. Her clothing is so tight so that you can see the size, the corners, crevices and bumps. She wears nose rings, crop tops with exposed waist beads, lacy see through tops, lingerie as outdoor clothes, low cut jeans and tops that expose the cleavage area with the intention to seduce. She wears stiletto heels to alter the shape of her calves and the movement of her hips whilst walking. The attire of the strange woman is worn to easily entice, woo and dominate the evil man, because the evil man prioritises the physicality of a woman more than anything else. Whether you agree with this or not, a woman’s dressing exposes her true heart content and character. Clothes were created to conceal and cover, so when you decide to go against the grain and parade yourself naked, you are rebellious. Adam and Eve hid their nakedness with fig leaves and the bible says when they realised they were naked they were ashamed. Anytime you see shamelessness, demons are also present. When you meet an immoral woman the first thing that will capture your eyes is her body, because she emphasizes this, but when you meet a virtuous woman her soul and spirit will capture your heart first. A virtuous woman adorns herself with honour. The strange woman’s outer false beauty covers inner darkness.

*NB : Christian women are supposed to dress elegantly for their age. Modest dressing doesn’t mean dressing plain. I am not a legalistic Christian, so I don’t condemn makeup, heels etc. With everything God examines the intent and heart motive. Why are you putting on that or decided to wear that? The devil has perverted everything good, makeup is not evil per say, because the woman was beautified in the bible for the king, Queen Easter was. The devil just managed to pervert almost everything. I have my own personal convictions, I will not wear or put on certain things on my body that I will not mention. This is based on my personal relationship with God and I don’t enforce it on others, because they are not necessarily a commandment or precept of the word.


The strange woman will boldly nag you, until you give in to her selfish requests just like Delilah nagged Samson, “with such nagging, she prodded him day after day until he was sick to death of it” (Judges 16:16). Strange women pursue men boldly for a relationship or sex. She is overbearing and her approach is bold. Potiphars wife didn’t mince her words when pursuing Joseph, “come to bed with me”. The strange woman has a loud and stubborn heart, even if she might pretend to be soft. Everything that the strange woman does is to ultimately draw attention to her. At a gathering in a room full of a plethora of people, the strange woman is the loudest woman in the room that you keep on looking at, because her speech and laugh is loud. She exaggerates everything and is dramatic in speech, she loves to talk and makes a lot of noise even though she is ignorant. She openly say vulgar utterance and has no discretion about her intimate life especially her sexual life, to draw attention from men. There is no femininity, warmth, graciousness or kindness, with the strange woman. The strange woman is a woman, but carries a male spirit. Real femininity is not wearing lipstick, a short dress, a wig or having false nails, it is a gentle, quiet spirit (1 Peter 4:3). A woman can be feminine even in her most natural state.


I’m pretty sure we have all seen the seductress at play in movies. Usually the scene comprises of a man who is a drunkard drinking alcohol alone (this is why you should never drink alcohol, you are supposed to be sober at all times and watch and pray) and then a seductress also alone at another table. The seductress then starts giving the man an “inviting look”. A simple, foolish man will show that he is interested by engaging with her, focusing his eyes on her and then smile. The strange woman will then leave her table and go to the evil man to approach him. People in the world call eyes that lure and draw men “bedroom eyes”. When a strange woman is seducing a man that is the only time she pretends to be feminine. Every other time she is aggressive and has a potty mouth, threatening people, arguing and engaging in physical fights. The strange woman seduces by consistent deep eye contact, she deflates her eyes to give a “sexy” look, she plays with her hair, bites her lips, smizes, rotationally lowers her gaze and flatters her false eye lashes up and down, by doing this she is showing the man that she is interested in being his sexual conquest. Many people call seduction art. The non-verbal use of the body with a goal to seduce is the most powerful tool of Jezebel. The strange woman uses eye contact to communicate and build rapport, trust, sexual connection and tension, intrigue and increased desire and compliance. Seduction is “smooth”. Unless you have discernment and you have a relationship with God, you will never even know you are being seduced, because a seducing spirit will cast a spell on your senses and eyes and cause you to believe this demonic behaviour is normal behaviour. Women that seduce men intentionally or blindly have a seducing demonic spirit.


“For the lips of a forbidden woman drips honey & her speech is smoother than oil, but in the end she is bitter like wormwood. Her feet go down to death, her steps take hold of the place of the dead. So that she does not think seriously about the path of life. Her ways are aimless & unstable, you cannot know where her paths lead” (Proverbs 5:3-6)

The strange woman is fearless, she doesn’t have time to waste searching the character of a man she is drawn to or consulting God about him. As long as the man has something the strange woman wants, she boldly approaches him at night clubs and takes his number or takes him home. Flattery is used as a weapon by the strange woman to create familiarity and to cause her victims to relax and make them feel like they know each other more than they actually do. So that the evil men can release money, feel comfortable to have sex or feel comfortable to release negative information about their girlfriends or wives that the strange woman can ultimately use to pretend to be a better ideal woman. The strange woman is very forward in her speech and conduct. If you entertain the strange woman’s early flattery she will come back with more and will be slowly seeping into your mind, life, pants and marriage. A whore’s praise is excessive and insincere. She will give you compliments, use pet names “babe” , address you with false honour “sir” and tease you even if you have only known each other for just a few minutes. The evil man is always very insecure and being insecure comes with being unsuspecting and embracing anything, so the strange woman will feed his depreciated self love and instead of being alarmed by the getting too close, too quickly dynamic he will happily eat it up. As part of flattery and tearing down the barrier of unfamiliarity too quickly, the strange woman will also never have physical boundaries from the get go, she will play fight with a stranger, sit on his laps, play with his beard, etc. For sure, she is very strange.


“Deliver me, O Lord, from the evil man, preserve me from the violent man. Who imagine mischiefs in his heart continually” (Psalm 140:1)


Principality demons that have more power and give orders to earth bound demons live in the second heaven or second dimension. Earth bound demons live on earth so that they are always oppressing people. As humans, we can understand each other’s characters and mannerisms regardless of our differences. However, when a person is highly demonized those demons are the ones in full control of the person. Mental disorders are personality spirits, so the person takes on the personality of demons. Nobody has ever gone to the second dimension and lived there for years and studied demons and their behaviours and then wrote a book about them for us to fully understand them. Nobody knows how earth bound demons behave outside of a human body. So when a “normal” person dates a highly demonized person they fail to fully understand the person (the demons). There is a lingering never ending mystery about a highly demonized person. Humans are raw, direct and can be vulnerable, however demons can’t. When you meet the evil man, you are drawn in by his mystery. You keep on trying to find out more about them, but with each time you never get them to a real, raw state where you can fully understand them. I have noticed a pattern of the evil man speaking like a robot, in ambiguity. You can sometimes have thoughts that this man is a “weirdo” and very different, but at the same time his weirdness is very interesting and appealing to you. Any time you see yourself being strongly drawn or pulled by a person, in an abnormal way. When you barely know anything about them. You are dealing with a seducing demonic entity that possesses that person. They are NOT that interesting more than your husband or wife, they just have demons.


When you meet the evil man, you are mesmerized by how much of a good man he is. Everything about the evil man is up to standard. He seems like he has very high standards concerning all his choices. The evil man is just so perfect from head to the toe. The evil man can tell you stories about how one time he rescued his neighbours’ dog or challenged someone for being disrespectful to a woman. The “good” evil man says things like, “I will never do that”, “that’s them”, “women are not my weakness”. You say hallelujah, you feel so “lucky”, the initial stages of meeting and knowing the evil man. The bible says, “do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers”, but in this instance, you might even start thinking God can certainly make an exception with this man, because he is just too good, even more than a lot of Godly men. But ummmmmm sis, you are speaking too soon, news flash : the evil man has no standards whatsoever. He is actually a closet abuser, is very violent, normally has a strong spirit of anger and cheats. The evil man is normally quite pompous and prideful, but he lays with whorish women and prostitutes, this reflects a lack of standards. We can see through the false pride of the evil man. He is insecure, because real pride is in being selective. Kings don’t just lay with any woman, they choose one quality woman and lay with just her in covenant all their lives and that one woman fully satisfy them, because they are not running around trying to find fulfilment in everything temporary and fleeting, but the only one that truly satisfies God. The evil man has an orphan spirit he is always trying to find a “home” in every woman’s vagina and life. The bible says in Proverbs 6:26, that a man who sleeps with a strange woman reduces himself to the value of a piece of bread.

The evil man is good to everyone else, but his close loved ones. I don’t know about you, but I don’t care how good you preach, speak in tongues, prophesy or worship at church, if you treat a woman that was regarded as a weaker vessel for you to protect. Your whole religion is WORTHLESS, yours not God’s. Charity begins at home. If you see people being kind to everyone else out there in the community, without first being kind to the close people around them. They are hypocrites and the truth is not in them. One easy tip to spot the evil man is examining how a man treats the woman he claims to love. That will show you and tell you all you need to know about his true relationship with God. The bible describes a virtuous woman as a crown to a man’s husband. When a man loves a woman with the true love that has been perfected by God, it is impeccable. It becomes the closest physical experience to experiencing the love of God. The man is proud to be yours and show you off. Narcissists aka the evil man loves lowkey, private relationships so much and if they show you off there is an insincerity to it. They only show off a woman if they measure her as a “trophy” and think she can make them look good to the society. If you have to depend on other people for confidence and self esteem that’s a dangerous sunken place to be. People are inconsistent and fickle to lean on them as if your whole life depends on it. There is no love in dependant relationships, get whole and stop using people as a crutch for your pathological inner misery.


During Christmas the evil man might give the neighbours gifts too. At his work place he is very helpful to everyone beyond his own role, he might even suggest to stay at work out of hours to help others. The older church women with no discernment praise this young man so much, they even wish one of their daughters would marry him. The evil man is just so “humble”, he has very false humility.


The evil man has a Jekyll and Hide personality, he has two different faces to put on depending on where he is or who he is with. He has intense mood swings at home, but when he is at work, church etc he is very out-going and sociable. If you see the evil man outside of his home, he will be very happy, he is the funny guy that makes everyone laugh This makes him very charming, however you know what the bible says, “charm is deceitful” .


70% or so of relationships and marriages in this generation is a dynamic of the strange woman and the evil man. The strange woman can ruin your reputation permanently. The bible talks in Revelations about how God would cast the strange woman into a death bed. The strange woman‘s constant search for thrill and escapades always open the door to a storehouse of diseases.

“There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death” (Proverbs 14:12)

No matter how appealing a strange woman looks, stay away from her path. Wise men learn to identify and avoid the strange woman. Discretion will keep you from the strange woman. Any time the strange woman is assigned by hell to a man that is literally the knock of death. Those who answer the knock suffer the severe consequences. The consequences of sex with a strange woman are dreadful. She is a grave threat to every foolish man who lacks understanding and engages with her. Solomon knew by experiencing strange women and considered them worse than death. The Bible says in Proverbs only a few ever recover from the strange woman’s wiles. Disobedience has a lasting effect. Sin gives you temporary pleasure, but can cause lasting pain and changes. SIN IS SO UGLY. There is a high price to pay for low living. If you want peace, honour and to live a long fulfilling life and obtain everything that God predestined for you, stay on the path of righteousness and stay away from the strange woman and the evil man. The temporary fun is never worth it. My spirit strongly grieves when I see the strange woman and the evil man gallivanting day and night scheming and partaking in all forms of evil against God’s people with unrepentant hearts. They don’t know what awaits them if they die in those lifestyles.




“Hurt people, hurt people”. Hurt people who do not want to forgive and heal, hurt people. The wounds we don’t heal, fuel our decisions and actions tomorrow. Decisions and actions fuelled by bitterness. Bitterness causes us to not see clearly, it clouds our view of things. A bitter person is a dangerous person to themselves and to others. Gall is the content of the gall bladder and anytime gall touches any other part of the body it completely spoils it and makes it bitter. A bitter heart is like gall. Most of us would rather pretend we are fine, rather than just admit we are angry, hurt or bitter and receive freedom. However it’s time to stop pretending, because bitter roots spread to the trunk, branches, leaves and fruits too. When you are bitter it will be exposed through what you entertain, your speech, how you treat other people and by how you respond to certain situations.

The issue of narcissistic personality disorder has become a pandemic now. Cluster personality disorders in the physical are a manifestation of the Jezebel spirit (responsible for control), Python spirit (responsible for manipulation) Leviathan spirit (responsible for pride). The story of Jezebel is found in 1 and 2 Kings and Revelations 2:18-23, the story of Leviathan is found in Job 41 vs 34 and the story of Python is found in Acts 16:16. Both Jezebel and Leviathan are spirits that live in the water, pythons have different types some live in the water too. Evidence of demonic spirits that manifested as strange water creatures is found in (Psalm 104:26, Psalm 24:2, Isaiah 27:1, Jobs 26:5, Revelation 12:12, 2 Kings 2:19-21, Job 41:31). Jezebel is a queen demon (merman like) and Leviathan is a king demon (dragon like), but both these spirits can possess both males and females interchangeably. The Jezebel spirit hates light, truth, order and authority. Personality disorders are passed down in families, there are a bloodline issue. When a child has a personality disorder, it never fails that both the parents have it and the child’s grandparents do too and it goes on, in the family tree. The bible says in Ezekiel 16:44, demons can enter the host through the bloodline, Ezekiel 16:44 shows this by stating, “like mother, like daughter”.

If a parent is abusive and abuses their child and the child does not forgive the abusive parent, they give the Jezebel spirit and the other spirits a door to come into their lives to operate against them. Children who are abandoned by their parents, rejected, accursed by careless speech, born into abusive families and experienced the father or mother wound through psychological, emotional or physical abuse and “illegitimate” children born out of wedlock and fornication have an automatic open door from childhood for the enemy to come into their lives due to their wounds or sin’s parents. Satan uses emotional holes to come into our lives. Demons can enter the human body through different sins as well which include participation in occult activities, dishonouring parents, injustice to the weak and helpless, sexual immorality, alcohol, drugs etc. However, in this blogpost we are going to focus mainly on how demons ruin people’s lives through bitterness, because bitterness is the root cause of everything. Unforgiveness and bitterness is basically hating someone, which is also equated to murder in the bible (1 John 3:15). Bitterness is the only sin in the bible which explicitly states right next to it, that it defiles. The original narcissist is lucifer (Isaiah 14:12-14) . The reason why bitterness is a deadly sin, is because when you choose not to forgive you take on the very nature of Satan, because the reason why he is called Satan today from Lucifer is because of bitterness. Unforgiveness is the gateway to so many other sins – this is pride, self righteousness, hatred, retaliation and revenge, jealousy and gossiping.

Narcissistic father (borderline personality disorder) + narcissistic mother (narcissistic personality disorder) = disordered children who turn into narcissistic parents too and the generational curse continues until someone says enough is enough and commits themselves to break the cycle. Although I created a chart for how disorders are formed from the mother, father wound, because it is the most popular one. Unresolved wounds from rejection from lovers and friends (bullying), rape and molestation etc also create an open door for personality spirits.

“Make peace with ALL men, for without holiness no man shall see God. Looking carefully lest anyone fall short of the grace of God; lest any root of bitterness springing up cause trouble, and by this many become defiled” (Hebrews 12 vs 14-15)

The bible says bitterness causes trouble and trouble means difficulties in life. Unforgiveness is a sin and sins separate us from God and open demonic doors and give the devil a legal right over our lives. God’s word tells us not to give Satan a foothold or a door to come into our lives (Ephesians 4:27). Unforgiveness can invite demons into our lives to torment us (read story in Matthew 18:21-35). Narcissistic personality disorder or borderline personality disorder are merely vindictive spirits. “I was constantly treated badly, so I’m going to stop being nice so that people won’t walk over me”. “Why did my father abandon me, I’m angry and bitter”. “Why did I not have a close relationship with my mother and experienced the warmth of motherly love like my friends, I hate her”. “It sucks that I can’t post my parents on fathers or Mother’s Day, because I don’t even feel like I love them”. “Why did my mother go overseas and left me”. These are silent voices repressed in so many people’s minds and hearts who have narcissistic personality disorders and these silent voices gave the devil a door to come into their lives. Bitterness is the door that opens so many spirits in our lives, the main spirit it gives rise to is the spirit of rejection. In my upcoming blog I will address how the spirit of rejection attracts other people with the same spirit so that it deepens it and also causes the people to sabotage the few good relationships they have with people who actually love them so that it alienates them, so as to easily destroy them in isolation aka “abandonment issues”.

God led the Israelites to Marah. Which was called a place of well with bitter water. They needed water, but they couldn’t drink it, because it was bitter. Moses was then instructed by God to throw a log into the bitter water to sweeten it, so that they could drink. This was a prophetic sign that, bitterness had to go, for them to reach the Promise Land. The Israelites had more than 400 years of slavery that had been running through their bloodline and they were bitter about it. The Israelites wandered in the desert for so many years and many didn’t get to the Promise Land, because they still needed deliverance in their souls from bitterness.

For most of us mistreatment and abuse has been running in our blood lines for many generations and if we want to be free and possess what God has for us in this life, we have to let go of bitterness.

Most interpersonal problems are grounded in spirit realm issues that’s why the bible says our weapons are not carnal (2 Corinthians 10:4) and we don’t wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, powers, rulers of darkness and wickedness in high places (Ephesians 6:12), which are four ranks of demons. The scientific explanation of some diseases, closely looking at hereditary causes, diet and lifestyle absolutely make sense. However attributing people hearing voices everyday telling them to do dangerous or embarrassing things they do not want to do, and attributing this to “chemical imbalances” is seducing spirits lying to a generation that hasn’t delved deeper in the things of the spirit. Around 95 % of the diseases out there are spiritual. I read on a forum about a month ago, a woman saying she had OCD and she barely went out during the summer, because her OCD made her to believe if she looked at the sun, she would go blind. WHAT? The devil is surely cunning and him and his delusional spirits, false burdens, end time mind control, mind binding spirits and spirits of insanity are a liar. Some mental disorders were not there many years ago, but because of the increase of lawlessness and wickedness many strange illnesses are being discovered now. As God moves from glory to glory through the generations, the devil is also increasing his tactics. If you are struggling with a mental disorder, but you still live a somewhat normal life, you have a lot of grace upon your life and you need to thank God. When Jezebel projects witchcraft in your life in the form of a mental illness: she wants you to be completely insane, because she knows she would have destroyed your legacy, because you can’t have a family or fulfil your God given purpose, because she has your mind in a witchcraft cauldron. Spirits of insanity are spirits that want to disgrace people & take away all the glory that God bestowed upon them.

Coping mechanisms and self-destructive behaviours people adapt as a result of coping with the abuse is how fear and anxiety demons enter people as children. If you are still using coping mechanisms and behaving in a destructive manner as a grown adult, it’s time to seek deliverance from the demons trapping you in that childhood trauma. During dissociation, the demons will enter the child and make them feel like they are doing them a favour and helping them to cope whilst putting them in bondage. Many abuse survivors will tell you after the abuse they would binge eat (gluttony) or watch pornography, because this is the closest version of love they felt. Some would idealise anybody they don’t know or on social media, without looking closely at their character and force themselves to believe its love to escape the abuse that would be too painful to deal with in their environment. Obsessive love is a coping mechanism, because it’s latching on to the idea of love and ruminating on it, with absolutely anyone, because you want to distract yourself from your chaotic reality. If you are this person, I want you to know that, self-love is hard if you grew up in a dysfunctional home, yes. However coping mechanisms always hurt more in the end. Please heal, because self-love will get easier one day.


In Acts 16 Paul encountered a girl who was possessed. The bible says she had a “spirit of divination”. In Greek mythology, divination was the name of the “Pythian serpent”, which means this girl had a python spirit. The python spirit is a spirit which is responsible for depression and all the anxiety disorders of this generation. It lays it’s eggs in your mind and if you don’t put up a good fight and fight back, those eggs will hatch in your mind and will become a stronghold. People with anxiety disorders will admit that the anxiety slowly grew over time until it became a disorder. Unlike other snakes, pythons don’t use venom to kill, because it cannot produce any. Instead it uses a technique whereby it grabs you by its teeth and then wraps its coil around you and squeeze the life out of you slowly and then swallow you in one piece. The python spirit intimidates, shocks, constricts and then suffocates. Anytime you feel constricted around a person or constricted within yourself, you are dealing with the python spirit that is squeezing the life out of you slowly. After the situation in the garden of Eden. God’s ruling was that, he would put enemity between the snake and Eve. Eve would bruise the heel (head) of the serpent and the snake would also bruise the head of the woman and her seed. When you are experiencing mental illness, your head has been bruised by a serpentine spirit. Years ago I battled what I regard as an intense battle against depression and anxiety. During that time I was home bound for years with my life at a stand still. So uninspired, so hopeless and so lifeless, I was pretty much on my death bed. I had stopped living, praying or going to church months ago, but then one day I had a dream…

In the dream there were hundreds and hundreds of what I saw as thick snakes. I was walking on a narrow path and on my left side and right side were these snakes. I woke up and thought nothing of it. A few weeks later I had another dream and in the dream I was in my bedroom, but everything in my bedroom looked really small, even the house was downsized and tiny. I felt so suffocated, but I couldn’t leave the room neither. I woke up and asked God what does that mean, because it was a very peculiar dream and he said, “in that dream you were in a coffin and that’s where you are going to end up if you don’t fight back Jezebel’s python spirit of witchcraft. RISE UP AND WALK, daughter of Israel !!! I know we haven’t talked in a while, but just trust me one more time and let us fight together”. I said okay God. Then I started fighting back. The first days I didn’t say much, I would only wake up and declare, “I will not die, but I will live to proclaim the good works of my Lord, Jesus”. Slowly my paralyzed legs started to gain power until I woke up from my death bed and started finding the strength to smile again, to take walks again, to go to the gym again, to go to church again. God had stirred up the victor and conqueror in me again. He said, all the tough numerous battles and pain you went through and you used to think it was “too much” for your age, they where preparing you and anointing you for a time like this, so that you would conquer and then help a generation that has been intimidated by the python spirit, when they were given authority over it.

I got tired of being a slave to fear and I decided to stop being lukewarm and wear the full armour of God and drew a clear line between Satan and all his spirits and me. I confronted the python spirit with the zeal and fire of God and the python spirit had no option, but to bow down to the authority of the blood of Jesus and the anxiety bit by bit started subsiding. The thoughts that caused the anxiety started coming into my mind less and less and less. The python spirit started to loosen its coil over me. Then lastly I went for deliverance. I had bruised the head of the serpent. It wasn’t easy, because spirits think they are gangstas and bad too so they would fight back aggressively during my personal deliverance process. When spirits arise in armies and rule that this sickness will end in death. Only God’s mercy can save you, God will always raise a standard against your enemies’ “highest standard”. Victory over the enemy is a narrow road that a few will find and it will take faith. Only the violent will take it by force and win against depression and anxiety in this generation.

The cords of death entangled me, the anguish of the grave came over me; I was overcome by distress and sorrow. Then I called on the name of the Lord: “Lord, save me!” (Psalm 116:3-4)


In the cluster b personality disorders, we have narcissistic personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, histrionic personality disorder and anti-social personality disorder. For these disorders people do not have any physical deformities, physical pain or neither are they bed bound. These people are fully functional and do everyday activities like everyone else, they seem very “normal”, but they are very disturbed mentally, they are internally ill, which is what the bible calls “affliction” and “oppression”. In the bible in Luke 13:11 we see Jesus healing a woman who had been crippled for 8 years and the cause of the sickness is attributed to “a spirit of infirmity” indicating that demons had been granted power to inflict a disability. We also see a man who was dumb and was healed after a demon had been casted out (Matthew 9:22-33). This shows us that no matter how much scientific explanation there is to all illnesses, in some cases spirits can manifest into any type of illness it desires.

Cluster b personality disorders are characterised by “symptoms” such as these below: 

Medical symptom- sensitivity to criticism. 

Bible – hating correction and reproof (Proverbs 9:7-9) (Proverbs 12:1) 

Medical symptom – inability to regulate emotions, dangerous erratic behaviour. 

Bible – unrighteous anger and rage (James 1:19-20) (Proverbs 29:11) (Proverbs 22:24) (Psalms 37:8-9) 

Medical symptom – grandiose sense of self-importance, needs constant praise and admiration. 

Bible – ungodly haughtiness and lack of humility (Proverbs 16:18) (James 4:6) 

Medical symptom – Lives in a fantasy world that supports their delusions of grandeur. Exaggeration of achievements and talents. 

Bible – spirits of strong delusion (2 Thessalonians 2:11-13) (Isaiah 44:20) (Romans 1:28) 

Medical symptom – Sense of entitlement. 

Bible – self-seeking, selfish ambition and an ungrateful heart (Romans 2:8) (Philippians 2:3) (1 Peter 4:10) 

Medical symptom – Lack of empathy. Frequently demeans, intimidates, bullies, belittles others. Cruel. Abusive.

Bible – cold, evil, wicked, unregenerate heart (Psalms 36:4) (Psalms 1:6) (Zechariah 1:4) (2 Timothy 3:2) 

Medical symptom – Easily jealous. 

Bible – envy, covetousness (James 3:14-15) (1 Corinthians 3:3) (Proverbs 6:34) 

Medical symptom – Controlling and power seeking. 

Bible – male temptress, female seductress, manipulation and witchcraft (Proverbs 2:16-19) (2 Corinthians 11:14) (1 Timothy 4:1) (Romans 16:18) 

Medical symptom: Idealize and devalue people, splitting. 

Bible: The phenomena of splitting and idealizing and devaluing is merely bitterness. Splitting is basically demons manipulating people’s emotions. A double minded man is unstable in all his ways (James 1:6-8) (James 1:22-25) 

Medical symptom: Hypersexuality and likely to cheat. 

Bible: spirit of lust and perversion, absence of the Holy Spirit that gives self-control (1 Peter 2:15) (2 Peter 2:18) 

Medical symptom: unstable friendships and relationships. 

Bible: you cannot know love unless you know God (1 John 4:7-8) (1 John 4:20) 

Medical symptom: Impulsive self-destructive behaviour – unsafe sex, binge eating, drugs, alcohol. 

Bible: Sin (Galatians 5:19-21) (Colossians 3:5-6) 

Medical symptom: Chronic feelings of emptiness or pathological loneliness. 

Bible: voids that can only be filled by God. King Solomon had it all, women, riches etc, but in the end he called it all vanity and worthless – Solomon 2:11 

Other symptoms of cluster b personality disorders include fear of abandonment, but the word of God said God would never leave us nor forsake us (Deuteronomy 31:6) and if we have God, we have all we need, and we should find security in that. Fear of abandonment from humans is demonic control from Satan, because (2 Timothy 1:7) says “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, of love and of a sound mind, so if you have a mind that is not sound and experience fear, it is not from God. Paranoia is also a symptom of personality disorders. Abuse survivors often feel like everyone is out to get them. They are always looking over their shoulders thinking what if someone attacks me, robs me etc, because the people they trusted and were close to are the ones who abused them and caused them harm, so they start living in paranoia thinking what luck do I have with strangers then. If you experience this, I want you to know that, you are still here, because of a testament of God’s grace and protection, it hasn’t been about you looking over your shoulders, it’s all God, there are also a lot of good people out there who are not “out to get you” and have good intentions. Paranoia is from the enemy. Another symptom is core shame. Core shame often happens, because of what was done to you by people you highly respected and expected better from. As humans we are precious and there are certain things you just shouldn’t do to people, so when people are abused and mistreated, they feel like they are treated that way, because that is what their value equates to and then they carry toxic shame. Toxic shame and guilt is often projected by the abuser to the victim. To all abuse survivors, I hate the word it’s all in your head, but in this case, it’s really all in your head, you don’t have to be bound by shame. Body dysmorphia which comes with self-harm is also a symptom of personality disorders. But the bible says our bodies were bought with a price (1 Corinthians 6:20), we were made in God’s image (Genesis 1:27) and we are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14). Any voice that says anything contrary to these declarations is from Satan and we need to counteract it with God’s word and shut it down. Concerning self-harm, we see a man in Mark 5:1-20. The bible says the man was possessed with demons and he would self-harm and cut himself, until Jesus delivered him. Meaning self-harm isn’t a symptom of a disorder, it is a spirit that is given a right, by strongholds of not feeling good enough.

There is a medical term concept called comorbidity. It is the presence of one or more additional conditions co-occurring with a primary condition. The additional condition may also be a behavioural or mental disorder. One time I was reading a YouTube comment and a young woman said she had borderline personality disorder, type 2 bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression, diabetes, complex post-traumatic stress disorder and an eating disorder and this is a comorbidity case. However the bible says, in Luke 11:24-26, “When a demon is cast out of a man, it goes to the deserts, searching there for rest; but finding none, it returns to the person it left, and finds that its former home is all swept and clean. Then it goes and gets seven other demons eviller than itself, and they all enter the man. And so, the poor fellow is seven times worse off than he was before.” This verse makes it clear why comorbidity is a thing. These people are possessed by the legion spirit, that is characterised by demons that move in packs and armies. In Mark the demons spoke back and said, “my name is legion, for we are many”. People with borderline personality disorder are also said to highly likely commit suicide, because they live in chronic pain. This again is not surprising, because we know that the devil comes to kill, steal and destroy (John 10:10).


Growing up in toxic, dysfunctional, unhealthy homes gives rise to so many trauma driven beliefs. Beliefs that those people fully believe as real, but there are not, because they were conditioned and programmed to believe so by their abuser. The enemy will give you suggestions that you are not good enough and if you dwell on the pain and bitterness sooner or later you will start believing the lies as truth and be engulfed by the enemy. People with childhood trauma often have trauma driven beliefs such as all men or women are like the person who abused them in their childhood, and this is the reason why now there are toxic feminists and toxic masculinity movements that hate on the opposite gender and blind homosexuality. Many narcissists are mostly misogynistic or toxic feminists which can often be tracked to childhood abuse.

“You Christians call everything a spirit” = ignorance = blind to the devil’s schemes = the devil is happy. There is a spirit behind every negative behaviour you just can’t bring yourself to stop. You must call these spirits by name.


When Jezebel projects witchcraft to you. It’s important not to accept the illness. I have seen believers who take ownership of disorders and anxiety and say MY OCD, MY anxiety. It is NOT yours. It doesn’t matter if you feel like you have that illness or have all the symptoms. It is NOT yours to keep.

People with personality disorders or anxiety disorders must go through deliverance. Having intrusive thoughts, strange obsessive thoughts, abnormal phobias, thoughts of self harm and suicide, obsession with being cruel to people etc. Is not normal, it is demonic oppression and torment. Deliverance is more than just casting out demons, it’s turning away completely from sin, it’s renewing your mind, it’s healing wounds, it’s teaching people how to completely keep the door that opened them to demonic spirits closed. Serious mental disorders such as schizophrenia, dissociative disorders etc would definitely need a process of deep healing. For an effective deliverance one must understand the phenomena of soul fragmentation and how to be whole.


Relive the trauma, remembering every abuse and hurt and its intricate details and how it made you feel. Instead of continuing to be numb like your childhood required you to when you didn’t have a voice, this time allow yourself to feel it all and grieve and cry. Healing hurts, but afterwards you truly heal. Feel the pain, because the more pain you feel and release it through those tears and telling God how it all made you feel, you will be slowly letting go of the unforgiveness that was gripping you. You will feel lighter. You will receive healing. Write the names of all the people you need to forgive and forgive them . You need to forgive them with an understanding that, they were merely being used by the devil. I have heard many stories of people who were healed from arthritis, fibromyalgia, OCD, diabetes and cancer after they let go of bitterness completely. I was one of those people too. It is not a gimmick. One time my senior pastor’s wife told me a story whereby, a woman was disabled, due to arthritis. One day she encountered a prophetic man of God who heard an instruction from God to simply ask the woman. “Where is your grandmother”. Immediately before she could even fully answer the question, she broke down and cried and eventually opened up and said my grandmother died, but she was the woman who raised me and abused me. The pastor told her to let go of the bitterness and forgive her and see what would happen to her arthritis. Months later she was healed.


Yes, you read that right, forgive God. I remember coming across a tweet on twitter that said, forgive God years ago and I was like, God can never be wrong this brother is blaspheming him, but as I grew in my faith I realised a lot of us are angry at God and the only way to let it go, is if we take it as if we are forgiving him. God is our father, he is a friend, that is why that famous song says what a friend we have in Jesus, it’s okay to be angry at God, but it’s not okay to stay angry. Bitterness at God is the same as bitterness towards humans, it equally defiles us. When we haven’t healed, we often look at God and say you are sovereign, so why did you let that happen God, but being sovereign doesn’t mean that (whatever you are thinking). We look at God and we say God why did you give me abusive parents, why did you give me a life full of obstacles, why me, why did you let them die, why have you forgotten me, why and why God. Then we are bitter at him, but you need to forgive him. As you keep on living, you will realise that every tough thing you ever went through was necessary for the seasons to come in your life. If I had not gone through abuse, childhood trauma and seasons of battles in my life I would not have gotten the wisdom to write this blog and help other people.


The bible says God speaks in a still small voice. He is not like humans who must speak loudly and repeat themselves, multiple times to make a point. God will never compete with our pride. Experiencing God in all his multi-dimensions, requires us to fully surrender and you cannot fully surrender if you have any ounce of pride. Pride comes from the belief of self-sufficiency and if you are self-sufficient why would you need anyone? But one who understands that God is everything and we are nothing outside of him, can humble themselves. The sinner must get to a place where they say God, I desperately need you. I cannot live this life anymore without you. You are not an accessory or a choice like some of the things in this world. You are the essence of life. There is no me without you. There is no sane me without you. There is no stability in me without you. You are Jehovah who sits on the throne of our lives. God is moved by a desperate, humble heart. Two instances in the bible we see two ill people being told your faith has healed you, because of their humility and desperation. If you want healing from God, you need to be humble.


Soul ties must be severed in Jesus name, because they are also a gateway for demons to come into our lives. Any promise words, sexual interaction that formed the soul tie must be renounced and repented from. Any gifts exchanged that might register the relationship is still intact in the spiritual realm must be returned back to the person or thrown away. Curses that were spoken over you, by people must be rendered null, void and judged. They must be broken through prayer. Things like sororities and Greek life, participation in horoscopes, yoga etc must be renounced as well. A lot of people hold on to horoscopes and I have seen other Christians arguing with believers about them. Horoscopes is dabbling into the occult, it is divination. If you are a Christian that still argues with other Christians about horoscopes, yoga, sororities etc you are going to argue about your idols all the way to hell. I exhort you to take heed. The devil is hiding himself so well in games, music videos, worldly “sisterhood” and “brotherhood” etc. Get your discernment up. In Isaiah 47:13, God rebukes Israel with: “All the counsel you have received has only worn you out! Let your astrologers come forward, those stargazers who make predictions month by month, let them save you from what is coming upon you.” With this verse we see that astrologers and stargazers are displeasing to God.


Prayers of repentance must include repentance of your sins, parents’ sins and forefathers sins, so that if there are any demonic doors, portals, ancestral altars and generational curses that were established are broken. If you have consulted any false prophets, diviners, psychics etc in the past or involved in a false religion, you must renounce and repent of this sin.


You need to take ownership of the mistakes you made when you hurt others. The Jezebel spirit is a spirit that seeks to kill, steal and destroy. It wreaks havoc in people’s lives. If you have been allowing this spirit to use, you as a tool of destruction for the kingdom of darkness. You need to reach out to the people that you did wrong and hurt and sincerely apologise. When we have people constantly speaking negatively on our name and crying on our name, it can activate curses, so make peace with all men. The bible also talks about how when you do bad things to some people, you were directly doing it to God himself (Matthew 25:34-40), this can cause us to fall short of God’s grace. Whilst you are operating under the Jezebel spirit it gives you false pride that makes you feel like you are immune to consequences, but the true reality is that you are not. God is a God of justice and wrath.


You need to confess and repent of all sins. You need to repent from self-hate, self rejection. We need to repent from using things that are initiated to the marine kingdom for false beauty and to seduce (decide this on your own convictions). Repent concerning fantasy lust, lust, seduction, self glorification, rebellion, perversion, unforgiveness, wrath, inability to apologise, slander, unteachableness, deception, doubt, unbelief, passivity, pride, false humility etc.


The issue of casting out demons is controversial amongst Christians. Some believe Christians cannot have demons, some do. The spirit of a man belongs to God and our spirit is united with the Holy Spirit when we repent and cannot be touched by the devil, but our soul can still be afflicted by evil spirits. When we get saved we get a new spirit, but don’t get a new body or soul. The state of our souls can only be cleansed through healing and expelling of demons and consecration. Christians can have demons, but not be possessed as in ownership, because our bodies were already bought on the cross, we belong to God. Christians can only be demonized. There are narcissists however who are “Christians”, but are NOT born again, but Christian by action less claims. Those “Christians” can be possessed. Salvation doesn’t automatically come with breaking generational curses and freedom from demons, that’s why every Christian must go through deliverance after getting saved. Strongholds are rigid patterns, to overcome them needs strenuous work. Some demons will leave automatically when you forgive and repent, some will only leave when they are casted out. Demons desperately need somewhere to live, because they are disembodied. It’s important to know the nature of demons. They need to be told to leave with authority, otherwise they will not. This work was specifically allocated to disciples as well, that’s why self-deliverance might not always expel everything. Most believers say a Christian cannot have demons and the Holy Spirit at the same time, but we see Paul in Romans 7:21 saying, “I find then a law, that, when I would do good, evil is also present with me.” And we also know that God is omnipresent, so he is present everywhere, whether demons are there or not. Casting out demons was done by Jesus himself and the bible also says it’s also a phenomenon that would follow those filled with his spirit. Casting out demons is the believers’ bread. The dangers of casting out demons out of unbelievers is, they will come back. That’s why after Jesus would cast out demons, he would make a strong statement and say go and sin no more. Satan hates deliverance ministry, because he wants people to be ignorant so that he keeps them in bondage. If you are dealing with personality spirits and have decided to repent and commit yourself to a life of holiness, please find a sound doctrine church with a deliverance ministry and get those spirits casted out and be free.


Renew your mind daily with God’s word. It’s not about what the internet and doctors say about disorders and illnesses. It’s not about what you feel, it’s about what God’s word says. You must pull down strongholds and cast down arguments.


Although in this blogpost I am choosing God over the medical field. Jesus was all about balance, not extremes. I believe as Christians we shouldn’t be so spiritual that we are no earthly good. Humans are a composition of soul, body and spirit, so of course therapy matters to address the emotions and cater to the body. I believe therapy and Jesus should always go together, one shouldn’t be neglected or substituted for the other. Venting and talking about things and releasing is very important. Therapy will help with overcoming emotional repression. I’m not too much of a fan of Psychology though, because I believe its goal is to just give you mind blowing concepts with big jargon, but ultimately no satisfying solution. In a sense Psychology opposes God’s word. It seeks to make you a victim forever, but God said you are a victor and a conqueror, not a victim. The victim mentality is the one that fuels bitterness in people. Worldly concepts foster unforgiveness and bitterness through concepts of “no contact”. Psychology points to humans as a solution to humanity’s brokenness, not God, but nobody can fix and patch up broken things more than it’s original creator. I see Satan in a lot of Psychology, Philosophy concepts. Unless you go to a solid Christian therapist, then you are better off not going, because a secular therapist might be used by the devil to foster your unbelief. You do not counsel demons, you tell them to leave.

If a potter would make something and give it to you, then overtime you break it really bad. Who would be the best person to take that pottery to? The one who made it obviously. Because he would be able to not just fix it, but give you a new one if it’s too broken. God is your creator and there is nothing about you that he can’t fix. Science calls it disorders, God calls it demonic torment, the devil doesn’t care what you call it as long as he makes you suffer and ultimately kills you through an untimely death, because of pain and hopelessness. Disordered people are merely broken people, that can be made whole by their creator.

Narcissistic personality disorder and all other disorders are believed to have no long-term cure. CBT, DBT and EDMR therapy have all been tried and they haven’t worked effectively. When it comes to pills and disorders, the devil uses them as a placebo effect. The devil obviously loves to play mind games. He will show you temporary improvement sometimes, as long as he can torment you all your life and God is not declared Jehovah Rapha, then it’s all good by him. Some people died untimely deaths, because Jezebel is in full control of the pharmaceutical industry administering drugs to people, when she fully knows their illnesses are spiritually based. We must be careful of the drugs we take and use discernment, because some sorcerers have admitted to using “mind regulating” drugs to summon spirits and cast spells and curses . Jesus didn’t die so that you would just “get by”. He didn’t die so that you would drink sleeping pills and drown yourself in alcohol, so you can avoid your reality. He didn’t die so that you would have destructive coping mechanisms. Jesus Christ died so that you would live life in abundance.

“Those who have their minds on me I will keep them in perfect peace” – Isaiah 26:3

SCIENCE: There is no cure for narcissistic personality disorder. It would go against the disorder itself to realise there is something wrong with them, because they think they are perfect.

GOD: Your lifestyle will take you to a crisis and rock bottom one day. When that happens choose Jesus and be free. Or be unrepentant and stay on the path of destruction and perish.



If you are going through a self deliverance process. These instructions are not enough, there are just an overview and touch the basics. Please ask the Holy Spirit to lead you concerning what steps you need to take, and whether you are required to do more. A deliverance process will never be the same for everyone, steps are based on the person’s past, family battles, personal sins, level of warfare etc. Self deliverance to expel all demons will not always work. And the reason why is and I quote an excerpt from the book Pigs In The Parlour by Frank Hammond. “After one becomes a Christian and develops in spiritual life he gains strength over the influence of indwelling demons. This does not necessarily mean that the evil spirits get discouraged and leave. Jesus never taught any other way to get rid of demons other than to cast them out in His name. We have heard demons complain that they no longer have a comfortable home in the person in which they dwell and that their power over that person has decreased. Yet, the demon had rather stay there than run the risk of not being able to get into someone else…”. If you would like recommendations for books on deliverance, please check the recommendations section.

God Bless You


“Your descendants will possess the gates of their enemies” – Genesis 22:17

The Jezebel spirit is very mischievous and crafty. It is a camouflaging spirit that hides itself too well, so unless you have the Holy Spirit, spiritual discernment and understand demonology, it will always take time before you finally figure out what you are really dealing with and that someone is a “narcissist”, especially a covert narcissist (vulnerable narcissist that subtly abuse). The Jezebel spirit normally access a person’s body when they are young, however it can stay dormant and inactive for a long time, until something happens that triggers the old unresolved wound. The Jezebel or Ahab spirit loves to attach itself to people who have a form of godliness but deny its power thereof of transformation. Many people with this spirit, go to church and are convinced they are good people, even though they are not doers of the word of God. This hypocritical, talk the talk good front will always have people in conflict and in denial that someone might be a narcissist. Some narcissists can preach sound doctrine, accurately prophesy etc, because the gifts of God are without repentance and the Jezebel spirit can also imitate the gifts of God too, to cause much more damage. People with the Jezebel spirit normally love to go into fields, where they offer a lot of help to people, such as: charity work, ministry work, care work, therapy etc. Desiring to help other people who have been hurt whilst they themselves are hurting deeply and are hurting others. A year ago I spotted a narcissist on “Christian twitter” (a community of Christian believers on twitter), he had very damaging views, his cruelty oozed in his speech and he was a misogynist, but he was also a cognitive behavioural therapist and he would occasionally share the word of God too.

Another narcissist friend I used to have, served at church really close to the “prophet” of his church, he had religious rituals of praying at midnight etc, you could mistake all this for a burning passion and a zeal for God, but he was also sadistic. This shows that it can be hard to spot a narcissist using our physical eyes, however when it is God’s time to expose darkness, he will eventually do it all by himself and open our eyes to the truth, no matter how well the Jezebel spirit might try to remain concealed. When you are at that point, where you are finally fully certain that someone is a narcissist ; pause, take a deep breath and know that you are dealing with demons in the form of a mental illness, so you cannot use a carnal approach or carnal weapons when dealing with this person. One simple test for narcissistic personality disorder is how someone treats you when you are not “at your best”. Anytime Jezebel sees people down, she will always make sure she makes them feel worse. Another two easy signs of narcissism is that a narcissist is always a victim regarding past relationships. Everything was the exes fault. They also have no genuinely close or long term friends, especially a best friend. The “best friend” has been around for 2 years or less, because their dysfunction means they cannot keep friends. Jezebel is a nasty demon. Satan is nasty. You really see his full nature unfold through the different phases of the narcissist. You see how much he hates humanity and wants to break God’s heart by breaking his people through his satanic vindictive spirit : so cunning, so deceitful, so cruel. Narcissistic abuse will leave you broken, sick and with PTSD or other mental illnesses over the long run. You will get chronic illness from the stress of hypervigilance along with betrayal trauma. Narcissistic abuse is seriously damaging. If you live with a narcissist please temporarily find somewhere else to stay until the person gets help, however if you can’t. This blogpost is for you, for people who live with narcissistic parents and are not able to move out yet, because they are young or they don’t have money to live alone or for people who co-parent with a narcissist.

There are demons* not people

One biggest sign that someone is under the influence of demonic spirits is an inability to self-reflect and grow. When a person has many apparent negative traits and their life is spiralling out of control and many people try to help them realise this to no avail, and they just can’t perceive it or accept accountability, demons are certainly involved. When a person is unteachable, it means that, a delusional spirit and a demonic veil and scales are covering their eyes, and they are blocking the person from examining their heart posture and being honest with themselves. These people are under deception from the enemy. Demons have an appetite for demons. Unclean spirits are attracted to everything unclean. When people have demons, they have no standards, demons take away their ability to choose.

More signs that shows that someone is demonized include:

. Inability to rest, they normally have insomnia and irregular patterns of sleep. They must drink sleeping pills to sleep or they sleep a really few hours only every day. They feel like they are being tormented. Those who are free in Christ have rest (Matthew 11:28-29).

. They run away from people that love them and can help them. The demons don’t want them to be free, even though sometimes the person knows they need help and can distinguish the negative patterns and cycles in their own life (Mark 5:2-4)

. They feel suicidal and hopeless. Depression is a spirit of heaviness, that never goes away and is present even if there is nothing necessarily wrong in your life.

. They have multiple personalities, this person’s character and way of life is not consistent. You fail to recognise who they really are, because they take on every person’s trait they admire as their own. It’s like those people with “alter egos”, that can easily switch their personalities, those are demons.

They struggle with body dysmorphia. Since demons control people’s minds, these people often make remarks that are unsettling about their own bodies and pictures. “I look scary”, “I’m ugly” etc

. They isolate themselves. When the enemy wants to destroy us, he will isolate us first, then just like he tempted Jesus in the wilderness when he was alone. He will tempt us too with negative thoughts. Most people who ended up committing suicide, started slowly isolating themselves, during the time leading to their death. If you see your loved one isolating themselves, it is a sign of demonic oppression. The Jezebel spirit also fish out victims easily from isolation, because alienated people are often troubled and lonely.

. They have uncontrollable lust and chronically masturbate. Sex takes over their mind majority of the day. They start sleeping around impulsively, sometimes with no protection without thinking of the consequences. They become slaves to their lusts. They can battle thoughts of incest behaviour too.

. They start feeling comfortable around lifeless things, like the man in Mark who lived in the tomb. People who are under demonic oppression are comfortable with living in extremely dirty conditions etc.

. They have uncontrollable and untameable rage and are very violent. In Mark 5:3-4, the man with the demon of insanity, could not be tamed, he could even break chains with his hands. Demonized people normally have the power of multiple men when they are angry, even if they are a woman. “Mental breakdown” is a form of being demonized.

. Unforgiving concerning even the smallest things and excessive pride. Anytime you see pride, demons are also present. Pride grieves the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit and pride cannot cofunction. True intimacy with God brings humility.

. The person begins to self-harm. Engaging in self-harm acts such as self-mutilation or cutting. You cannot get rid of pain, by causing yourself more pain. Just like the man in Mark, who used to cut himself with stones, this is a sign of demonic oppression. Demons often use the blood that people lose when they self-harm to bind them and form deeper covenants.

. Many people talk about how you can see the demons in narcissists in their eyes. If you are under demonic influence your eyes will be dead. When people who do not have multiple demons smile, their eyes also smile, and they have a sparkle. A lot of deliverance ministers look people in their eyes, when casting out demons, because they will change. The bible says, “the eyes are the window to the soul” (Matthew 6: 22-23) and “the lamp of the body is the eye. Therefore, when your eye is good, your whole body is also full of light. But when your eye is bad, your body also is full of darkness” (Luke 11:34). People with demons have an evil eye, you can tell they are evil by how they look at others.

. The people become lethargic concerning the things of God. If they used to be on fire for God, they lose every desire to read their bible, pray, go to church or serve God.

. They have a lot of negative, vain imagination of fear, the future etc, they become extremely paranoid and start to feel unsafe alone.

. They will refuse to get married. The bible talks about seducing spirits encouraging people to not get married (1 Timothy 4: 1-3)

. They have personality disorders such as – antisocial personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder and histrionic personality disorder. Personality disorders are personalities that were created in hell, to take away the uniqueness God individually created people with. People who have specific personality disorders, all behave the same, which was not God’s will when he created humans.

. They will feel pressure or tightness, because demons will be moving inside their head, stomach, eyes or body.

. They will have a strong inner desire and compulsions to do evil, immoral things that are not in other people’s normal behavior patterns like committing murder, suicide, molestation, to curse, they doubt their own salvation.

. They lose care for their close family and friends and cling to distant people instead.

. They have tormenting intrusive thoughts, that they don’t want.

. Hate other races (racism)

. Feeling watched and paranoid all the time

. Alien Hand Syndrome (a person’s hand involuntary tries to harm the person)

. Gluttony, excessive eating can be linked to other spirits such as the spirit of heaviness (depression)

. Procrastination and non-chalant behaviour about important things.


Jezebel cannot come into your life, if you do not engage with her when she is still outside. Jezebel will always tease you to see if there is room for her in your life, if you engage and welcome her, she will come in. When Jezebel teases you, do not give her your attention, look away immediately. Many people ended up entangled in Jezebel’s web of drama, because instead of looking away, they were curious and trying to figure things out or played along. When your eyes are fixated on God, you will have tunnel vision. Anything that tries to take your focus off him, will be recognised as a distraction. When Jehu went to kill Jezebel, Jezebel projected the spirit of seduction to him so that he would stray away from his mission, but Jehu didn’t engage. Instead of looking at Jezebel, he looked at the window. In other words, social media thirst traps, nudes, sexting are all of Jezebel’s schemes, so do not engage. Resist Jezebel. Flee from Jezebel. Imagine if Joseph had engaged with Potiphar’s wife and fornicated with her. The story of Joseph would have ended right there with the fornication and we would have never gotten to the part of God’s promises for his life being fulfilled and his glory would not have been revealed. God’s full picture and purpose, relies on your obedience. We need to hide God’s word into our hearts and make a covenant with our eyes so that we do not sin against God. It’s important to pray fervently against Jezebel’s seduction in these times. Proverbs 6:25 says, “lust not after her beauty in thine heart; neither let her take thee with her eyelids.”


The only reason pornography and fornication have such a stronghold on this generation is, because it is done in secret. If many people had trusted accountability partners and exposed their lust in its infancy stage or every time when they are tempted, they would never end up strongly bound by it. Another reason why Jezebel has destroyed many relationships and marriages is, because when Jezebel tries to come between a union, one party keeps it a secret. If Jezebel direct message or inbox you when they know you are in a relationship or marriage, please tell your partner, block Jezebel and pray for the person being used by this spirit. I have been to churches where under no circumstance, the male pastor works with a few women when it comes to giving advice, counselling and deliverance sessions, because most people with Jezebel spirit come in the guise of pretence. Jezebel positions herself to prey with an end goal in mind. She doesn’t love you, she just has selfish ambition. Unless it’s a pastoral issue, women should be helped and counselled by women and vice versa for men, in the church. Jezebel will test you in the beginning stages to see how strong your boundaries are by teasing you, calling you pet names, flirting, play fighting, saying inappropriate things and wanting you to purposelessly entertain her all the time. If you do not pass the first test, Jezebel will gain a full time role in your life. Before we got saved, we all had negative bloodline patterns and weaknesses that God delivered us from. The enemy will always be on the prowl, day and night if you are a man or woman of God and if you ever become lethargic concerning the things of God and spiritual warfare, he will always try and use those past weaknesses again to come back into your life and bind you.


Jezebel hates people who confronts and challenges her spirit. She will be offended if you refuse to allow her to handle you disrespectfully, she will think “how dare you know your identity”, because she is a diva who thinks everything revolves around her. When you know your identity, Jezebel’s tricks will never work on you. The Jezebel spirit loves to project counterfeit love, seduction, depression, low self-esteem etc. When you know who you are, when Jezebel says you are worthless, because the word of God is final in your life, you will say to Jezebel, get thee behind me Satan and Jezebel will not be able to win in your life. Narcissists love to project illnesses to people, please do not ever accept that you have these illnesses, because it is witchcraft projection. Renounce the illnesses and reject the diagnosis. People who accept Jezebel’s fake diagnoses can end up with these illnesses, because death and life are in the power of the tongue.


To subdue the Jezebel spirit, you need to starve it and not give it the reactions it seeks to try and milk out of you. Every time I have realised someone is a narcissist and then the Jezebel spirit rages at me and I didn’t engage and just ignored it or laughed, I would see the spirit being embarrassed and throwing even a bigger tantrum, just to get a reaction. If you do not have the fruits of the Holy Spirit, which is self-control and you also do not realise that narcissistic personality disorder are demons not a “mental disorder”, you will argue and scold these demons to infinity and beyond, whilst you are entertaining them. If you are a mature Christian, please understand that it is Jezebel’s tactic to corner you into arguments with her and to get you to act out of character so that she can say, you are the problem and discredit your ministry. She basically wants to set you up for failure, so switch off your flesh when it comes to Jezebel and walk in the spirit. Do not get disrespectful, condescending or go back and forth with her, because this will be used as ammunition later on against you. Be slow to speak.


Satan loves to capitalize on our impatience for love and lack of maturity concerning the things of God. If you have been in a relationship with a person with the Jezebel spirit it’s time to grow and sharpen your discernment and it’s time to be patient, because so many narcissists have gone out in the world seeking whom to devour. When you meet people focus on their character, see if their lifestyle matches their words, use discernment. Let God choose your spouse, never choose a spouse according to lust or physical appearance only. Pray to God and thoroughly ask him to search those people’s hearts and reveal them to you their true condition. You cannot afford to be loose when Jezebel is on the prowl. Do not ever marry someone without both of you healing your childhood wounds and going for deliverance, I cannot stress this enough. Many people are marrying people with deep wounds and a legion of demonic spirits and ending up in distasteful marriages. Beware of dreams manipulated by the devil, as well showing you your husband or wife. Dreams are not final and they often have multiple sources. The bible says, when you are waiting on God, he will always renew your strength. Just ask him for strength when it gets hard to wait on your spouse and rest in his love instead so that you don’t end up settling for Jezebel and her counterfeits.


Jezebel is a ruthless spirit that comes with no prisoners. It will never give you peace, so do not give Jezebel peace. God is raising up an army that will repent, worship God in spirit and in truth and rise and confront Jezebel aggressively in the spirit and crush her. The spirit of Jehu should be stirred up in you. You need to be vicious and angry at Jezebel, because of how she has turned this generation into and sometimes your life and family too. You cannot love Jezebel, you cannot have a close relationship with Jezebel, you need to keep her at a distant and destroy her before she destroys you instead. Do not tolerate her. Do not allow Jezebel to wreak havoc in your life. Do not bow down to Jezebel. The time we are living in now is not the time for convenient Christianity anymore. It’s not the time for Christians who “struggle” with sin. Christianity isn’t a struggle, but people who love their sin push the wrong agenda and make it seem like it is. If you feed your flesh with prayer, with the word of God and fast, your flesh will have no option, but to be suppressed whilst your spirit is elevated. However we flirt with sin constantly and feed our flesh instead and then claim to “struggle”. Let us grow. We can’t be years into our walk with Christ and we are still struggling. We are living in the end times, Jezebel is running rampant, wreaking havoc and she needs people who completely turn away from their sin and walk in the spirit of Elijah and Jehu to throw her down and defeat her. Not Ahab weaklings who are bound to Jezebel’s seduction and fleeting orgasms. Many people tolerate Jezebel, because they don’t really understand what is at stake when dealing with her.


“And it came to pass, when Joram saw Jehu, that he said, Is it peace, Jehu? And he answered, What peace, so long as the WHOREDOMS of thy mother Jezebel and her WITCHCRAFT are so many” – 2 Kings 9:22

God bless you


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The Jezebel spirit is a perfection-based spirit. It will frustrate you expecting perfection from you and is fully convinced it is perfect, even though it’s not. Most narcissists also have obsessive compulsive personality disorder (note that OCD is different from OCPD).

The Jezebel spirit views loving, kind, helpful and quiet people as weak. Anytime narcissists encounter a person who does good by them, they automatically view them as someone to just exploit be it in friendships or relationships. They will take, take and take and give nothing back.

Demons can sometimes work through demonic networks. This is when two or more people with the jezebel spirit gang up on you. Narcissists always work with “flying monkeys”, flying monkeys are actually narcissists too with the Jezebel spirit. If you are confused as to why people who don’t know you are spreading rumours about you etc, this is why.

People with the Jezebel spirit have extremely fragile egos and believe people who bruise their egos in anyway should be severely punished.

Narcissists have a belief that they are very special people who only deserve to be with other special people aswell, this is in friendships and relationships.

Narcissists have no sense of identity whatsoever so they can morph into different multiple personalities. They watch closely whoever they admire, they are jealous of or spend a lot of time with and copy their personality, laugh, dressing etc.

When two non-disordered people get into a relationship, they go through bad and good times, create special memories, bonds gets stronger as years go by and this gets them closer and they become loyal to each other. Narcissists don’t care about all that. Nobody is exempt from their betrayal and being dropped (discarded). They are only loyal to you, if they have a present need for you. When there is no longer a perceived need for you, the narcissist will show you their ruthless other side.

Narcissists never give closure. In normal relationships people can decide to temporarily or permanently separate. This is explicitly stated, both parties take responsibility to the part they played on the demise of the relationship. Narcissists are too child like and immature to do this. Whilst you are still wondering, what’s going on with a narcissist after a breakup. They are probably dating the 3rd of 4th person and if you contact them, their grandiosity will call you obsessive.

People with the Jezebel spirit are entitled users, because when they get into friendships or relationships with people. They give the other person the role of their failed parent which is unrealistic. This means the relationship is doomed from the get go. If you do anything for them, the appreciation is not heartfelt and they will not reciprocate neither. If you fail in anyway the parental role, they will paint you black and hate you. “I felt my role was that of either the man to his stereotypical hysterical woman or that of the mother to his petulant spoiled child” – a woman describing a relationship with a man with borderline personality disorder.

Jezebel loves pity parties; narcissists always make sure they let you know they are victims in the beginning of the relationship. Many people that experienced Jezebel’s hurricane will tell you that in the end, they could fully see these spirit’s wicked nature and their hearts, finances or health had been wrecked. However somehow, they felt like the narcissist was the victim instead and still wanted to take care of them. If you grew up in a dysfunctional home, your care giver, fixer side will start working against you when you meet Jezebel.

The vulnerable narcissists especially of the younger generation, views sex as love. So when two narcissists get together, the vulnerable narcissist can stay in a toxic relationship, because sex is present.

There is a misconception that only women seduce, but men are even worser seducers. Male narcissists operate under a seducing spirit full time. They often have feminine hairstyles, nose piercings, wear “sexy” deep V neck shirts. They will double tap on your pictures first to signal they “want you” etc.


Jezebel is not just a fictitious character that lived a long time ago, the Jezebel spirit is still alive and running rampant today. The book of Revelations talks about how Jezebel will have children in the last days. The Jezebel spirit is the master mind of radical feminism, racism, lingerie models, the non-discretion, sexual liberal movement, the big butt obsession movement, seductive clothing, narcotics, psychedelics, gossip tabs like the “Shade room”, pro-abomination legislative governments, the ghosting culture, the movement of replacing God with the “universe”, the obsessive mountain climbers who worship nature and constantly fall to their death and other strange phenomenon out there now. Jezebel and Ahab are in full control of this world. Just like God appoints vessels to use, Satan appoints vessels to use too. Whoever a person makes themselves available to, will determine who they will be used by. Jezebel is a principality, which has a network of demons that it controls and works with. A person will never have one demon, because demons travel in packs. This is why people with disorders never have one disorder, most people with borderline disorder always overlap and have a couple of narcissistic personality disorder traits too or also generalised anxiety disorder etc. Narcissists are not only lustful, they are also liars, then they are also cruel and it goes on and on. Jezebel and Ahab are two familiar spirits that work in harmony to achieve a similar goal, but with Ahab subservient to Jezebel. Familiar spirits are the manifestation in the physical realm of those two people you see with absolutely nothing in common, but their negative characteristics like gossiping, jealousy, cruelty, lust etc, which makes them the best of friends. However, unlike God’s kingdom with order, demons have no order, thats why sometimes you will see Jezebel and Ahab using each other ruthlessly, because Satan is a prankster, who only cares about his end goal and nobody else. The Jezebel spirit is the highest-ranking demon right after Lucifer. Back in the days of Elijah we see this spirit through Jezebel dominating and controlling over 450 false prophets, which shows the power that this spirit carries.

BROTHER AHAB – (how the Jezebel spirit presents itself in males)

• Covert narcissist (introvert)

• Co-dependent

• Worships women & think they are goddesses. He adores women more than God, but is generally also disrespectful to women and misogynistic

• Passive aggressive

• Avoids conflict at all cost

• Occasionally feel frustrated and leaves the home when married

• Double mindedness between God and Jezebel’s heathen ways

• Competitive macho spirit

• Gives conditional love in relationships

• Loves nudity & sensual women, addicted to pornography

• Ineffective communication and mood swings

• Loves initiating arguments

• Attracted to loud & stubborn women

• Likes to be lead & taught by women

• Effeminate

• Views parenting as playing with the children, but avoids the “unpleasant” duties of providing & correcting

• Place friends above family duties

• Physically abuses women

• Doubts his own abilities concerning everything

• Low self esteem, constantly need assurance from a woman

• People pleaser

• Obsessed with wanting to be accepted

• Channel rage & frustration internally

• Appear like a good Christian, but have poor boundaries every time Jezebel shows up

• Expects a woman to be the primary provider in the home, whilst wasting all his money on alcohol or other women

• Self-delusional about everything, often tell themselves things are fine in their life when they are not

• Lazy, careless, irresponsible

• Self-centred and selfish

• Workaholic, alcoholic, drug addiction

• Greedy

• Emotionally unstable

• As a result of the spirit of lust, Ahab often has multiple children that he doesn’t take care of

• Impulsive

Ahab fits the diagnosis of borderline personality disorder, he always has the Jezebel spirit too it’s just that the ahab spirit is more dominant. Ahab is the guy society calls “jerk”, “f-boy”, the guy that you ask, “so what are we”, the guy always caught up in a situation ship. At the core of Ahab is lust. Ahab always has a lot of female friends for his narcissistic supply. Ahab is a weak, passive man, because his manhood was castrated by Jezebel in the spirit. The Jezebel spirit seeks to dominate men. Ahab is addicted to everything Jezebel stands for, pornography, masturbation, fornication, alcohol, drugs etc, so he came into agreement with her in the spiritual realm and married her. When this marriage was established, this meant that Ahab would never have a peaceful successful relationship ever again in the physical realm this is the operation of “spiritual husbands and wives”. Ahab and Jezebel get along so well, because they both represent darkness. As we said before Ahab is married in the spirit to Jezebel, which means through the course of Ahab’s life, Jezebel will send him women with the Jezebel spirit only to date and fornicate with or commit adultery with and when he sleeps with them. He will be sleeping with the spirit of Jezebel not a person and he will be solidifying their marriage and making their covenant stronger. One of Jezebel’s false gods was called Ashtoreth, which was a marine spirit that was “the god of fertility, sex and war”. When people with the Ahab and Jezebel spirit indulge in premarital sex, masturbation, alcohol, etc they are offering the goddess Ashtoreth idol worship. Demons draw strength and power from idol worship.

The spirit of lust has a lot of people looking foolish. It is an unquenchable spirit that will make you stoop extremely low and have you sleeping with absolutely anybody to try and quench it. If we don’t seek deliverance, this spirit will severely ruin our lives.

Men with the Ahab spirit often drink alcohol and alcohol goes well together with the vagabond spirit : so poverty, whorish women, fornication and adultery. When people are drunk it gives the devil the opportunity to use them easier. Jezebel always makes sure, she plants her female followers and workers, with her spirit in places where Ahab drinks so that they can fornicate or commit adultery together. So, I beseech you young women of this generation, please stay away from men who intoxicates themselves with “spirits” aka the devil’s juice and are drunkards, you will save yourself a lot of heartache in the long run. To think being half awake is better than having a fully conscious mind, when we are instructed to consistently watch and pray as the devil is always roaming around seeking whom to devour is foolishness of this world. The person you marry ultimately determines how you will fulfil your destiny. Men who do not want to turn away from their wicked lifestyles and be delivered should be left alone to waste their lives away by themselves.

Ahab is a very wicked fella, who has a cold heart of stone just like Jezebel. Ahab is wicked, but the wickedness is done subtly and discreetly. Jezebel is the snake and Ahab is the chameleon. In 1 Kings 21, Ahab started coveting Nabaoth’s vineyard and then he asked Nabaoth for the land in exchange of money. Nabaoth refused, because it was his ancestral heritage. Ahab then went to report to Jezebel and she falsely charged him with treason and blasphemy and Nabaoth was stoned to death. It was customary that anyone who commits such heinous acts would automatically lose their land. Jezebel then gave the land to Ahab. From this we see that Ahab and Jezebel have a relationship of using each other, but Jezebel gains much more in the relationship than Ahab, because she not only dominates Ahab, but rules the land and it’s constitutions and the little that Jezebel does for Ahab is done, so that she can keep on gaining much more without Ahab questioning anything. Ahab doesn’t realise Jezebel bewitched him, through an ungodly soul tie. There is no real love between Jezebel and Ahab, but them being stuck to each other is another way of the demonic realm to torment them. Ahab needs to receive knowledge of the truth and get delivered or else he will be bound by Jezebel all his life.


• Overt narcissist (extrovert)

• Co-dependent 

• Prostitutes self

• Lies compulsively and believes their own lies

• Lack of remorse, justifies hurting people

• Aggressive and short tempered 

• Non-conformist 

• Claims to be religious, but has superficial devotion to God

• Enabler of Ahab’s weak manhood

• Will not forgive 

• Throws tantrums when they don’t get their way 

• Inability to change unless it benefits them

Abuses people emotionally, verbally and physically

• Ignores people. A classic ploy of a controller is to ignore you when you disagree or call them out on their foolishness. It also refuses to admit wrong.

• Attack ministers and those anointed as to strip the anointing. Hates true prophets. It attacks and falsely accuses them, trying to kill the prophetic voice in the process.

• Tries to ruin harmony and unions. It gets people fighting and causes major dissension, strife and chaos. It causes a lot of in-fighting, back-biting and malicious type gossiping even amongst the best of relationships. Triangulate others to fight their battles. It is a major peace disturber.

• Talks incessantly and is insubordinate.

• Never content.

• Is vengeful. Since a Jezebel spirit is never wrong, if you contradict or confront one, get ready to become its worst enemy. Jezebel will stop at nothing to destroy your reputation.

• Attempts to make you look like you are Jezebel instead.

• Only do their own will, never God’s.

• Give the appearance of repentance, then attack.

• Very judgemental, critical, condescending, demeaning and undermine everyone. Over demanding and manipulating.

Gossips about everyone especially people that are meant to be close to them.

• Need to be constantly praised. 

• Have a possessive love

• Have illegitimate authority. 

• Are convincing liars. 

• The Jezebel spirit gives its host false prophecies, false words, false dreams, and false visions – all in an attempt to make its host look more spiritual than they really are, and to also lure as many people into its web, so that it can build up its own base and following.

• Use others to carry out their evil plans.

• Work alone, they only use others. 

• Seek positions of authority in order to control, discredit and reach their goal.

• Bring fear, you feel like you are walking on egg shells around this person.

• Charismatic type of energy, easy to get along with, strong drawing power.

• Will go after anyone in a leadership position, because it cannot dominate without climbing to the top. This is pastors of churches, youth ministers, worship leaders, leaders of prayer groups and bible study, husbands as the head of households, the popular guy or girl, supervisors, and upper level management of different companies and corporations.

• Runs in tandem with a mocking spirit, makes fun of and makes light of evil things or evil jokes.

• Will occasionally expose itself in pictures (sexual poses and taking pictures half naked and posting them openly)

• Maximum pride and jealousy

• Highly lustful and seductive, highly self-centred and narcissistic. 

• Will always seek to be the centre of attention.

• Cold, ruthless, cunning, calculating, very combative, confrontational and craves conflict.

• Cheater

• Never wrong

Jezebel is very superficial. She is adorned with everything artificial, fake nails, fake eyelashes, fake hair, fake body parts, fake everything to advertise her false beauty for the wrong intentions. She is very flashy, and she is also only attracted to people who are superficial and flashy too. Jezebel doesn’t care about character or inner beauty, she only cares about people’s looks, money, influence and social status. The bible says it’s all about modesty and moderation, but Jezebel is vain, moderation will never be in her vocabulary. Jezebel loves to recruit disciples and followers for herself, because she believes she is God. When you meet Jezebel, she will probe you for information about your life and your intimate secrets, so that she can later use them against you. She will pretend to relate to your pain and as if she understands you more than anybody else in this world, so that you can keep her close, but this is all done to destroy you and assassinate your character later on. Jezebel uses your weaknesses and vulnerabilities against you. Jezebel loves to make people co-dependent on her strength. She loves when people idolize her and feel like they can’t live without her. Normally when you go to other people with your burdens and pain, they will direct you to God, because they know God is the ultimate problem solver. However, Jezebel will not do this, she will make you feel like everything is in her hands instead and she is the solution to your problems. Jezebel is a great teacher concerning every topic, she likes being on the forefront teaching something even in the church to usurp leadership. The Jezebel spirit loves masquerading itself as someone who hears God more than everybody else. Jezebel will make you believe that you need her approval before you can do anything in your life, even between you and God. If you become friends with someone or start dating someone and then all of a sudden you start losing your desire for the things of God that you used to have. You are dealing with a human satanic agent. The bible says Jezebel managed to turn the heart of Ahab away from God.

Jezebel is a huge fan of unprotected sex, because she wants to kill and destroy through this avenue. Ahab will mistake this for them having a “deep” bond. This is also how Jezebel creates broken homes, because Jezebel will often get pregnant and Ahab will deny responsibility or Ahab and Jezebel will just stick to each other, because of the baby. The demonic duo will be stuck together and work together against God, gossiping as a couple, being cruel to relatives as a couple, turning against their own children etc. People with the Jezebel spirit also always have aspirations of getting to leadership roles they have no passion for, but out of insecurity and a desire for ungodly control.

Jezebel loves to embarrass people, especially in public. She strategically waits to blast you openly with her condescending “advice”. Jezebels loves to make sure everyone knows she has rejected you (have you guys ever seen those women on social media, who screenshot to blast a man who respectfully pursued them or a man in a relationship pursues them and they openly tell the girlfriend, “come get your man” CRINGES). When you are dealing with Jezebel, you feel so intimidated and shrink, you are not entirely yourself. Jezebel normally has mood swings and very impulsive. For example when it comes to communication, sometimes they reply you with aggression, sometimes they will give you complete silent treatment, sometimes they will not reply for a few days. You are afraid to correct this person, because you know they retaliate with insults or the friendship will be automatically over.


I have dealt with a lot of narcissists, but I will only give you just two detailed explanations in this instance. A narcissist that I encountered online and another one at a church. Last year I encountered a young man on Christian twitter (a community of Christian believers on twitter). He was very popular on there and greatly loved by other Christians; he preached the gospel of repentance daily and helped people through his twitter. We followed each other there on twitter, however one day I corrected him on his bizarre views on colourism that he had openly tweeted, I sent him a private message. He didn’t respond to the message and I was unfollowed immediately and he tweeted a meme which said, “if you are mad at people’s preferences, get help” and then also tweeted, “when you are rude and bothersome, dropping your phone is the quickest way to humble you”. The weeks to follow after those tweets were shambles. He spoke to a Christian friend of his privately there on twitter. He made up some lies like all narcissist do and then the girl started raging at me and insulting me every other day, but also preaching on twitter too (the foolery lol). This girl then started gossiping and spreading the rumours of his lies for him. The narcissist decided to increase more heat. There was a girl that God had put on my heart to help, who was battling the sin of homosexuality. I had embraced this girl as a sister in Christ and was slowly helping her, however the narcissist managed to turn her against me as well. He sent her a message privately. She started insulting me openly too and “exposing me”. So now I had two narcissists on World War 2 smear campaign against me, whilst the narcissist who had orchestrated all of this kept his page spotless, pretending like he didn’t know what was going on, retweeting my tweets (ain’t the devil trifling). Jezebel was notorious for wanting to stop the work of the Holy Spirit in churches and in the lives of people and would target God’s prophets and servants. Back then I used to share the word of God on twitter and had an impact, that’s why I was targeted by Jezebel. Jezebel wants you to idolise her so that you can’t serve God. I got off twitter for a little bit after this scandal, then I made a new twitter and on the new twitter, God quadrupled my influence and impact more than it used to be on my old twitter, regardless of the devil trying to discredit me. Jezebel can never be able to shut God’s voice.

My second experience of someone with the Jezebel spirit wasn’t within proximity per say. I used to go to this sound doctrine church a few years ago that was led by a powerful Zimbabwean man of God. He had branches all over the world, running for decades, he was a powerful, anointed man of God, until he was attacked by a Jezebel spirit that was operating under a woman youth leader in that church who was from Botswana and they started committing adultery. Eventually this was exposed, the church split into two and now this man is living an unrepentant life, watering the word of God with that woman by her side, traveling and running ministry together. He betrayed the woman he had been married to for decades and had founded that church with. Which shows you how once the Jezebel spirit controls you it makes you it’s puppet and it makes you give it allegiance and loyalty, even when it is not worthy of that. God gave us minds to think for ourselves and to make our own judgements, but once you are controlled by a Jezebel spirit you no longer think for yourself; it pretty much makes your mind redundant and it makes every decision for you. The host of the spirit can pretend to be your friend, lover etc, but they are a rival that knows you better than you know them. They will study your strengths, weaknesses and keep vulnerable information in a little safe so that they can use them against you. The only true friends’ people with the Jezebel spirit will have are the people who will get duped into falling into their web of deceit and lies, where they will now become their mindless followers. These people will have all their true friends leave them, because no one wants to be around this kind of evil spirit and around these kinds of negative, evil, and destructive personality traits.


Narcissists are NOT Christians. Christianity is founded on love and Christians do the will of their father, they live by God’s commands. So technically you can separate from narcissists under (2 Corinthians 6:14), because you are actually unequally yoked with an unbeliever. The Jezebel spirit seeks to project low self-esteem and depression on people so much that they end up killing themselves or it will end up killing you by itself, through its uncontrollable rage. If you are in a relationship with a person with a Jezebel spirit, you will never be able to fulfil God’s purpose for your life neither, because this spirit will try and hinder this. So, you need to confront your spouse and tell them that they have a Jezebel spirit and should get deliverance and seek professional help. If they refuse, then you should separate, to not continue enduring the abuse and whilst you are separated seek God’s face concerning what to do next. Sometimes God will tell you to divorce them, because he sees that they have decided to die in their sins, sometimes he will tell you to pray for them and wait. If you get to a place of divorce, please understand that God hates divorce, but he values your life more, I have seen people dying in abusive relationships. If you are just a boyfriend and girlfriend and you are dating a narcissist though, break up with them immediately and move on. God will bring you someone after his heart. Narcissists are not part of God’s plan for anyone’s life, unless they repent.


Narcissists are used by the devil intentionally and inadvertently. They are fully aware of their wicked behaviours and intentionally inflict pain on other people, but they are inadvertently unaware of the extent of the damage they cause and how much the devil is using them to destroy their own lives aswell. Everyone has been through something in this life, but not everyone turned into a narcissist, because they rejected that spirit. You cannot still be a victim at 30 or 50 years etc, because of something that happened when you were an infant or a teenager. Healing begins with taking responsibility aswell. God is very furious with narcissists, because they decided to make Jezebel and themselves their own God. “Cursed is the man that put his trust in the flesh” (Jeremiah 17:5). When people pray the fiery prayers declaring war using Psalms against evil spirits that you comfortably accommodate in your flesh, do not be surprised when destruction comes knocking at your door. The Jezebel’s that don’t repent get thrown down the wall and they get humbled. Return to your first love and leave your fake romance with Jezebel. Jezebel only gives people bread crumbs, when there is a full banquet waiting for you at the table of the Lord.

There are many narcissists who go to church, even though God would never regard them as Christians. This shows us that, the devil doesn’t mind you going to church, you can even go to mid-week bible study too if you want, as long as you don’t meet Jesus there. There are so many ichabod churches now (the glory of God is not found there), where the pastors and their wives, the prophets, the praise and worship team, the ushers etc are all under the influence of the Jezebel and Ahab spirit. When the narcissist goes to churches like these of course they won’t receive freedom, because you can’t deliver others in an area that you are still bound yourself. Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom especially, in the form of truth that transforms and sets free.

“The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel that displays the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.” – 2 Corinthians 4:4


Obeying the spirit of Jezebel will come with temporary, carnal rewards, whilst choosing to not obey Jezebel will come with eternal, everlasting rewards. There are many people in this world under the influence of the Jezebel spirit and its job is to destroy you. Destroy your soul, your relationships, your sanity, your finances, your health, and your desire for the things of God and when you are empty leave you for the next target. I have seen this spirit literally play some people right over the edge of a cliff where they ended up losing everything and this was all, because they were too blind and ignorant to see what was really going on behind the scenes in the spiritual realm. Beloveds and brethren, STAY WOKE.

God bless you


Codependency is an excessive emotional or psychological reliance on a partner, typically one who is affected with a pathological addiction condition. The people rely too much on each other emotionally, with one person caring for the other.

Codependency is formed as a result of four things : a controlling relationship, premarital sex, broken identity and gossip. A soul tie is an invisible spiritual link between two people in which demons are transferred between them. A soul tie is a spiritual phenomena that happens when your soul (your mind, will and emotions – heart) become linked to another person.


In co-dependent relationships you commonly have an imbalanced relationship, where one partner is usually dominant, controlling and abusive, whilst the other partner is passive, submissive and willing to jump any hurdles to please the other person. Controlling behaviour or emotional, guilt tripping, blackmail behaviour includes mixed signals, gaslighting, passive aggression, silent treatment, threatening suicide, hot and cold behaviour, emotional invalidation etc. In the bible we see a demonic, evil duo Jezebel (narcissistic personality disorder) and Ahab (borderline personality disorder), who both had the capacity to be controlling. Jezebel was more controlling than Ahab, but if Ahab got into situations where he could constitute ungodly control, he would control, just as he controlled Israel whilst doing Jezebel’s evil bidding. Jezebel was a Phoenician princess (Lebanon princess) who was betrothed to marry Ahab, who was the king of Israel. Where Jezebel came from, they worshipped many false pagan gods like Baal “the god of nature”, but Israel only worshipped the one and true God, Yahweh. Jezebel gets to Israel and brings her religious, polytheist ideologies and basically starts calling the shots in Ahab’s kingdom. Most people when they are monotheists, they would totally remonstrate against worshipping other Gods, but Ahab doesn’t object and not only starts worshipping Baal, but also builds and set up an altar for Baal in Samaria. Ahab also makes an asherah pole which is a carving to honour Jezebel’s, semitic goddess, “the queen of heaven”. Idol worship of Ashtoreth was held outside in the groves of trees, where huge carvings of male and female sexual organs were displayed and worshipped. Jezebel hated God, so she introduced apostasy in Israel. From this story comes the Jezebel spirit and the Ahab spirit; the two spirits notorious for all the controlling, toxic relationships of this generation. The name “Jezebel spirit” comes from the fact that Jezebel was the name of the queen who the demon controlled. It is a spirit that can influence both men and women. The woman will have the Jezebel spirit, whilst the man has an Ahab spirit with Jezebellic traits. Ungodly soul ties are based off of fear, anger and selfish ambition, whilst Godly soul ties are based on love, respect and mutuality. When there is an ungodly soul tie, the person can be mistreated, but feel guilty for thinking about ending the relationship. They will be addicted to the pain they experience and constantly stalk their abuser, because controlling people can open doors to demonic torment through ungodly soul ties.

Witchcraft control is a concoction of manipulation plus intimidation plus seduction to ultimately dominate. When people use ungodly control, because they want you to selfishly do whatever they want, you will often end up with guilt and shame which will force you to do what you don’t necessarily want to do. However, when the Holy Spirit is present it uses conviction instead; conviction is good, guilt and shame is not. Witchcraft means the works of the flesh, that’s why the bible calls Jezebel “the mother of witchcraft”, even though we never see her casting spells or curses on people. The goal of witchcraft is to mess up the cycle of God’s divine order. Humans were given dominion over demons, but when witchcraft becomes part of the equation too, demons have dominion over humans instead. God has dominion over humans, but when witchcraft becomes part of the equation, in the form of rebellion and pride, humans try to have dominion over God instead. He who finds a wife, finds a good thing, not she. God brought Eve within close proximity in Adam’s surroundings, he woke him up, then he found Eve and pursued her. However, when a woman is demonized, the woman starts pursuing the man instead. Ahab rarely directly pursues women, because of his lackadaisical nature and insecurities, so every time he meets a woman who doesn’t have a gentle and quiet spirit (1 Peter 3:4), but the Jezebel spirit, she will start pursuing Ahab and they will end up in a mutually controlling relationship. Some Christian women have been indoctrinated by the customs of this world through “shooting your shot” and giving a man “signs”. However “signs” are what the bible calls seducing spirits. There is no woman in the bible who pursued a man. If you are a Christian woman who wants the will of God to be done in her life. Do not pursue a man or else you will end up with Ahab. Anytime you see control in a relationship, it means the perfect love of God is not present in those people’s hearts. Humans were never designed to control each other, because they were given equal authority over everything on earth. Which means that when humans start controlling each other, the devil is present in that interaction. It’s not them, there are demons. When people desperately go to any lengths and use every means possible to get what they want from other people, especially through lying, flattery, seduction etc. There are now operating under witchcraft, because any power over other people outside of being enabled by God and the Holy Spirit is witchcraft. If you have ever closely examined manipulative behaviours then you know how demonic that behaviour is. Narcissists will gaslight you by saying that your negative reaction to their toxic behavior is toxic, they will cry fake tears even though they are perpetrators, they will put on a nice temporary act just to get what they want etc. However once people uncover their manipulative tracks, they automatically lose their illegitimate “power” and nobody wants anything to do with them.

Ahab was an enabler of all of Jezebel’s wickedness, he didn’t just categorically endorse her wickedness, he gave her a full pass and also joined in. Men with the Ahab spirit are men who are driven by insecurities, lust and timidity, so they are easily dominated and controlled by women, especially women with the Jezebel spirit. Men who are controlled by Jezebel, are men who are not guided by biblical manhood. Apostle Paul or Joseph would have never been controlled by Jezebel. In Psychology they have their own terms for narcissistic control such as impression management, trauma bonding due to hormonal dysregulation and cognitive dissonance, which all make sense. However, as Christians we attribute control and manipulation to witchcraft. Witchcraft is normally used to cause people to see things that are not there as though there are and in contrast to also see things that are there as though there are not and ultimately to cause others to do things that they would not do according to their will if there was no control. Witchcraft is Satan placing a veil on our eyes, so that our perceptions are completely distorted. Jezebel has three agendas in our lives; to cause us to idolize her, so that she can take God’s place in our lives, to antagonise us with our family and friends and lastly to destroy us. When it comes to the Jezebel spirit and division, if you have good friends and family, Jezebel will come along and start picking them apart unnecessarily, finding fault and trying to separate you from these people. Simply put those people will be irritating Jezebel’s demons. The Jezebel spirit loves to alienate its targets from people it senses loves those people truly or have spiritual insight, because it knows they might stand in the way of the spirit accomplishing its catastrophic plans. Charm is deceitful to the charmed, but the close people to the charmed can often fully see.

There is a very common pairing of people with borderline personality disorder (Ahab spirit) highly likely dating people with narcissistic personality disorder (Jezebel spirit). People with narcissistic personality disorder often control and abuse people with borderline personality disorder. However, if you are familiar with borderline personality disorder you will know that just like narcissistic personality disorder, it is characterised by abusive behaviour. 2 Timothy 3:13 says, “but evil men and impostors will proceed from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived”. Deceitful people are not only deceived by other people, they are also deceived by Satan, because he makes them the orchestrator of their own demise in life (Proverbs 5:22). People with the Ahab spirit can only tolerate people with unclean spirits like them, especially the Jezebel spirit. If you don’t operate under the Jezebel spirit, they will abuse you and control you. The Jezebel spirit comes to destroy both the people it closely encounters and the person it inhabits, it is not loyal to anyone: nobody is exempt. This Jezebel, Ahab dynamic with Jezebel being the narcissist and Ahab being a narcissistic co-dependent, is a dynamic of two impure people drawing to each other strongly, that is why they are very irresistible to each other. The narcissistic prideful spirits familiarize with each other, which means if you are a person with a clean spirit and discernment, Jezebel or Ahab cannot be able to control you, the spirits will be at odds and will not be able to “vibe”. Unclean spirits are only attracted to unclean spirits. Be it in friendships or relationships. If you look at your friends or the people that you “vibe” with, it’s not a coincidence and you just don’t get along. You vibe, because you are both healed or unhealed, you have the same Holy Spirit or the same unclean spirits. Anytime I try to interact with people with opposing spirits to me, we repel each other. When you haven’t gone through deliverance. You will fulfil the will of demons, instead of your own will or God’s will. Demons cause you to not have standards or an option.

The narcissist, co-dependent dance is not about chemistry or attraction, but merely demonic spirits connecting in the spiritual realm. Just as the Holy Spirit brings people together for divine purposes, evil spirits can also connect people to fulfil their own agendas. When the devil knows we have baggage, he will also bring us people with baggage so that he can sit down and enjoy the show. The Jezebel spirit is only successful in executing it’s plans, when it is linked with a spirit of Ahab which it can abuse and use to destroy through that person’s callousness, unassertiveness, weakness and lack of boundaries and responsibility. Jezebel and Ahab are complimentary spirits that work in tandem. Jezebel’s seduction, feeds Ahab’s lust. Jezebel’s false pride, feeds Ahab’s insecurities and lastly Jezebel’s control feeds Ahab’s timidity. Without the spirit of Ahab, Jezebel cannot prosper or reign over a region. The Jezebel spirit not only controls you whilst it is in contact with you, it will also try to control you from afar even after the relationship is long over. The Jezebel spirit seeks to make followers and eunuchs. Until you wake up and starve the Jezebel spirit, the spirit will always have control over you, disabling you from moving on and creating toxic love addiction and co-dependency. Sons of narcissistic mothers cleave to their mothers all their lives, because the Jezebel spirit always forms ungodly soul ties with whoever is or gets close to it. Narcissistic mothers teach their sons to be controlling bullies, that’s why they always end up with Ahab spirits. There are so many different types of witchcraft, however control that is passed down in families is called inherited witchcraft.